Boy broke-shamed after buying food for girlfriend to settle their fight

A Nigerian lady on Twitter shared a romantic gesture her boyfriend did in order to make peace between them after they had a fight earlier.

The Twitter user @Amalabaibe revealed that she had a fight with her man and later got a notification that she had an order to receive. She then found out that her man ordered her a meal with a note that said;

“Stop being proud. I hate when you make a mistake and you’re still being proud about it. I LOVE YOU!!!”Sharing a photo of the meal on Twitter, the lady revealed she’s not as proud as her man claimed. She tweeted;

So me and this man had a fight yesterday and I got a message that I have order from someone and I got this. I’m not even that proud”

Another lady reacting to @Amalabaibe’s tweet, called the lady’s boyfriend a broke man for daring to buy his girlfriend food to settle their fight instead of a “fancy gift”, while lamenting that broke guys always disappoints.

She also slammed those who called her out for her condescending tweet, as she held her stance. The lady wrote;

Isn’t he cheap like this, spaghetti and meat what happened to other fancy gifts, Broke guys will disappoint u.

“If you are not comfortable with my reply, go and sleep..the guy is cheap for thinking a common spaghetti and meat is a good gift to cheer his babe up with. I said it and I’m not regretting shitssss”


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