Bobrisky’s cleavage photos amaze social media users

The new photo of Bobrisky has got a lot of social media users talking. The question on everyone’s lips is if Bobrisky has started developing breast or is not just real?

Bobrisky's cleavage photos amaze social media users lailasnews

The Nigerian male cross dresser who happens to be an ambassador of slimgirlwears shared new photos in which his chest visible.

The chest revealing picture makes it seem like a cleavage. This has made many social media users engrossed in a debate as to whether he has finally started the breast growth procedure he claimed he was about to start.

If there is anything Bobrisky is good at, it is getting the attention of many Nigerians on social media and these new photos are doing just that.

See the photos below;

Bobrisky's cleavage photos amaze social media users lailasnews 2

Bobrisky's cleavage photos amaze social media users lailasnews 3

Bobrisky's cleavage photos amaze social media users lailasnews 1

Some few days back a lady called out Bobrisky for allegedly defrauding her of N100,000.

According to the lady, she and her team had a request for Bobrisky to promote a certain, but it turned out that he refused to respond to their messages after the deal had been sealed and the cash forwarded to his account. She wrote;

Bobrisky, what makes you think you can bully me out of my hard earned money? Against my better judgement i trusted you over this simple biz transaction just bc of a mutual friend.

I told this mutual friend in Nigeria to reach out to Bobrisky for a promo since I don’t follow Him on IG. My friend did & he agreed to do the dance promo for #100k after the bargain. He demanded we transfer full payment last week Tues saying he was free to do the dance. My friend made it clear when we needed the video as we planned on setting up a #OneShotChallenge competition with it. Bob agreed to have the video ready by last Tues. I have screenshots of this conversation. I went ahead and transferred 100k immediately.

But after he confirmed the money, he went mute & stopped reading my messages. My friend contacted him last Tues night & he promised to do it the next day (Wedsnesday) but he didnt do it. Based in his unreliability, she contacted him on Wedneday night & asked him to return the money back to glogeworld, but he told her the video was ready & would be posted last Thurs morning, which she accepted. Through all this, I kept calm. Fri nothing, Saturday nothing, on Sunday nothing, so I sent him a message last Sun to return the 100k back to my account.

My friend also told him to return the money BC we are not interested anymore. 1 week later on Tues, Bobrisky ignored our request to return the money and in a bid to cover up his failure, he posted the dance without informing me & without sending the dance to me on WhatsApp. What dishonesty! Who does that in business? I am a fashion influencer for many companies in USA includin Amazon, and an Ambassador to many companies in the US.

When they pay me for anything, I have to deliver it in a certain time frame. In business you have to respect your customers or anyone that pays you money for any service. They are the reason you pay your bills. If you keep gettin bad reviews no one would want to deal with you.

Bobrisky, instead of apologizing, you chose to insult me on top of my money ah! You can’t be taking people’s money crookedly. It’s unethical in business.

Bobrisky, if you have any iota of honesty in you, Please, return my money!


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