Boy kidnapped two years ago, found in Ebonyi state

A young boy who was kidnapped from his parent’s house in Rivers state two years ago has just been found alive in Ebonyi state.

Boy kidnapped two years ago, found in Ebonyi state lailasnews

Destiny Azubuike was abducted from his home in Oyigbo, Rivers state, on the 19th of December 2016 and was yesterday found in Ohaozara Local Government, Ebonyi State, where he had been renamed Samuel by the woman who bought him.

According to Wired Nigeria, the boy, now 5, was abducted by one Mrs Evelyn, an ex-mistress of the boy’s neighbour identified as Dr Oberenwa. Mrs Evelyn sold the boy for N500,000 to Mrs Patricia Chukwu, a widow and staff of Ebonyi State Secondary School Management Board.

The police began trailing Mrs Evelyn after a tip-off. Mrs Evelyn was trailed to her ex-husband, who explained that they had divorced due to his suspicions that she had sold their biological child to a foster parent. However, he offered to assist in helping the police to find her. But he was soon killed while returning from work by unknown assailants who police suspect may be connected to his wife.

Man stabbed to death by his wife in Rivers State

Mrs Evelyn later allegedly led a kidnapping gang in Isiala Ngwa South in Abia state. Further investigations led to her arrest at Umuikaa Junction in Isiala Ngwa South. She was then taken to Oyigbo Police Station where the matter was initially reported in 2016.

The suspect was interrogated by the police and she confessed and also implicated some other accomplices who have now been arrested.


  1. This is to bad. How can a woman kidnap her fellow woman’s child. Thank God the boy is still alive and has been found. Every one involved should be brought to justice

  2. Thank God he was found at last….and the woman has been brought to book. His parents will be very happy to have him back.. Parents should extra cautious during this period

  3. Is a pity this woman needs to be hanged, she is evil.
    How will she sell her own child off and also sell her ex husband’s neighbor son?
    thank God the little boy is alive

  4. Thank God the boy is found, but until now so people are still doing slave trade, selling human being for money to other who had no child.

  5. One thing people don’t understand is that nothing is hidden under the sun.the woman should be punished

  6. A woman carried a child for nine months and gave birth to child and some one, some where succeeded in abducting the child at the same time sold the baby her fellow woman give to and you think it will be well with such fellow, no way. She must suffer till death. Thank God the baby was found.

  7. hank God he was found at last….and the woman has been brought to book. His parents will be very happy to have him back.. Parents should extra cautious during this period

  8. Thank God he is still alive. I pray the police will do a good job by giving Evelyn the due punishment she deserves. Destiny’s parent must be happy to re-unite with his parent

  9. Thank God the boy is still alive but people shaa will get mind to kidnap and sell someone’s child that’s a heartless act

  10. This world is full of wicked people. Am happy they succeeded in arresting her and the little boy have been found

  11. Thank God for the safety of the little boy’s life. As for the woman, she’ll get what she deserves in full.

  12. Thank God he is still alive. This people will face the consequences of such a wicked acr causing the parents and family to be in tears.

  13. Gods mercy endureth forever. Through this boy God have exposed all her atrocities and evil plans. She’s wicked and barbaric. A woman involving herself in such evil crimes. this is unbelievable. She even killed her husband too. She deserves to be jailed for life. What a wicked world.

  14. Glory be to Almighty Jehovah who made it possible to find the guy out, let’s police hold them or treated mesilesly they most confess another one

  15. Thank God the boy is alive and back to his parents….The evil woman should be severely punished

  16. issues like this should be treated in a way that others perpetuating such act will refrain from it. Thanks to God for the reunion of the boy with true family.

  17. Thank God for the boy, the woman is a disgrace to humanity and also the person that bought him should be charged to court

  18. Thank God the boy has been found. How could people be so wicked to separate a 3year old from his parents all because of money.

  19. na wa o too bad o. please parents should monitor and look their children very well in this Christmas and election seasons o

  20. This boy should face the law of kidnapping and am happy the little boy is sound and healthy i bless God for this grace over his life:

  21. Am happy for you that dey dont used you for money retuals, because if dey have do so, dey we not be able to see you again

  22. wow that’s good thank God he was found at last am very sure the parents have lost hope children please caution yourself okay.

  23. Wonders shall never end, the woman that bought the boy should be dealt with, why would someone buy a child knowing that certainly the child belongs to someone else

  24. Thank God for his life… Women should always know how to keep their children safe… They have to be security conscious

  25. Thanks to God for saving the life of the little boy ‘Destiny’ the culprit should be made to face the law

  26. Sometimes I just wonder what this country is gradually turning into…people selling other people’s children…but thank God the child was recovered though..

  27. Hmmmm…. This woman is heartless, she even had the mind to terminate her own loving husband… It’s awkward

  28. Some people are just heartless with people children. Anyway I’m glad finally the boy has been found ……

  29. Thank God for saving the boy who knows what the parents must have went through some people are heartless in this world as for the wicked woman let her face the consequences.

  30. This ring of child sellers should be rounded up and put behind bars finally and permanently for the good of all of us

  31. This is the handwork of God may your name be glorified, I suggest he should be taking to the hospital and after all check up he should go for a deliverance program.

  32. Jesus, this world is turning into something else . A woman becoming a kidnapping gangster leader?, wonders shall never end. One sin leads to the other, from kidnapping to killing, what a shame. Justice should prevail.

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