Blackface Naija declares total war on 2Baba

Blackface Naija has declared total war on 2Baba, saying on his Instagram page that the latter’s career is going to end once the war is over.

Blackface Naija declares total war on 2Baba lailasnews

The former founding member of defunct Plantashun Boyz took to his Instagram page earlier today to make this known. though he didn’t reveal what triggered the post. See what he wrote below;

Can the #WAR officially begin @official2baba ? I say it has now #officially… even though you been taking secret shots but you can come out in the open now You know your career is going to end when this is finally over #youareoverwith2019 🐍


  1. Na wa o. 2face ,abeg return African Queen to blackface the original owner for peace to reign na. He is becoming frustrated over your success o.

  2. War brings nothing but distractions, which both parties will regret after everything. Speak when you are angry nd regret those words for the rest of ur live

  3. He cant do anything and if anything should happen to tuface he will be held responsible because of this post, he better find something meaningful to do with his life than hating

  4. I hate it when people play God. You should settle whatever scores you and 2face have, but please don’t make threats that are beyond your power

  5. I will advice that black face should find something very lucrative to do and leave our Nigeria legend tubaba for peace not for war.

  6. The truth is what happened at their early beginning was hash but that does not mean declaring a war is the best.

    • The truth is what happened at their early beginning was hash but that does not mean declaring a war is the best

  7. This is frustration..he should ask 2baba to help need to declare war .this is new year lets live in peace..

  8. Black face again?since how many years ago till now you are still fighting over this? Please look for something to do this 2019.

  9. Why a war between them, do they have a serious misunderstanding, you guys should keep peace together o, fighting will not solve problems o, you should be peaceful together


  11. If u no blow e no suppose make u vex na cos who good from belle nobody or nothing fit stop his or her carrier except Almighty God don draw you say guy come do my work… pls blackface leave 2baba biko o

  12. You’re so empty Blackface, u don’t have a career. You have allowed hatred and envy take over who u once was. My brother wake to know that you’re a veteran up coming artist.

  13. Please you guys should settle in peace instead of fighting on social media, some people look up to you guys, don’t come and disgrace us here

  14. Fighting will never solve the problem rather it will make the problem to be worst
    Please you people should settle

  15. You guys should settle ur score among yourself not the other way round,,,2face is a peaceful man abeg

  16. Why can’t black face come to terms with the fact that Tuface has succeeded already. He should channel his energy into a profitable venture and let Tuface be.

  17. What does he mean? Whatever it is at least you guys are not babies. You can settle it amicably

  18. Blackface you don start oo free 2baba na. Some people will just come out of nowhere and create scenes just to be famous again

  19. The only way this guy gets attention is by attacking Tubaba…..fear of being forgotten by Nigerians average youth today does not remember anyone known as Blackface so this is his only live line of memory….pls leave tubaba he has nothing else to prove he has done it all. Let God and grace be d judge.

  20. Person wey don’t pass Don pass amm..
    Accept the fact that 2baba has made it already. 2baba abeg be careful…

  21. Are they quarrelling before? You think you can end someone’s carrier, you are not God. Blackface, leave 2baba alone oo

  22. Can’t this be settled more amicably. I hate this coming to social media and exposing each other thing.

  23. Blackface you are brother in the industry…. You don’t have to fight, you have to support each other and be your brother’s keeper

  24. What a threat! Why wouldn’t you allow 2baba to enjoy his own life, what is the war all about?

  25. Instead of putting efforts in repairing his broken career he’s putting efforts in fighting a loose fight with 2baba, you’re a disgrace man

  26. In this new year that everyone are letting go to bitterness. You wanna start War. Am is 2Baba is not in this with you.

  27. Dis #black_naija should better leave tuface alone
    Before an unending war starts

  28. This guys should just come together and settle their disputes. At least when they are at peace the other can help to grow

  29. They should just try and take it easy. But wait oo. Blackface where have you been since all this days?

  30. War or no war 2 face career cannot end just has he has said it because he has got a lot of talents.

  31. I believe black face has totally lost it, hoping the war he is declaring will not boomerangs on his head

  32. Blackface should grow up and move on. Young artists are making it and he’s still fighting 2face for more than 10years

  33. This guy should be taken for mental check. He should work on his dead career and let 2baba be.

  34. This beef is still on? Can’t u guys settle this quarrel amicably?
    You are bigger than this black face

  35. I wonder why people mention war war blackface if you see war walahi you go run I beg leave 2 face alone

  36. Why now,why the fight … black face u guys use to be will the fight benefit the two of you

  37. Please what going on between the two.. what brings nothing but disastrous, if anything happens to 2face you will be held responsible

  38. It’s too late to start declearing a war
    Both of you have your space. Please be matured about this.

  39. This must be a joke. After his many years of hard work, Blackface you think you can pull him down just like that?

  40. This man should get a life and try to get better in his career
    Nobody cares about what he is saying, I doubt if tuface cares sha

  41. You don’t need to fight another person success, instead you should be happy with it. So, Blackface face your owe business and leave 2baba alone

  42. Please guys take it easy, this world is a small place there is nothing in it, there is no gain in making troubles, it is your coperation that will get you to a higher level.

  43. I don’t even think that tuface has time for this guy that is always barking like a frustrated dog. Don’t envy tubaba because he has gone far.

  44. For how long will you continue in war man, why can’t you allow whatever issues you people had before to be settled amicably. Blackface war brings nothing but sadness

  45. What’s with this obsession about 2baba by blackface sef.. All I see is a jealous frustrated guy seeking relevance by all means.

  46. They should just leave each other alone, since how many years they’ve been on it, blackface should just grow up and act mature

  47. Should we call thos beef? This guy is just making a fool out if himself.pls go nd sit down somewhere jare

  48. Is tge way he people to remember him after long time no see him and his career down. Blackface should go and sleep

  49. Blackface should go and get busy and leave 2baba alone. Plantashon boys ain’t anymore. Why declaring wat now. This is jealousy and envy.

  50. War? Why not peace? Please blackface don’t declare war, but declare peace, it is what we are looking for.

  51. I think is high time the stake holders and government big wings intervene in this issue because I can see some one been depressed here before anything funny happenstance.

  52. I thought their feud had been settled and done with. Why opening a closed and healed wound again? Tuface is now stronger and bigger.

  53. They should settle this issue amicably like grown men and not behaving like children on social media.

  54. Blackface no matter what has happened between 2baba and you pls forget it and move on with your life ok.

  55. Blackface carrying so much hate all through these years… Leave 2baba alone o,seems more like he is looking for cheap publicity

  56. He should get busy with his life and stop all this bully he can not stand what he his about to start long live 2baba

  57. Better things are supposed to be looked on not fighting each other. Please make peace with him.

  58. This guy doesn’t have sense. instead of him to partner with 2baba to enable him boost his career he’s there Banting on social media. Jealousy want to finish him. Nonsense!

  59. Is ending his career your heart desires… What must have transpired between you two. Settle o. Two baba is my person o. So relax black.

  60. Blackface is just jealous because 2baba I’d doing better than him in the music industry. There is nothing Blackface can do that will end 2baba’s career because 2baba has already made a name in the music industry and has a lot of fans. Blackface should be thinking of how to improve in his career instead of fighting 2baba.

  61. Black face is just frustrated over 2face’s success , tuface please return Amaka if you borrowed her from black face. Also African queen

  62. He should just let 2face be and Tu baba should just give blackface his due acknowledge on the song and possibly pay for what his due for the song African queen.

  63. Blackface should go and relax with these issue with 2baba. Whatever he feels he has against 2 face he should let the whole nigeria know and stop beating about the bush

  64. Then be 2 later become 3, they do things together, living in peace and harmony. Then suddenly the 3 disagree, 1 go solo the other 2 follow. Oh no no no no

    Complete the rest if you know you know.
    This guy’s want to do Music that will sell for good market.. This how they normally goes about it..
    First with quarell
    Then fight
    Then good music
    Lolzzzz old style for old boys

  65. War will only make your differences linger. Why not settle it amicably? Whatever it is both parties should be able to have a one on one let peace reign and not by tearing yourselves down.

  66. Who is blackface that he should contend with 2face. He better go and. Sleep…I pray 2face our legend does not answer him.

  67. This black face will not go and sit down somewhere or even beg tubaba to help his career. He is busy trying to start a war. Nonsense

  68. What could have triggered this war-like statement from @blackface to 2Baba? Are they quarreling before now? They are role models and such should not come up between them, I believe they are more mature now to drag each other to the mud

  69. Why can’t he face his career instead of starting an official fight that he doesn’t know how it will end

  70. Please you guys should look for a way to settle each other this is a new year and it should start with love and peace not war or hatred

  71. Blackface is too foolish
    He should own hi that 2face is far more than whatever he could ever dream to be
    And stop the hating and jealousy
    Nonsense war
    He has lost already

  72. Some of this so called celebrities need sense. Must every dispute end with fight? No sign of maturity.

  73. Mr blackface channel your creative ideas into producing more music I believe you can do better. Let bygone be bygone.

  74. Black face is a bad looser……he claims to be a good musician but he has failed to prove himself but always looking for avenue to criticize 2bab.

  75. Mr black face it’s not 2faces fault that your career clashed early now maybe that wasn’t your calling instead of you to find your calling you are busy waging war against 2face

  76. Blackface should just come out plain to everyone to know what has transpire between him ans 2face instead of doing all this

  77. Blackface should chill and allow the past to rest na. They are both adults now and need to move on with life

  78. What kind of war does black face want??? Let him not dig a pit that he will ended up falling inside.

  79. Something must have triggered the statement. Both guys should talk about the issue and settle it amicably

  80. I was hope that the war between black face and 2face would have stopped but where is all this coming from again

  81. If he has a problem with 2baba, he should iron it out with him rather than making the ssocial media it’s platform for childish behaviour

  82. You guys should settle the dispute between the two of you than causing more conflicts in the society

  83. what’s this guys problem with 2face, is it his fault that he’s bigger than you? Oga.pack well oooi.

  84. This guy needs to rest oh what kind f useless statement is that now. Black face go hustle and leave tubaba

  85. no be small war o. please you both should find a way and resolve any issue between the two of you.

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