Bobrisky reacts to claims he lied about plastic surgery

Popular Nigerian crossdresser, Bobrisky, has reacted to claims that he lied about undergoing plastic surgery on his backside.

He hinted in his response that the claims might be correct.

For some weeks now, social media has been abuzz with information that the popular crossdresser had a butt enlargement surgery.

He would go on to do a massive reveal of his new shape, though some fans and social media commentators have pointed out that it is all a hoax.

Fans took to social media to drag the male Barbie for lying about undergoing surgery to enhance his butt and hip size and reacting to the backlash he noted with or without butt the alleged but he remains the “baddest bitch”.

In his words,

“Whether I do yansh or not, I’m still the mother of all b*tches… whether Bob do yansh or whether Bob no do yansh, girls with the yansh sef dem no fit, Girls wey even carry the yansh sef no fit”.

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