Bold Pink threatens to expose men Mimi Orjiekwe is sleeping with

Controversial Instagram Influencer Bold Pink and Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe are flexing their muscles on social media after the former called out the latter for being local.

Bold Pink threatens to expose men Mimi Orji is sleeping with

Mimi had posted a photo of herself in a luxurious car having a drink with a stool on the car seat. This didn’t go well with Bold Pink who felt it was too local and would only be done by a Nigerian celebrity.

She wrote

Some Nigerian celebrities lol giving us local luxury lifestyle. 🤣🤣🤣.

Mimi then took to her page to reply the controversial inferencer saying she will never get to where Mimi is, not even in 30 years to come.

Bitch you wanna use me to trend .. I will help you.. first of all how did u drag your fat self to my page???I’m pretty sure Mum didn’t teach you if you have nothing to say don’t say anything at all. Secondly you need to resume work out or stop eating too much.. or go for a Lipo.

You must be presentable if you wanna be noticed my village we call your type Aribo .. you see that table is someone’s business.

In your next 30 years you won’t get close to where I’m headed .. you’re lucky I’m busy today.. Get busy too Ugly Betty … I’m living my best life .. Period .. you should try that sometimes .. now sharaapppp.

Bold Pink then responded saying she knows the men Mimi is sleeping with and she won’t hesitate to expose them if she dares her.

You this old cargo. If you used the energy you used to Photoshop my picture to put in your failed marriage, your jigolo husband wouldn’t have gone to impregnate 3 different women.

Maybe you were boring in bed, or maybe you snored all night, or maybe your pussy is wider than the gates of hell.

That’s why your husband abandoned you to go and fuck outside wedlock. Reply me now let me attack you more and unleash my anger on you.! Miserable bitch! I know the men you are doing runs with. I will put their names on my next post just get ready bitch! You stepped on the tail of a tiger @mimiorjiekweng

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