Boko Haram attack military base, kill three soldiers

Three Nigerian soldiers are feared dead after an attack Boko Haram sect on a military base in Kareto, north of the Borno state capital Maiduguri.

Boko Haram attack military base, kill three soldiers lailasnews

Boko Haram fighters attacked the base in the town of Kareto, 150 kilometres (about 90 miles) north of the state capital Maiduguri last night Wednesday, November 15th.

The militants temporarily dislodged troops from the base before being repelled with aerial support, the sources said.

“We lost three soldiers in the fight and several others are still missing. The terrorists were smoked out of the base by a fighter jet which deployed to the scene” said a military source who spoke on anonymity

The military source did not however state if the sect members carted away any weapons.

“The bodies of three soldiers were recovered after the attack,” said the militia who preferred not to be identified. More troops have arrived in Kareto but most residents have not returned,” an eyewitness said

It was the second attack on the military base in two years.

Boko Haram has gone beyond FG's capacity - Obasanjo


  1. At times…i wonder whether the soldier are alway sleeping. What where they doing before their camp was invaded?

  2. The way this Boko Haram insurgents are taken our soldiers down everyday in Borno state is getting out of hand. May God help us.

  3. This is so sad, May God delivers us from this boko haram people, May God be with the family of the soldiers

  4. I thought the military said the terrorist are frustrated because of the way they have dealt with them.How did the terrorist penetrate the military base to the extent of killing military men?They really need to put more effort so that this boko haram story will be history.

  5. This bokoharam get mind o ,this bokoharam people have turn to evil only God can deliver us and change their mind may the souls of the departed soldier rest in peace

  6. The federal government should do something about this boko Haram of a thing because it is really getting out of hand

  7. this is Nigeria, at the initial stage, Mr President promised dat there will be no violence in his regime, what are we seeing since then, have we known peace?, from herdsmen to bokoharam

  8. May the souls of our brave soldiers rest in peace and government should give them what they need to get rid of this people

  9. Even the military service the strongest forces in our country is been penetrated and taken down by terrorists then this country seems not to be in a good shape all our leaders care about is money only

  10. Boko Haram is becoming more vulnerable than ever before.Nigeria Government please do something urgently, we can’t continue like this

  11. This is so sad may God delivered us from the hands of those terrorists and may the soul of the dead rest in peace

  12. Even if the sect members took away the military weapons, they will not say because it’s a big shame.

  13. What a tragedy on the military. This guys are now attacking people that’s supposed to be protecting our lives and properties.

  14. This is serious boko haram news everyday this is too much for Nigeria to bear now have kill Soildier rip to them

  15. What a tragedy on the military. This guys are now attacking people that’s supposed to be protecting our lives and properties. Nawa oo

  16. Three soldiers died in saving our lives and protecting us and our properties may their soul rest in perfect peace amen

  17. May God help us in this our country. God continue to protect our Soldiers because they are our backbone.

  18. What is really happening in this country? How were the Boko Haram able to find there way into military base to the extent of getting some soldiers killed.?

  19. Terrible this bokoharam issue in Nigeria will not finished? They busy killing the military and the civilian as well. God please save our nation.

  20. There are always news that boko haram attacked soldiers base , measures should be put in place to stop these menace

  21. This thing is getting out of hand, if boko harm can attack millitant that means we are all not in save hands, God please wr need your help

  22. and some people are still busy playing politics with the lives of soldiers who only want to serve their country putting their lives on the line. if boko haram can attack military base then who are we the ordinary citizens that dont even have weapons to begin with? doesnt this show we are on our own when it come to security of lives and properties? to think that this is neither the first or fifth time they’re attacking military base

  23. How long will this attack continue. Lives are being lost. A lasting solution should be put in place to stop this.

  24. They had boldness of engage with this acts the heartless Boko Haram, what actually our government are doing to eradicate them ,because they waste things, life everyday.

  25. we hear news of Boko Haram killing our soldiers almost everyday does that mean they are more vigilant than our soldiers ….God will help our soldiers

  26. may the souls of the departed rest in peace. this administration defeated boko haram tactically but every day our soldiers are dying.

    • Too bad… Were d soldiers sleepin or what? How did they have free access to d camp… God save Nigeria. Rest in peace to the dead

  27. If Boko Haram can attack a military base full of armed men, then it is a serious issue that needs to be sorted out.

  28. Comment*chai!may God help us all boko haram wants to finish the whole military men so that we will have non to defend us at least and that why they attack them here and there but God is their strength and our strength ,may the souls of the three soldiers killed rest in peace Amen

  29. This Boko boys are stilling Nigerian soldiers almost on a daily basis, i think the soldiers need to be more alert when on duty

  30. May their soul rest in peace. The Boko Haram boys I’m sure are backed up by someone very prominent and powerful in this nation. and they must have very good informants otherwise they will not be able to infiltrate the military base so easily

  31. God please help us in Nigeria. The government should please do something to put an end to this insurgency now.

  32. I wonder what will be our fate if this terrorists final over power the military and take over the country….. May god forbid

  33. So a military camp was attacked and soldiers killed and not even one of the attackers was killed? What the military men doing then?

  34. How did we lost three soldiers in the fight and several others are still missing. what is happening, does it mean that the terrorists are having upper hand.

  35. The way this Boko Haram insurgents are taking our soldiers down everyday in Borno state is getting out of hand. May God help us.

  36. Were the soldiers drugged. If they can’t keep watch over their camp, what plans do they have for the Nation.
    Quite unfortunate for the ones that lost their lives

  37. Boko Haram are getting so powerful day by day . The FG is trying their best. I don’t think negotiation is the best option . Rip the the dead soldiers

  38. For God sake, all this politicians fighting for post, none of them can even think of how to stop dis boko people! And Una want us to vote for you abi?

  39. Each passing day comes with different sad stories regarding the Book Haram menace in Nigeria but it seems the Nigeria government is not doing anything helpful to help curb this everyday tragedy. May the souls of the dead find rest in the blossom of the Lord

  40. The incessant attack of book haram indulgence, is becoming too rampant, I taught the government said that, they have technically defeated them

  41. This is getting scaring day by day, if the Boko Haram were able to defeat the military it means we are nothing before them.

  42. sometimes I wonder if the soldiers were sleeping when they invade their colony, rest in perfect peace soldiers. your reward is in heaven for you have your country.

  43. It’s high time Nigeria wake up and map out strategies that will be a formidable force. Imagine that, for me it an insolace that Biko Haram penetrated and even succeed to kill three soldiers ,it’s uncalled for!

  44. How can Boko Haram attack the military and what we hear is 3 soldiers dead instead of Tue Book Haram I wonder the kind of force we have this days….may there gentle soul reast in peace

  45. Book haram attacking the military, it is unbecoming. Fed government should do something about it before it spreads out.

  46. Nigerian government should take every needful action to control the attack of bokoharam. To save our soldiers

  47. Am seeing some people’s comment, saying soldiers are relaxing, u said this because you have not got close to them and their environment, and see the way this soldiers suffer,,, when your see the type of weapon this terrorist are handling then you see the one soldiers are having to won’t allow any of your relatives to be a soldier,,,, please what am saying here is don’t blame our soldiers but blame the government, our government can do somthing is they wish to,

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