Bowwow mocked for losing two of his exes to rapper Future

Rapper Bowwow has been mocked on ‘Wild N Out’ after he made an appearance on the comedy show. He was mocked for losing more than one of his exes to rapper Future.

Bowwow mocked for losing two of his exes to rapper Future

One of the show’s members, Conceited, came for Bowwow with no mercy saying:

“Bow Wow, how you let Hendrixx take all your girlfriends?”

He replied:

“’Cause I don’t love them hoes,” that’s when Conceited really went in.

Conceited fired back:

“Really? Maybe because they see you a loser/I think all your exes are psychics by the way they keep seeing the Future!” he rapped, before ending his bars with, “He must have been talking ’bout you when he said, ‘I just hit your girl in some Gucci flip-flops!'”

Bowwow has lost two of his exes to rapper Future. The first was singer Ciara who got engaged to Future and even has a baby for him.

Future also recently welcomed a baby by another of Bowwow’ ex and baby mama, Joie Chavis.



  1. hahaha just as his name Future the girls are seeing future with him that is y de keep coming .. well done future just keep the ball rolling

  2. It does not matter who ends up with your exes…..what matters is your being able to move on after the break up

  3. Your exes are your past,so move one,this not the end of the world,you have got some good future ahead man

  4. Through this mockery, you are far greater than him because you now have loving fans. I’m one of them. So just move on

  5. be urself let them say whatever they wish to say,it’s ur past and it’s been forgotten to move forward

  6. my bro dont let that one wale you down. you need to move on with your life because your ex is your past. gear up and be focused focused

  7. I hope this show won’t create some random vendetta between the two celebrities as they should have just let sleeping dogs lie

  8. Lol
    U allowed it to happen
    But it shouldn’t demoralize you they are ur past just look up to the future bro

  9. bowwow said he doesnt love them, so if they all went for future there is no hard feeling. well done bowwow. i know you want true love

  10. That is Bowwow’s problem. That is their own problem. I don’t know why this white people can’t just be serious with other important things.

  11. Yes see Stacy’s mind he said he don’t love them anymore so you have to do give the girls get pound to go for another person

  12. This is very funny,how come future is going after bowwow’s ex’s anyway maybe he sees them more attractive that is why.

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