Borno state governor raises alarm over Boko Haram attacks

Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima, has raised an alarm over Boko Haram attacks in the state, saying things are getting worse.

Borno state governor raises alarm over Boko Haram attacks lailasnews

Speaking at an extraordinary security meeting at Government House, Maiduguri on Tuesday January 1st, the Governor said as much as he wants to sound optimistic, the reality on ground is that Borno state is facing serious security challenges. He said;

“Your royal highnesses and our elders, I will like to start by saying that the aim of convening this important meeting is not to pass blames or to pass any kind of verdict on our security agencies. Crunch talks in Maiduguri today over Baga.

I think the most inhuman way to go is to gather and condemn those who are putting their lives on the line and giving their lives in efforts to find peace. We are principally here as a family, as a people all affected by the situation in Borno State, to discuss suggestions that will hopefully contribute to combined ongoing efforts towards addressing the problem.

For seven years, we held our regular security council meetings to consult with some of the participants here. However, I never for once convened an extraordinary meeting of this nature because, frankly speaking, I was avoiding a sort of dramatisation or being sensational about our challenges in Borno State. Without being insensitive to the realities of our situation, I feel deeply pained whenever Borno is being discussed on the basis of helpless weakness. I prefer to assume a position of strength; a position of normalcy and a character of being incurably optimistic. My greatest wish was and still is, not to bequeath Boko Haram challenges and IDP camps to my successor. We wanted to, and still want to get Borno fully back to normal days. Sometimes, I unconsciously find myself boasting that Borno is safer than Lagos. I simply feel very bad to sound pessimistic about Borno. I so much believe in optimism.

Of course, I know that in governance, responding to some situations demand a combination of being both optimistic and realistic. The reality is that while so much was achieved by our gallant military men and women, we are today faced with serious challenges in Borno State.

But then, these challenges should strengthen our abiding faith and resolve to continually do whatever we can, in support of our military, the police, the DSS, our Civilian JTF, all para-military agencies and political authorities at the federal level, to end the Boko Haram insurgency”

His statement comes few weeks after Boko Haram members allegedly attacked Baga.


  1. It is true the situation is getting worse day by day. The military are really trying their best. We should just intensify our effects and prayers. God help us

  2. The FG should move their Python dance to borno state to tackle the security situation in the state

  3. And our leaders are busy quoting despicable figured for unnecessary things while the core issues like this insurgency are ignored. It’s a appalling

  4. If we are one we can defeat our enemies only if we stop blaming each other we will surely overcome our opposition. May God help us overcome this evil Boko Haram

  5. Am begging the FG to give the Nigerian army the full support they need and acquire them with heavy ammunitions to face this terrorists,may God deliver born from Boko Haram

  6. something really needs to be done about this security issues in Borneo state. May God continue yo save dem from their hands

  7. This neglect over the case of Boko Haram makes we doubt if some of the politicians are not involved, Why not just do something about this

  8. We need God intervention and expert on securities matters in this country, innocent souls are been killed day in and day out without nothing to be done on that.

    Our government should seek for international help to fight insurgency.

  9. This bokoharram people are really wasting more lives everyday. Why don’t Nigeria government tackle this once and for all

  10. Hmmmmmm. But everything is been hiding in the name if politics. And the present Government keep lying to us about the lives of our people.

  11. What has Borno State done to Boko Haram. I don’t believe that Boko Haram can over power the federal government if they really want to do anything

  12. Thank God he’s coming to say all this, he’s been sincere. I just hope it’s not a case of genocide since the release of bh fighters and funds. The soldiers complained that their COs are bringing the terrorist to them. Bh has informants within the forces thereby making their fights unsuccessful. Politics, ethnicity and religion should be kept aside in flushing these evil men from existence.

  13. This Boko haram issues need to be put to bed once and for all. I wish our leaders do the right thing cause our soldiers are doing their best to fight it out.

  14. Sometimes, I wonder what the government of the day really want to achieve with their hippocraticsl war against this insurgents

  15. God pls hear the prayer of Nigerians as a whole and bring out this country in the hand of terrorists and bring borno and other state to normalcy in terms of security

  16. Governor, I’m happy you have decided to speak up.. Because the way this administration is pretending as if there are no crises in Borno baffles me.. Our soldiers are dying in numbers, Boko Harams have taken the peace in that state.. I pray something be done to restore peace again in Borno..

  17. I call on the Nigerian government to use any means possible to fight Bokoharam including using drones and fight jet.

  18. The menace of Boko Haram is getting out of hand. It is good that the governor has cried out for help. May all who can help in their own little way

  19. How can such insurgency last for so many years, are they trying to say that boko haram is now stronger than the army and the government. This country is a mess

  20. D issue of BH killings in borno is getting out of hnd, i bliv govt shld hv a lasting solutions to dat problem

  21. How can this evil people be defeated when the machineries to fight them is not on ground available.

  22. I always wonder how a small insignificant set of brutal humans will continue to be proving strong for a giant of Africa. My own is that the leaders of Nigeria knows what to do but let them be keep deceiving themselves, a day of rockning is fast approaching.

  23. We need peace,we are all tired of this killings
    We all want peace and unity in Nigeria and the world
    God help us because we don’t know what to do

  24. This man is a foolish man…the last Federal Government led by GEJ efforts was never acknowledge instead he was raising alarms. And now he has been forced to shut up because the current President is a northerner.

  25. Federal Government should dialogue with this People to stop the killing in the northern part.

  26. I understand ur plight Mr governor may God really help the state and the government should still put more best in providing security

  27. The security men (Soldiers) are truly trying and they shouldn’t be blamed.Mr President should look for an ending solution to this so called bokoharam

  28. Me Governor sir what is the problem you people in the North have with this BOKO HARAM insurgents? Until the truth is told I don’t the war ending any time soon

  29. Commend the governor of borno state for speaking out ….the situation in borno is getting worse by the day and innocent people loss their life’s every day. More soldier’s should be deployed to that state to salvage the situation

  30. The man has tried he can no longer handle this Boko Haram issue on his own again. I really feel pity for him. The Government should come to their aid with immediate effect.

  31. From the look of things is actually getting very worse. Worst than ever but we believe that with God on our side we will overcome

  32. The situation is becoming worse, I pray God will intervene in the situation of this country as a whole

  33. Our military men should take note, I pray that the almighty God will be protecting our soldiers for us.

  34. May God give you the wisdom required to fight these terrorists and also expose the brain behind these acts.

  35. Hmmmmm, it is well in Borno state. Honestly the people there are going through a lot as regards to security. The challenges over there as regards to security is very serious. I really hope and pray that this year,a permanent solution to the Boko Haram menance in Borno state will surface and be applied.

  36. What are we doing in Nigeria, this act of insurgency has become virtually the greatest security threat.
    Because their backups are seated somewhere in power and they waste thousands of innocent lives.
    May God just help us.
    Until there’s a flushing, there can’t be cleansing.

  37. At least you’re being open Gov. Shetima. Instead of trying to hood wink people by telling them that Boko haram has been defeated.
    This way, a solution can be proffered.

  38. What are we doing in Nigeria, this act of insurgency has become virtually the greatest security threat.
    Because their backups are seated somewhere in power and they waste thousands of innocent lives.
    May God just help us.
    Until there’s a flushing, there can’t be cleansing.

  39. Instead of the FG tackling this issue of boko haram insurgency in Borno state they are busy doing campain and planning elections. I wonder who they think will vote for the election for them when their lives are in danger.

  40. FG should equip our soldiers improve the technology and techniques by providing them adequate training to combat the insurgency

  41. God keep us…. nevertheless I think we.need more security recruitment with sophisticated arms and ammunition

  42. let government signs the vgn bill so they can work during mid night, they will basically on night duties.

  43. The problem of insecurity in Borno is getting worst. I don’t know why bokoharam likes Borno. It’s only God that can save the people of Borno. Government should please find a way of helping them.

  44. If what we read about the recent attacks is anything to believe, I think he has right to raise alarm.

  45. I believe is only God in heaven can solve this our problem of B K boys of a tin may God see us true.

  46. These boko Haram are the ex boys of politicians. This saga will stop if only the men in power will stop corruption

  47. God will protect the people of borno from boko haram and insha allah there evil acts will nit be achieve

  48. That is very bad, the insurgency is too much may God continue to protect us from the hands of the evil one called Boko Haram

  49. God should come to our rescue this year about this boko haram people.the government should also do their best too

  50. This book haram issues is eating up in this country up till now their is no lasting solution that can end this terrorists once and for all may God come to our aid its so frustrating

  51. Mr govern most of you guys no what is happening, of this meeting is meaningless.. God will have mercy on us all…

  52. God please save Nigeria from this boko Haram people
    We are sick and tired of them
    Only you can save us

  53. This issue of Boko Haram is becoming something else ooo
    The federal government should please do something about this issue o…
    Before this issue get out of hands oo

  54. Am asking FG to give the Nigerian army the full support they need and acquire them with heavy ammunitions to face this terrorists

  55. God will intervene, d government too should be of help and supply every necessary need to d soldiers overdere

  56. This issues is of the government to put their up most effort to combat this people.may God give us wisdom

  57. If Nigeria is unable to solve book haram problem by themselves, please let’s call on international community for help

  58. racing alarm for what or for who instead of him to think and provide solution by himself as a state government

  59. don’t know when Nigeria will gave good security system. This Boko Haram issue is getting outta hand

  60. May God help us all from all this boko haram in this new year,, and Nigeria should be careful about were dey move or go to

  61. Sad and sympathetic news, very painful I feel for the people of Borno State over this Boko Haram issue, may God continue to protect and guide them from the attackers.

  62. We need federal government intervention not just Borno state governor. May God help us from attacks from Boko haram.

  63. Buhari stop been blind over this bokoharam issue..if they are toomuch for you and our military cant call in foreign aid and end this one time…if you are among the bokoharam tell us…i heard about 17 local government is been control by Boko haram collecting tax running the communities like ISIS us to do not even killing but claiming ownership where are you buhari where are u stop playing over this things and dragging our names over the world….call for help to clear this useless people one time they are too small Buhari where are uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  64. This endless,heartless book haram. killing anyhow in north,why can’t the federal government tackle then once and for all

  65. Boko Haram has being a threat to Nigeria since 2016 and this is 2019 and we’re still facing the same problems. The military needs to tackle this problem

  66. This book haram attack is getting too much in the northerner part of Nigeria, I think the government should do probably measure to address the issue

  67. Buku haram in borno state,when all the military soldier are all there.there is something the Government are not telling us.

  68. This is purely political issues. They are doing this to discourage people from electing PMB. Why now again after all this conquest?

  69. I believe that with commitment, hard work, truth and most importantly with God almighty, those bastereds will be completely defeated.

  70. Nigeria should source for help internationally.Our soldiers are trying but they are being sabotaged .I pray for God’s intervention in this case

  71. I’m just happy a state of emergency was not called in Borno state despite the killings but please to government, security personnel and the general public should join hands and revive Borno state again

  72. Bokoharam activities is gradually taking the upper hand in our society. Most lives have been killed and properties damaged by these insurgents. This situation has really overpowered the Borno state government as the federal government should beef up the security position of the state.

  73. Our leaders are the secret behind this. If there really not then there should call on other countries to assist

  74. Really security issues in the state has turned into something else, the federal government should do something fast about it, united nations should also assist to curb this act of insecurity in the country at large

  75. This is getting out of hand borno state when will this bokoharam killing stop is high time the federal government step up and stop this killing by insurgents

  76. This is good news,borno state governor is good to tell people about boko haram,they are destroying borno state,I hope they will be caught, this is good news

  77. The killings is just too much ,nice that the governor is speaking up ,because soldiers are dying everyday in their numbers, the government should please do something to end this killings of her citizens daily.

  78. This security insurgency iis taking too long, something have to be done as soon as possible, alot of people are laying down their lives for peace.

  79. The government should take serious major and strategies in eradicating this terrorist in borno state.

  80. This is simply a cry for help. Boko haran insurgence is a threat to national security and is high the federal government delivers on his promise regarding security.

  81. May God help us to conquer Boko Haram in this country I believe we should all join hands to pray against them

  82. This people is really been sponsor by top politicians in this country, is the reason why things is getting out of hand.

  83. May God take control because our present government is not active, has nothing to offer and he is still hoping for second time, I can’t just imagine it.

  84. Sadly the federal government has failed drastically on this insurgence matter. No security empowerment as it ought to be and innocent Nigerians die daily.

  85. The president of the federation is going round doing campeign, what do you expect from a man like buhari.

  86. I just hope it’s not a case of genocide since the release of boko haram fighters and funds. The soldiers complained that their COs are bringing the terrorist to them. The federal government should take very good care of them.

  87. God only you we trust to intervene in this issue of Boko Haram. our government have failed us

  88. Thank God the government has started talking about the killings,so its now left for the presidency to do something urgently about it.

  89. Na them them. You guys are playing politics with the life of ur citizens. God will answer you people one day.

  90. God please intercede on this..this boko Haram should be put to an end even if it means seeking the aid of UN

  91. If the president is in his right mind, he should forget about reelection and focus on this Boko Haram insurgence causing damage to our society

  92. I really wonder what is the problem with all the military men been dispatched to the state to combat the insurgency in the state. Is it that the military doesn’t have enough ammunition to fight the insurgency or what?

  93. Nice speech and point by Mr Governor. Glad that he knows that the blame cannot be on the security agencies. Nevertheless, It’s only God intervention we need in borno state

  94. If we are one we can defeat our enemies only if we stop blaming each other we will surely overcome our opposition. May God help us overcome this evil Boko Haram

  95. If you are not there you may not really know how serious it is. Lying Mohammed will come out now and tell us that APC is winning the war against Boko Haram. God save you people.

  96. My question is this, boko haram leaves in sambisa forest am I right? If so let our air force clear the hole forst through bombardment, how long will it take the to do so

  97. That’s a good one….although God has been the one keeping us,but the military personnel should at least take a bold step against the demons….

  98. Its only Allah that can put a stop to these killings of innocent souls by Boko Haram, these people are just very wicked, how could be killing human beings like you in whatever guise? No religion will support killing of innocent souls. I believe Allah will surely catch these people.

  99. Chaiiii Mr Governor you did well by raising alarm,,,, God protect your children ,,this boko haram has caused a lot of damages inbour country. God will arrest them one day.

  100. It is really something of great importance as the government is not really so interested in matters concerning insurgency

  101. He’s a governor… He should do something about it, I know the killing will be much cause of election

  102. I know God will intervene and deliver us from this evil group tormenting the peace of Nigerians

  103. This bokoharams are they not created by God will are they so wicked like this that they see their own fellow human being like a rat oh God

  104. This is serous. May God Almighty help the Nigerian forces in countering/demolishing boko haram

  105. what is really happening? Is high time the Federal Goverment put a stop to Boko Haram insurgent in Bauchi state. let there be peace in that state.

  106. Let the security agency responsible take charge of the state.. Boko Haram knows election are coming and they want to take advantage of that. But God will defeat them.

  107. It is only God that can save us from the hands of this boko Haram insurgency because I don’t think that the government can handle this alone

  108. Botno state is a mess nowadays, boko haram is just using that state for their whatever I don’t know.

  109. Its only in God we will put our trust in concerning this boko haram .cos i dont tink the government has any solution to it

  110. The FG and the political class are all playing politics with this boko thing,when and how long will this keep happening

  111. I don’t understand are these book haram militia more than Nigerian soldiers? Because they keep on increasing after every announcement of defeat.

  112. After now they will start listing the amount of money they’re gonna spend on security after which nothing will still happen

  113. seriously, am tired of the Boko Haram insurgency. will this ever stop? may people have lost their loved ones. I pray it ends.

  114. The meeting held will yield forth positive result. Together, all will support the police and other military men to put an end to this terrorist called Boko Haram

  115. Is he just realising that Borno state is under a siege?Serious prayers is needed in that state. Why has book haram decided to make that state useless? Food for thought for the presidency.

  116. This is just alarming. …he took a bold step to even talk about it because the FG can actually finish this people and they are keeping quiet letting innocent people die for nothing

  117. The boko Haram is killing more people on a daily basis, the government should please do something to stop them

  118. The Governor has good intentions despite all the challenges he still believes that they can improve on the present security. The federal government should provide adequate assistance in the areas of security and totally destroying the presence of boko haram in the state

  119. That’s a very good new from Borneo,may Allah continue guide the government to the right path.
    And may the merciful safeguard us from book haram.

  120. Thank God today kashim shetima voice out the truth about bokom Haram and now it’s shows that he needs help now so now the case will be settled

  121. May God help us in this country with boko-haram issues. Federal Government should do something about this.

  122. This is becoming so unbearable and i will ask, will this ever stop? may people have lost their loved ones. I pray it ends.

  123. Let us imagine how long Nigeria government has been fighting book haram. Are we saying we got a weak government or our government is saying Nigerian are not worth the good protection. God dey

  124. The president doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the deaths occuring in borno state. May God deliver those who are helpless in borno state and all other states of the federation. Amen

  125. Seriously speaking I still not understand why Nigeria as a country can’t bring out a solution to this or does it mean our oligarchs do not want it to end or what, am still wondering.

  126. God please remember Nigeria and show us your mercy this year…what is going on..this boko haram won’t allow people to rest..what is all this

  127. They should do something about this Boko haram we are in the new year we can’t afford to be loosding people to death like a goat

  128. The federal government will not take it serious and step in until casualties starts piling up. Prevention is better than cure.

  129. I believe it’s high time the federal government intervene concerning the issue of boko haram insurgence in borno state and use all their drones and Python dance.

  130. i dont know why this issue of boko haram is not being properly dealt with in nigeria is only GOD that will help us oo

  131. I know God will surely intervene….. Because its seems government are not capable

  132. It is just sad to know that the boko haram insurgents have more sophisticated weapons than the army, they are just killing them for fun. Divine intervention is all we need.

  133. The government should think and decide what to do about this Boko Haram issues.. It causing havoc everywhere

  134. I think benue has been the most hit since ethese Boko Haram saga began. God help us in this country

  135. According to Abacha he said any violence or terrorist attack in the country and the FG couldn’t curb the issue that means it has the hand of political interference.

  136. God will surely help those people in maiduguri because how this Boko Haram is killing human being is unbearable.

  137. Would all these attacks ever stop. Our government is liable for any loss of lives from all these BH men

  138. this means that the present government has not defeated Boko Haram. they should stop lying to the masses so that will know the truth about Boko Haram.

  139. Terrorist kept on claiming people lives but the government are only using the Army which in the end they usually lose the battle but all they care is their pocket

  140. The governor is being human by opening up on the situation of borno so the people cooperate and think of a way out

  141. This issue of boko haram is becoming worst.
    I hope government will look into it and bring it to an end. God help our country

  142. How i wish the government will come to their aid so that what happened in Benue will not repeat itself

  143. I think everyone should come together to find lasting solution to this Boko Haram problem before is worse than this.

  144. This is very interesting effort,considering security challenges we were facing in our country is getting worst.

  145. How can we put a stop too this Boko Aram it getting too much, what is wrong with our government.

  146. Our government with their lies. Tomorrow they will mount the podium and start talking and preaching their lies. The country truly needs someone that can end this menace

  147. Mr president should look into this issue before it gets out of hand ,our people are dieing everyday something should be done.

  148. Am even tired of hearing about Boko haram because i remember that someone promised to stop them when he assume office .

  149. May jehovah god save us in this country, because i dont really know what does bokoharam people’s want to collect from killing human been like them

  150. By the time they are wiping away the state they will rest…..because this has actually turned to something else

  151. The situation in Borno State is really pathetic and they need the forces from an external source not just a Nigerian thing anymore.

  152. if this is coming from the chief security officer of a state then the military needs to intesify its efforts in the state

  153. The FG should concentrate more on tackling the issue of insurgency rather than election campaign, it would be nice if the Python dance could also be launched in Borno state

  154. If we are united then defeating our enemies will be a problem but as if we are divided I’m sorry but its going to be difficult to defeat our enemies and that is the truth

  155. This boko haram people really still have more energy to much resources for them i must

  156. The federal government, state government, royal fathers and the force should put heads together to put an end to this Boko Haram menace.

  157. it’s pathetic. all hands must be on deck and with zeal and determination, we shall defeat the Boko Haram. guerilla war is not easy to be worn. it takes time but God will intervene.

  158. He is raising alarm for us to do what exactly. Did he not promise security during campaign. He should do his work as governor

  159. What do this people want?they want to wipe out the whole of Borno people ?God come and fight for us.

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