Bobrisky denies relationship with Mompha: “This thing never happened”

Popular crossdresser Bobrisky has debunked the allegation that he and BDC operator, Mompha, had a sexual relationship (a claim Mompha has also debunked).

We had earlier reported that the relationship claim was made by Bobrisky’s former PA, Oye Kyme.

Oye, who is from Ivory Coast, was invited to Nigeria to become Bobrisky’s personal assistant after she tattooed the crossdresser on her body.

Their work relationship ended on a sour note and Oye Kyme took to Instagram to answer questions about her former boss.

During the Q & A, Oye made a number of allegations but what struck Instagram users the most is her claim that Bureau De Change (BDC) operator Mompha dated Bobrisky.

Mompha initially pleaded with Bobrisky to debunk the allegations but this led to a war of words as Bobrisky refused to do so in voice notes exchanged between them (see here).

Bobrisky has now cleared Mompha’s name during an Instagram Live interview Freeze held with Bob and Mompha.

“This thing never happened,” Bobrisky said during the interview.

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