Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni blasts Burna Boy

Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni has also slammed Burna Boy for allegedly threatening her daughter, over her visit to Nigeria to sell bleaching cream.

Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni blasts Burna Boy  lailasnews

Blac Chyna’s mom Tokyo Toni who stated that her daughter’s haters are all angry because they can’t afford to buy a $250 cream, added that her daughter is light-skinned and can do whatever she wants.

Watch her video below;

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Facts only – full vid on YouTube link in bio — btw the “get the dirt of your face“ is a METAPHOR obviously 🙄 . #tokyotoni #chyna

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This is coming after Whitencious Boss, Dencia also slammed Burna Boy over his comments about Blac Chyna. According to Dencia, Burna Boy only promotes drugs and can’t afford to hang out with Blac Chyna.

So that nigga came out of his drug-induced coma instead of taking a shower to clean up his fart/Cig smelling looking ass he had time to talk about a woman? Hahaha for someone who promotes drug culture   ‍♀️u can’t even afford to be in the same Zip code as her sis Burna cuz only girls act like u, u can’t afford her ass if she had to shake it, stick to the druggies on the side streets u are use to.       Sending love & light ur way on this thanks giving we are thankful u making it alive living this high life,” she wrote.

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  1. I can see that blac Chyna is just like her mum. Her mum looks like she gets drunk every where she goes.

  2. Why will a mother support negative impact of her daughter tho both of them are promoting illegal stuffs

  3. All in a not shell we have freedom of speech and freedom of choice, if Burna boy like he should reply her and for the girl she can sell what ever she wanna sell

  4. Black,whayz your own is it her u want to popular on media? Show case something better fo yourselflf and not trouble all the time.

  5. Burma boy didn’t mind his business that’s why he’s getting all this insults.She’s coming to sell the expensive cream, it’s those that need it and can afford it will patronize her.

  6. Why does she have to do that,dont you think shes too old for that,let assume burna boy reply her,how will she feel

  7. Burna boy messed up, I am not expecting such comments from you, stop being a woman grow up.she is also protecting herself from trouble.

  8. This is when they say: ‘like mother like daughter’ what’s special about bleaching cream? Trying to alter the hand work of God, and mother and daughter are proudly say rubbish.

  9. Yes…this is a mother….a loving mum is always ready to fight back at any one that is fighting over the growth and success of their children….Keep backing her mum.

  10. Why are they being dramatic over a trivial issue, if she could sell all over there why did she come to Nigeria, pls y’all should take away this bad energy.

  11. Chai….Like daughter like mother…
    Anyways the truth remains that Burna boy poked his nose where it is not wanted so he got what he deserve

  12. All of them are the same thing I can’t support anyone of them because all of them all destroying the world. Burna is addict while she is selling cream that bleach . is it until u destroy all the layers in your body

  13. Is it now bad for one to express how he felt about someone selling something that is not beneficial in his country .

  14. I am not surprised, like mother like daughter, they will always support their daughters even though they are not doing the right thing

  15. I will blame Burna boy for this, he should have mind is own business and not to interfere with others people way of doing things

  16. They shld forget about Burna boy,it it bad to talk about a woman,na waoh,is it her mother that will fight for her.

  17. Bed of same fether like mother like daughter see them showcasing theirself,burna boy is even good for you learn how to mind your own business you are lucky they did not break your head

  18. Attension seeker mom, cut the crap what are you saying here, I think burna have freedom to comment or talk or anything he felt like, you have even been dreaming about the business

  19. My humble opinion is that business should be carried out anywhere provided it doesn’t contravene the law of the place. Why this kind of beef?

  20. Next will be what her father said about people that can’t afford her ass,some women brain are on strick imaging what u and your daughter are doing to ur self.

  21. Sorry Burna boy because this insult pass o if i were you I will enter into one month dry fasting for my life.

  22. All these people and “slamming this and slamming that’,calling each other out in public and being insultive,not being mature…everyone is entitled to their opinions and we should respect each other.

  23. Calm down madam, your daughter is already acting up here. I wish she only came and go back without all the drama getting drunk and stuff. Anyway, Burna should focus more on his business now.

  24. Mother and daughter issue. A mother cannot take any insult from anyone to her daughter now. That’s their own problem.

  25. Its now a family against burna boy but Nigerians can’t afford to buy your daughter’s stupidity.. Bleaching cream..racism.. Never.

  26. Tokyo park well as Dencia did
    Your slam is meaningless
    How about we talk bout how your daughter fooled herself when she visited Nigeria

  27. Burna boy should please step back and leave black chyna alone. Why trying to destroy her business. Is it aching him?

  28. Lol!!! Wait for it this is just the beginning, Blanc Chyna go soon know no bi only her get mama, but her mum’s looks sha!!!

  29. Lol.. Can’t stop laughing.. Anyway you have issues before.. Bleaching cream am sure Nigerians will patronise

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