Bobrisky will be incurably sick if he doesn’t repent – Prophetess

A certain prophetess in Rivers State, Prophetess Dr Blessing Chidinma Prince, popularly referred to as Mummy B Oyigbo has warned Bobrisky to repent.

In a post she made on her Facebook page, the cleric warned that the socialite will be incurably sick if he doesn’t change from his abominable ways.

Bobrisky will be incurably sick if he doesn’t repent – Prophetess

In her post, she boasted on how her past prophecies have come to fulfillment, specifically the ones she made on the elections in 2018.

She however advised that anyone that could reach to the cross-dresser should hint him on the coming punishment from God

She wrote:

Prophecy! Prophecy!! Prophecy!!! That was how I got a message from God during the 2018 election, many hated me because of that, but at last it came to pass. Any person that can reach Bobrisky should tell him the Lord is asking him to repent and change from his abominable ways, else sooner than later he would be incurablly sick.

Thus says the Lord from Prophetess Dr Blessing Chidinma Prince, Mummy B Oyigbo Rivers State Nigeria

Reacting to her prophecy, some social media users claimed it was just a hoax and any normal thinking person would know that Bob might possibly get some reactions over his choice of cream usage

Normal psychology will still let us know that bobrisky may fall sick based on chemical reaction of his cream and artificial make up, not by thus says the lord. Hapu chukwu Aka” one Onyekachi Michael wrote

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