Bowen University expels 29 students, suspends 26 indefinitely (full list)

The management of Bowen University has expelled 29 students and further suspended 26 others indefinitely, over an alleged anti-social behaviour.

Bowen University expels 29 students, suspends 26 indefinitely lailasnews

Bowen University announced the expulsion of the 29 students and indefinite suspension of the 26 students in a statement issued by the institution’s Registrar, Dr K. A. Ogunleye and uploaded on the school’s website.

The expelled students are:

Olajola, Enoch, SMS/017/18473, Ogundiran, Joshua, SMS/017/18427, Kekemeke, Godswill, LAW/017/18012, Kekemeke, Victory, LAW/016/17159, HABU, Emmanuel, SMS/018/19558, Udofot, David, HUM/018/19631.

Noble-Nnakenyi, Promise, SMS/018/18886, Danjuma, Alhamdu, SCI/018/18969, ADESANYA, Joshua, SSE/017/17994, Ademola, Olasunkanmi, SMS/017/18207, Musa, Moses, HUM/018/19395, Tolufase, Michael SMS/016/18603, Aprebo, Michael, AGR/013/12421, Okosun, Joshua, SMS/017/18132, Joseph, Caleb, SSE/016/15165, and Azeez, Ayobami, SMS/016/16958.

Onyekwelu, Nwachukwu, SMS/015/15381, Ajisafe, Timilehin, LAW/017/18434, Gajere, Jedidah, SMS/017/18039, Ojobo, Divine, SSE/017/18430,Tunde-Daramola, Olufolajinmi, SMS/017/18631, Adewoye, Tomisin, SSE/014/13737, Abraham, Samuel, SMS/016/17267.

Adisa, Tobi, SMS/016/16648, Egbewola, Oluwasegun, LAW/016/16457, Kujore, Adebayo, AGR/014/13458, Akinbola, Opeyemi, SMS/016/17144, Babalola, Abimbola, SSE/013/12924 and Chris, Jackson, SMS/017/18678.

Full list of suspended students.

The suspended students are: Oloyede, Tijesunimi, AGR/012/11125, Adedokun, Adeola, SMS/013/13319, Nweke, Agatha, SMS/015/15308, Oyewole, Oyindamola, SMS/015/14900, Ibrahim, Tosin, SMS/012/12106.

Oke, Oluwatobi, HUM/013/12490, Monyel, Chinaza, AGR/014/13459, Ubredi, Oghenewaivre, SMS/014/13926, Okolocha, Chibuzor, BUAL/017/071A, Mafo, Tolulope, SMS/016/17157 and Saturday, Godknows, SMS/016/17061.

Otun, Abdul-Quadri, AGR/015/15359, Olufadeju, Tobiloba, SMS/014/13965, Okoli, Anthony, SSE/017/17972, Uchendu, John, SSE/015/15197, Morakinyo, Eriagbara, SMS/016/16685.

Gyunka, Philip, SCI/018/19707, Awotunde, Kayode, AGR/011/10889, Jeremiah, Abrifor, Advance Level, Okunlola, Damilare , SMS/015/15570, Omoobajesu, Success, SMS/015/15152, Moshood, Fatai, SMS/017/17974, Adetule, Johnson, SMS/014/13884, Okonkwo, Valentine, SSE/016/16844, Adeoye, Moses, SSE/013/12900 and Oguntoye, Alex, CHS/016/17075.

Bowen University expels 29 students, suspends 26 indefinitely lailasnews 1


  1. It’s unfortunate this students have to disappoint their parents and even drag their name is the dirt

  2. Frustration will be the story of these ones,hope they learn from their mistake and start a new life. There is never gain in arrogance.

  3. The reasons for the expulsion and suspension was not stayed but the university have a reason for doing this.

  4. This is a good one. And it will serves as a warning to others. The purpose you are there is to study… Focus and make you parents and country proud

  5. There parents will be highly dissapointed. They must have done a lot for this judgement.. Warning for the rest

  6. Anti social behaviour? They should have explained in details reasons for their expulsion/suspension

  7. With the amount they pay as fees does the school really have the right to expel them? Why not suspend them for a year or two. And what exactly do they mean as anti-social behaviour. It should have been clearly stated and let us be the judge if expulsion is the best punishment

  8. what a pity.wasted yrs.learning the hard way hurts alot of people.for those suspended i wish dem d very best

  9. Why can’t they just abide by the rules and regulations of the school? Now that they have being expelled from school, hope they are happy. Imagine how their parents will feel after spending huge money on them to secure their future and getting this instead

  10. Again youths are sent home to roam around frustrated. Ain’t there any other means of punishing them. May be their crimes were serious

  11. If our institution are doing like this testing both in attitude and learning It will reduce cutism.

  12. That’s really serious. Am sure they must have been misbehaving for a long time that’s why they got the punishment

  13. Wasting how many years in school only to put ur name in the schools black list…

    What a disappointment

  14. If their your child I know you won’t use such majors on them, your not meant to send them away just like that. You got show some mercy not passing judgment so quickly.

  15. They might have done something seriously bad to deserve that explosion, those that were suspended should be careful next time.

  16. Whatever they did should be investigated properly. So that innocent ones won’t be affected

  17. Hmmm…. So sad, they should just go and start learning trade ,as there behavior no let dem stay school…… School is not for everybody.

  18. This is total rubbish from the scgool, why publish their names online.. The school went too far, its not acceptable at all, this can tarnish their image

  19. This is so sad for the students and even their parents. But the reason wasn’t stated, what could have been their offence?

  20. The school is being too hard on them
    What kind of punishment will make them punished their name on net

  21. I think the school have taking necessary decision in order to redeem the image of the institution.

  22. why are they being expelled, what is their offense? They have to start all over again, may God help them, this is the kind of things that causes depression and suicide

  23. So, what stories are these ones expected to take to their parents? Why not go and do what you were sent to do in schools?

  24. The reasons for the expulsion and suspension was not stayed but the university have a reason for doing this.

  25. This is a serious one. I pray the parents or guardian get to know soonest because some of them will still pretend to be students and extort money from their parents .

  26. It is just a mere suspension and not expulsion.So they still have the right to be reinstated after the duration of their suspension have elapsed or after being cleared of the alleged misconduct.

  27. For the university to publicly do this it means their misconduct is a severe one, I pity for them

  28. For school authority to take action like this that means a lot have been happening this is A lesson to other students.

  29. Those students must have committed some serious offenses to attract such a thing, students should just read their book, as simple as that

  30. rules and regulations if broken procreates consequences, but the stats of the affected students is pretty much

  31. student now forget their aim of going to school and doing the opposite of what they are sent to do which is to read their books, I believe others will learn fro them.

  32. I love the action taken by the school authority, if all schools can be doing this maybe it will reduce cultism’s in Nigeria

  33. I wonder why students are now loosing focus. The school has to redeem their image so they have made the right decision. I will serve as example to others

  34. They did very bad but at least they should have been given second chance because life will be really faustreting for them

  35. That is good
    Any student that unable to focus on there study should send out instead of spoiling another student life. The law should be take indefinitely that remains

  36. They might have done something grievous for them to be expelled and suspended indefinitely

  37. They have done that in order for the other students to follow the institutions rules and regulations.

  38. They have brought a very big disgrace to them and their families, this should also serve as a lesson to other students out there

  39. What is their offence?, you can’t just post name and say u expelled them,if you can’t state the reasons

  40. All tertiary institutions have their name to protect and if any student wants to tarnish that image or name, they should be expel
    It will serve as a lesson to others that are planning to do such

  41. This How some children waste their parent money.some parent labour hard to send their child to school but they end up doing rubish

  42. What did they do wrong? Where exactly do you want this student to start from this is a huge disgrace to there parents

  43. The protest they did might have been good but they over did it, I pity the innocent once that fell vicims. Publishing their names is totally uncalled for.

  44. It is responsibility of the school management to maintain standards set for the institution both Educationally and Morally.

  45. I wonder the kind of anti social behaviour that would warrant this. And I wonder why young people easily lose their focus, bringing shame to their families.

  46. It’s good that punishment is meted out to some spoilt brat, so that others will learn and take correction.

  47. What they did is against the law of the university that’s why they are suspended sorry for you people.

  48. I pray that whoever that is in charge of their school activities financially from the parents or guardian have the opportunity to see this list so that the corporate involve won’t keep manipulating their parents

  49. That’s a good one from Bowen university, a school that holds discipline in a high esteem. It’s always good to punish defaulters so that other people can learn. Many students display antisocial behaviour and it’s good to caution them.


  51. Na wa oooooo, before entering a private University,one should know that they are very strict. Wasted years and money. Their parents will be shattered.

  52. Oh my God, this so sad, what might they have done wrong to deserve this shit , where will they start from.

  53. upon admission, they were issued with students handbook which contains the Don’s and don’t expected of them. though is a very big frustrating period for them, they would learn lesson.

  54. After all the school fees, hostel fees and all other fees, this is how you guys have decided to pay your parents, is so shameful. I only hope investigations were done properly so the innocent ones won’t suffer.

  55. Hummmm the children that they parents has spent so much on them,it is well,may God speaks to their parents ooo

  56. this is so so wonderful…. Just so cute…. I wish i can have something like this too…. May God bless our hossule

  57. At least that will serve as example to the rest students, constraining them from indulging into such act.. Some people do not go for academics but for vile indulgence.

  58. That is good for them, what that school did to them we be inform of lession to other students that ingage them self in such kind of things

  59. What exactly do you mean by antisocial activity? Cos we know you people can coin words out of inexistence.

  60. What can I say, you think you are wise not knowing you wasting your precious time to do nonsense in school it now you learn…

  61. Probably the said student must have involved in some cultists activities. That is very bad offense in school

  62. I wish their parents are announced to know the situation,because some of them will be pretend to be at school.

  63. They must have done so much to deserve this. I don’t pity them in any way because they got what they deserve. I only feel for their parents

  64. After many years in school, there should have abid by the school roles and regulations this is a disappointement to there to parents

  65. What kind of antisocial behaviour will lead to these penalties. Just so unfortunate That they have disappointed their families

  66. I believed that antisocial behavior has a lot to do with violation of school rules and regulations. Although the reporter didn’t specify which offence they committed but they deserve the punishment

  67. O what a pity, c how they succeeded in wasting their parent’s money in d name of going to school

  68. Chaiii this list is a lengthy one, please tamper justice with Mercy and give them another punishment

  69. This is really serious for vs school to publish their names. They have disappointed their parents for Been expelled from school

  70. How do they define anti social behavior?? They should have gone into more detail to be plain about what happened

  71. What on earth is the problem of some people, why rejects drug test or are you guys guilty. However, maybe they is mo’re to this and maybe there is a problem in the process, however, burning down hostel is not the solution

  72. It is unfortunate. they have brought setback to themselves and a big problem to their parents. peer groups are dangerous. May God forgive them.

  73. I love them for their level of discipline. If a student is expelled then the act of misconduct must have been gross

  74. what was there crime nah, you just said anti social, be specific. so there years have just been wasted

  75. it is a bad news for the parent to hear that the children they take to school to learn good thing and become great is no-longer doing what he is they for ant-social act. but the issuei is not more than follow bad friends oooo
    So beware of who you take as a friend in the school.

  76. So sad, Being expelled and suspended when your in academic session, But don’t understand what their crimes is all about

  77. What have they really done to deserve this.. this is very bad. I hope this will serve as deterrence to others

  78. Bowen university is one university you can’t toy with or behave anyhow while being their student.The Expelled and suspended students got what they deserved.People should learn how to live by the rules

  79. Hmmm…this actually serious and it will mark the end of their academic life and also affect their destiny

  80. This is the result of youthful exuberance. I strongly believe other students of the institution will learn from it and it will serve as a deterrent

  81. Shame to them. What will there tell their parents who have be spending their money on them….. Youths should understand at this age, is the time you need to plan your life. And if you don’t plan your life, your life will plan itself and you may not like it… Outstay from bad company.

  82. I love this action by the school. If other of our institutions do same, things will start getting better for Nigeria. Weldone Bowen university..

  83. This is really bad, what a shameful news it’s a slap on the faces of their/guidance that sent them to school to become somebody in life.

  84. Hmmmm but the questions is there offence is it worth such judgement!!! Expelled hmmmm well for those suspended thank God you were only bit suspended be more careful

  85. This is very terrible. This is why we should be focus in everything we do. We should stop associating with bad company else it will affect us even if we are not part of it.

  86. For the school authority to expel and suspends them, means that their offense was not a small offense. Good for them.

  87. What is happening?how will their parent feel now? what a sad way to enter a new year! what is their offence?

  88. This is an example of how all Nigerian higher institutions need to be doing to their erring students. There should be no room for unruly behavior

  89. What exactly is their crime that will lead to this . They should have been cautioned .Now the money spent for school fee’s are wasted

  90. It is very impossible for a school to just take such action without any cause. Now they won’t be accepted any school within that area.

  91. That serves them right since they can’t obey the rules and regulations guiding the school activities

  92. That’s very good to serve as a warning to others who may want to also misbehave, discipline is th hallmark of success.

  93. What this is way too much though we dont know how the anti crime is but how will their parents feel with that huge sum of tuition

  94. This is serious.. Where will they start from? Where will they now go??? How will their parents feels?

  95. Let them take it easy, getting admission is not easy these days, they shouldn’t be taking it away from people that have done alot, spent alot too just to get there.

  96. This is what any school should imitate, our schools are not a place to breed untamed humans but a place to build character

  97. Well I don’t blame the authorities, since they are involved in bad things,then they should be punished.

  98. Nice one Bowen means they don’t tolerate any form of indiscipline which other institutions would emulate this

  99. Private school don’t usually expel their students. Bowen did well and surprised us all. It’s a good legacy.

  100. This is why it is good to behave well wherever you are, don’t join cult, don’t be a drunkard, mind whom and the group you you go with, just see the outcome of their behaviour now.

  101. So all the years they put in has been wasted…

    Youths should learn to benof good behaviour

    Imagine all the huge school fees has gone down the drain…
    This is bad

  102. They should just go seek admission into another universities. And hopefully they won’t repeat what made them to be expelled and suspended again.

  103. This is the full reason why we should behave in such a way that will attract the heart of high personality and not by irritating them with your evil and uncultured behavior.. A lesson for others to learn….

  104. What ever they did to be rusticated and suspended must be strong. I just pray the school to temper justice with mercy

  105. I hope this help other students to know how to well behave in the school environment and in the society

  106. The school authority should please have mercy on them, Education is the best legacy because we all want our children to come out in flying colors. Pls pardon them

  107. I pity the parents where are they going to start again I pray these students will change their ways but the students are so many how many remains in the school

  108. Anti social behaviour in school these days is so alarming, but they be more careful about the guys

  109. I pray that their parents or guardian sees this so that they will not continue to deceive them.

  110. I think is high time schools starts sending students away for immoral and anti social behavior because thats what brings about cultism…………………..

  111. Publishing their names and matriculation numbers online is very important for their parents to know the next line of action.

  112. What is the reason for expelling so many people like dis it would be a huge financial loss for the institution.
    Do all these student deserve to be expelled when there is so many graduate unemployed in Nigeria. now they will have to start all over again. Am sure the board most have think these through for making such decision . oh well Anti social behavior should be tended too thoroughly .

  113. This is really a bad will dia parents or guardians feel wen it will b a reference point to any other person that which to follow there footstep

  114. These students knows the dos and don’ts of the institution and so if they violated it, I think the authorities has to swung into action to expel and suspend them as the case may be.

  115. The management can still tender mercy by considering there efforts particularly that of their parents

  116. Discipline is good, and I hope the expulsion matches the weight of whatever antisocial behavious they exhibited. I hope other learn from them

  117. Surely they disapponted their parent,hope next they’ll abide by the dos and dont of any institution they found their selves

  118. With the amount their parents paid for their school fees.They still go there to constitute nuisance.

  119. So serious cause, some student are not ready to performed well in schools again, all they do is Yahoo and others things that are not helpful to their study

  120. now I remember my secondary school days. where discipline is just like this. if they go against the rules, they should face the music.

  121. This is a good one from the school, our place of learning should also be a place of learning morals

  122. That’s show’s the school management do not tolerate indiscipline attitude in the school, thats good

  123. I would have kind of pity this students but am sure the school management won’t just penalize this students for no reason, other students should learn from them

  124. See parents money have wasted just like that. All the expelled students should be sent to polytechnics as punishment for waste of resources.

  125. It’s unfortunate this students have to disappoint their parents and even drag their name is the dirt,what a shame.

  126. Very usel4of them is that they are sent too school to do, even when they no is against the school rules.

  127. The crime of the underlisted names of the students were not mentioned. But bad as it may be, would they rather be punished than this heavy punishment of expulsion and indefinite suspension.

  128. So you mean some of these students just wasted time and resources after getting expelled. I feel for their sponsors

  129. After all the thousands of naira their parents have paid. Some children are so irresponsible

  130. What exactly is the anti social behavior before some were expelled. It doesn’t seem right. If they didn’t kill nor rape then suspension for all not that u expel some suspend some.

  131. Disciplinary measures such as this are much needed in institutions to put a check to increasing anti social behaviours
    Good work Bowen

  132. What exactly is their offence
    I’m sure its not worth all this expulsion and suspension thing.
    The students shouldn’t keep mute if they were wrongly treated

  133. Wasted school fees. The school has the right to eradicate any student if they are found wanting.

  134. what a pity
    They have brought shame and disgrace to their self and family
    Mmmmmmm after wasting time and money in school
    Before a private school could expel and suspended them that means they have done the worst

  135. I hope the rest learn from their mistakes.the ones on suspension should work on their morals

  136. Why won’t they be rusticated,spoilt children of aristocrats who abuse,even the essence of schooling in the University

  137. bowen uni is an advanced secondary school small riot and they have dogs and police on sight.

  138. They really didn’t state what sort of anti social behaviour so I can’t be d judge they I know all

  139. I think bowen have tried by taking this bold step,anti social behavior in the Nigeria high institutions have become so endemic

  140. Their crimes is nt mentioned here bt I pity the parents because they have sacrifice themselves to make their children go to school

  141. Students should learn how to be serious or else they have be expelled for the image of the school.

  142. Anti-social behaviour is not condoned by the school authorities, so no crime in expelling and suspending them.

  143. They have been sent to school to study but rather than study they engage in in acceptable social behavior. Now they have robbed their families name in the dust.

  144. If their crimes is worth the punishment then there is nothing to worry about. Discipline must be enforced in every cadre of learning

  145. If they told us the exact reason , it would have been better. But they must have their reasons for doing such.

  146. Shocking! After paying that large sum my child will now misbehave a d get suspended? Okay, their parents will roast them lolz!

  147. This isn’t good to hear. Am also a student, I know the pain of graduating before anyone else. Take heart.

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