Bobrisky slams MC Galaxy for refusing to honor their meeting with the Police

Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, who ‘Sekem’ crooner MC Galaxy reported to the Police claiming that his life is in danger following their fallout on social media over his former gateman, Jacob, has slammed the singer again for refusing to honor their appointment with the Police.

Bobrisky who bragged about the income he raked in from London, wrote;

Bobrisky slams MC Galaxy

“Idiot keep posting am here for u. They also ask me to posting but if anyone send me any post from u that involve me I swear I will reply u asap. Go to any length I will fire 🔥 u ten times……

Attention seeker with dead career. Do u know how much I make in London for my first event 😂😂😂😂😂idiot who dey pay to see ur dead career. How many shows do u get in USA the last I saw u there ? People can testify to mine, I attended up 10 shows at different states. Post more and I will give you back.”

The crossdresser also slammed some of his followers supporting MC Galaxy. He wrote;

“Hey 👋 some of u here that call urself so called followers pls can u f*ck off on my page😂😂😂😂 do I look like am desperate for followers? Am not mc galaxy who is desperately looking for everything. So go and follow him and leave my page. U all better do something with ur life so u can stop being a follower till u die idiots. Dis people don’t know I don’t care about their opinions. When u drop 💧 ur insult finish u can unfollow thanks. If u drop ur insult and u did not unfollow Thunder 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 will strike u”

Bobrisky and Mc Galaxy’s drama started after Bobrisky accused MC Galaxy of making his famous but now former gateman Jacob ‘betray’ him.

Weeks after Bobrisky shared a video of himself dancing with his gateman, Jacob on social media, same Bob took to Snapchat and accused Jacob of scamming and lying about his father’s health.

According to Bobrisky, Jacob told him his dad was very sick and he gave him N60,000 to go visit his dad in the village but Jacob took the money and went to a friend’s house.

When Bob found out, he fired Jacob, hired a new gateman and told Nigerians to never associate Jacob with him anymore.

“I don’t want to hear anything about Jacob anymore pls guys Jacob wasn’t sick it was a planned game but it’s fine….If you want to help him like some people claim to give him 2million go ahead. I wish you all the best of luck. Jacob told me his father was sick that they are cutting his father’s leg…. I gave him 60,000 and also paid for his tfare to go home and see his father only for me to find out that he is in Lagos in his friend’s house.

“People think they want to use Jacob to get info, he knows nothing about me. They ask him to tell people I am owing him four months salaries. Have you guys forgotten so soon how I showed you guys here when I’m paying him.

“No some people said they will give him 2million, they used Jacob against me. I’m too classy for that; anyone of you here are free to help. At least, I did the little I can and God will reward me.”

Reacting to the accusation, Jacob released a video in which he said Bobrisky did not pay him throughout the six months he worked for him.

He also said in an interview that MC Galaxy gave him N40,000 after he featured in his song and Bobrisky collected the money from him.

Watch the dance video below. MC Galaxy, who took inspiration from Jacob, released a track, ‘Jacorb Dance’ – which became quite popular – and in the video, featured Jacob.

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