Video: 6 year old Blue Ivy bids $19,000 (N6.8million!) on art and Jay Z’s reaction is priceless

Superstars Beyonce and Jay Z‘s daughter, Blue Ivy is just six years old. The young girl is arguably living one of the most lavish childhoods and has expensive taste..

Blue Ivy has been filmed bidding a whooping $19,000 (N6.8million) on artwork at a charity gala.

Blue Ivy bids $19,000 on art lailasnews

Last night, Blue Ivy and her parents attended the Wearable Art Gala in Los Angeles. \

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy stole the show when they stepped out twinning in gorgeous gold dresses and headpieces.

Then came the moment when Blue jumped in on the live auction event and bid $17,000 on an acrylic painting of the actor Sidney Poitier. Her dad Jay Z’s reaction to that is just priceless. Watch below.

Jay Z tried to stop his daughter from bidding the tens of thousands of dollars but failed Blue Ivy didn’t even give up when the price bumped up to $19,000.

Blue was asked by the auctioneer if she’ll bid 19,000 dollars. Blue waves her number excitedly and beams when her name is called out to the crowd.

But Jay Z appears to be smiling through gritted teeth and even tries to put her hand down. Press lay to watch:

Vanity Fair reports Blue Ivy lost the bidding war to Tyler Perry, who won the painting for $20,000. But that didn’t stop Blue Ivy, who next bid $10,000 and won a different piece of art made up of deconstructed law and medical texts.

Reactions to video of Blue Ivy bidding $19000 for art after it was posted on Twitter include:

Blue Ivy out here bidding $19,000 for art. *cries in poorness*”

One fan laughed: “Jay Z looking at her like, ‘You got art money?'”

Another said: “Jay slid her hand down like, ‘ok this s*** ain’t cute no more'”.

One commented: “BlueIvy spent 19k last night on art she a young baller.”

And one added: “Jay was not with it.”

blue ivy dad jay z lailasnews

The famous family were out in LA on Saturday night to celebrate the 2nd Annual Wearable Art Gala at LA’s Alexandria Ballrooms.

The Wearable Art Gala was put on by WACO Theater Center – which was co-founded by Beyonce’s mother Tina and her husband Richard.

The night embraced a Black Panther inspired #WACOtoWakanda theme for the evening.

Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson, 64, also stunned in a gold gown.

Blue Ivy is also trending at this moment for writing these adorable messages to her mother Beyoncé & her daddy’s mother, Gloria.

blue ivy letter to beyonce gloria lailasnews a

blue ivy letter to beyonce gloria lailasnews


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