Boris Kodjoe reacts to President Donald Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ comment

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Hollywood actor Boris Kodjoe, has reacted to U.S President Donald Trump’s ‘Sh*thole’ comment which was made public by the media, and has led to worldwide outrage and movements.

Boris Kodjoe reacts to President Donald Trump's 'Sh*thole' comment lailasnews 3

It was gathered that during immigration negotiations on Thursday with lawmakers in the Oval OfficeDonald Trump asking: “Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” In reference to HaitiEl SalvadorNicaraguaHonduras and African countries in the temporary protected status program.

Half German and half Ghanaian actor Boris Kodjoe, who reacted to the statement on his Instagram page by sharing a photo of his dad, wrote;

“I am half German and half Ghanaian, ain’t no ‘shithole’ anywhere near that combination!

This is a photograph of the late Dr. Eric Ofuatey-Kodjoe. He was my father. He also was an immigrant who left his country to become a physician and greatly contributed to his new home country through medical services and economically alike. He endured endless racially motivated abuse even as the head of anesthesiology at his hospital. Other doctors questioned his abilities, patients refused to be examined by him. But he kept going, kept helping people, kept saving the lives of those who wanted him to go back to his country.

I know it’s hard for you to understand, @realdonaldtrump, but most immigrants are looking for basic human rights for their families, a purpose in life, and a way to contribute to society. And when we welcome them we soon realize that they aren’t looking for handouts, but that they are extremely hardworking and intent on earning their place at the table.”

Boris Kodjoe reacts to President Donald Trump's ''Sh*thole'' comment lailasnews 1

However White House have reacted to Donald Trump’s comments, which reportedly shocked lawmakers in attendance at the meeting at the White House.

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In response, he claimed some of the claims were “made up by Dems” and added “probably should record future meetings – unfortunately no trust”.

Trump tweeted: “Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country. Never said ‘take them out.'”

Boris Kodjoe reacts to President Donald Trump's 'Sh*thole' comment lailasnews 2

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  1. Lol look the the president’s mouth, that’s a good example of shithole.

    Because he’s America president he thinks he can insult a whole continent.

    Shithole mouth.

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