Blind gospel singer accused of defiling his tenant’s daughter

A 49-year-old blind gospel singer, Anthony Okhiria, was on Monday paraded by the Edo state police command for allegedly defiling the 9-year-old daughter of his tenant, at house number 9, Isidahomen Street, Ekpoma. .

He, however, denied having canal knowledge of the minor. According to him,

“I didn’t defile anybody. I am a musician, I sing gospel music.

Blind gospel singer accused of defiling his tenant’s daughter lailasnews 2
Blind gospel singer accused of defiling his tenant’s daughter

My senior brother inherited the house from our father, but he lives in Lagos, so, I am the one in charge. The mother and her four girls live in my house, their church used to lay their rent. .

One day, she came to tell me that the church said they are not going to pay the rent again. The woman did not want to pay me, she wanted to seduce me, but I did not agree.

One​ day, she told me that she suspects that I like her, but I told she is not the one to tell me that I like her. The children also used to come into my room, doing all sorts of nonsense and I will chase than away. .

I reported to the woman, but she will reply that the children are playing with me, but I told her that I don’t like that kind of play because I am a Christian. .

The nine year-old-girl sometimes comes into my bedroom while sleeping, she will be touching my legs. The mother also do come into my bedroom.

It got to a stage that whenever I am applying body cream after bathing, this woman will come into my sitting room, see my nakedness, instead of going away, she will stay.

One day, she just came to me and said that her nine-year-old daughter said I was sleeping with her. I was shocked. I feel so bad seeing myself in this mess. I did not defile her, it is a lie,” he said


  1. From what he said if it’s true, God will see to it because it’s not good to take advantage of one’s predicament.

  2. Hmm, time shall tell who is lying in this mess. Because for me, the story is kind of confusing. A blind man!

  3. From all that is said I think something is fishy,is wrong to want to take advantage of once inability.. Let them have the girl go for test it with go a long way in helping the issue at hand

  4. I don’t no whom to believe anymore,all the girls should go for test to be sure he is telling the truth.

  5. Please oh me I think the police should investigate this case very well so that we will know if it is the woman that is laying or the man

  6. But he should have been locking his doors if doesn’t want them to gain entrance since he detested their acts.

  7. How true is this story? Please investigation should be done well..rhe woman want to lay allegations so the poor blind man so the can live there free.

  8. This is real accusations, I don’t think it is truth, l don’t believe it atall, how can a blind man defile someone who is seeing, no matter the age, it can’t be real.

  9. The singer could be right oo. Some women are desperate, they can go to any extent to get what they want. The matter should we’ll be investigated

  10. I can’t judge him her, but his words looks truthful, how did he have such access to the nine years old girl when he is blind, she should have raise an alarm against it, they must investigate properly before any harsh action should be taken

  11. The police should confirm the girl virginity from a reliable hospital to establish the case. This will go a long way to reveal the truth.

  12. What sort if accusation is that, because he refused her seduction she want to lay allegation on him that he harassed her daughter sexual when she knows what her daughter use to do to him , only God knows the truth in this matter

  13. I am not going to but this story because all I see here is false how can a blind man defile a girl of that age except there is more to it,they should investigate properly

  14. Let them have the girl go for test it with go a long way in helping the issue at hand what her daughter use to do to him , only God knows the truth in this matter

  15. Oh haba I don’t see something reasonable here even if he was or not though it may be him but I will go with him he may be right haba blind man I pray to God to show who is after this mess weather &e is true or not

  16. How is this possible. Cos this guy is blind. Please this case should be investigated properly.

  17. Carry out a test to know if d girl is lieing or not. But can’t believe or sat anything. Only God knows what really happened

  18. It might be true that he didn’t do if we take a critical look at what surrounds it. They no pay rent since the church stopped paying it for them. What else do one expect??

  19. How could a blind man rape a minor. If the man is really blind, it’s nearly impossible. God knows everything hidden

  20. Time will reveal the truth and God is not dead. If he is been accused falsely, then the woman and their house are inviting calamity upon themselves

  21. Blind man rape her, how come? This should be investigated thoroughly biko, let them not take the advantage of his blindness.

  22. The mother make up this story because the blind man refused to let her in as a Christian so she started sending the small girl just to make him fear and accept her becomes some woman are big evil I think I believed the man story how can a blind man see and do such thing or does he anybody age why he not seeing

  23. In this matter God surely knows who is saying the truth , but i suggest that the police should please carry an intelligent investigation on this issue thanks.

  24. This is real accusations, I don’t think it is truth, l don’t believe it atall, how can a blind man defile someone who is seeing, no matter the age, it can’t be real.

  25. If from his statement, the allegation is false then he will be vindicated and the woman will inturn pay for it

  26. Hmmm,this is a very big allegation,proper investigation should be carried out.Infact the girl should go for a test to start with.

  27. This case is quite confusing
    I don’t know whom to believe
    Please proper investigation should be carried out

  28. I think the woman is telling lies against the blind man, looking at the story critically and what the blind had explained thus far. God will judge the liar.

  29. Only God knows what is hidden but with the way this man talk it really shows that he is not guilty of the offense

  30. I don’t believe a blind man can such and a gospel singer for that matter.. Well let the matter be investigated properly

  31. I think all you have to do is just cool down your mind,and endure the pain,God will reveal the truth at the right time

  32. The man seems to be telling the truth, women are fond of using their feminity to the fullest advantage, she made her daughter lie.

  33. That you are a gospel singer doesn’t mean you can’t commit, the person to say the truth is the young girl. Her parents should ask her what really happened

  34. Only time can tell because am surprise how will a blind man will be able to do that..may God see you through in this your time of trial

  35. How possible is it for a blind man to defile a 9 years old, he can’t see anything and the child should be responsible for the act

  36. Comment*sir relax,the GOD that seeth in secret will fight for you if what you are saying is true

  37. There is truth in every lies,well i cant judge till i hear the woman side of the story,at least doctor can detect if a child is being raped or not

  38. This story is kinda fishy…can’t really judge cos i don’t really kw if he is using his condition to lie against the girl

  39. Judging from his quote I he needs further interrogation because he sounds guilty even if he denied it. How can he notice the mother coming to his room when he is naked and didn’t do anything drastic if he really don’t want the woman in return. He is just trying to cover up

  40. Blindman that can’t see defiled some1
    Hmm surpricing and also confusing
    If she said he slept wit ha nd he didnt
    They should under go a serious test fr the lady,,, to confirm whether its the truth she sayin.

  41. Only God knows who is telling the truth, but if what the man is saying is true , the woman needs to be punished

  42. Blind man raping a girl? I smell consent by both parties but the police should carryout a thorough investigation

  43. I don’t want to judge anyone. The fact that he’s blind dosent mean he can’t commit the crime and should be exornotated. A detailed investigation should be carried out to a certain the 9 years old claim.

  44. Bro God will surely vindicate you. But the way the police handled this issue shows that they really lack knowledge. This is a simple issue, separate the daughter from the mother and ask the daughter what the man did to her and then ask the mother what exactly did the daughter said the man did to her. This is lack of mere Wisdom from the police.

  45. Really, how is this even possible. Proper investigation should carried out to be sure so he will not go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit

  46. The one woman might be an opportunist, who saw a way of offsetting her rent through rape allegation. U know his a blind man yet u keep sending ur children to him. Police open your eyes in this case and know who is lying.

  47. I’m not sure if he’s actually guilty, how I’ll a blind man take advantage of someone’s daughter, in accordance to the victim, God would have his way!

  48. Hmmmmmmm its only God DAT knows who is telling d truth here and he will intervene and if he is telling d thruth DAT woman is irresponsible

  49. I think proper investigation should be carried out. I don’t see how a blind man should defile anybody without their consent

  50. U might be saying d truth but I cannot vouch for anybody. Blind ppl can do many other things so this one is also possible.anybody.

  51. We don’t knw whom t believe but this man is blind, how could he had forced that girl to sleep with him,police pls do ur investigations very well

  52. They should conduct a test on the girl first…and again how can a blind man defile a girl..if the girl didnt agree..

  53. Could that be real how will a blind man defile a 9 year old girl,?. Even if it true then the girl would have been the one who seduced him.

  54. This is a setup by the mother of the girl with everything the man narrated I strong believed him and also feel pity for him because the woman want to embarrass him publicly the mother and daughter should be question am sure one of them will confess

  55. They should try
    And investigate the matter very well
    Before taken any actions
    I don’t think this man is guilty

  56. Actually God Almighty is the one who sees everything. If the man is really innocent, then God will vindicate him.

  57. Their trying to blackmail him because he didn’t do what they ask him to do is a lie he didn’t defile her

  58. The mother of the 9years old girl may be up to something by trying to set up the blind singer. Both the mother and her other girls want to have the man probably they can be living freely in the house without paying rent. But the blind gospel singer’s refusal made him to be framed up. God knows the truth.

  59. I don’t no whom to believe anymore,all the girls should go for test to be sure he is telling the truth.

  60. I think is hard to just conclude on this issue because we are not very sure of the both sides, let proper investigation be taking to know the truth of the matter.

  61. From the pathetic expression of his statement, he sounds true, and it might be a set up to blackmail the man

  62. Useless people first how would a blind man do it ? You all need to calculate first before saying anything

  63. I don’t think anybody should accuse him because he said be don’t spoil anybody and if he did God see him

  64. Police should please investigate this crime very well, I think something is not wright and if they should pass unjust judgement against him that will be very bad because his blind

  65. They should please investigate very well because i wonder how a blind man will rape someone. Haba! From what he said, there seem to be an element of truth in it. There is possibility that the woman lied against him since he refused her advances just because she didn’t want to pay rents again

  66. Ha! That’s not true. He couldn’t have done that please they are just taking advantage of his blindness. I pray God will vindicate him

  67. I think the mind man his innocent.moreover he is a blind man and I dont think he can over power the girl

  68. Proper investigation should be carried out to get the truth from them. The girl should also go for test

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