Blac Chyna bleaching cream to sell for N90,000 in Nigeria – Nigerians react

American celebrity Blac Chyna bleaching cream to sell for N90,000 in Nigeria. She made this revelation via her Instagram post and Nigerians have reacted to the exorbitant cost of the cream.

The model and mother of two partnered with beauty brand Whitenicious by Dencia to launch her own cream aimed at restoring the skin’s “natural glow,” reducing “the visibility and intensity of age spots by lightening their appearance.

Blac Chyna plans to sell bleaching cream in Nigeria - Nigerians react lailasnews 4

The 30-year-old social media personality promoted the cream to her Instagram followers from Nigeria ahead of her appearance at the product’s launch in Lagos this weekend.

The cream comes in a Swarovski crystal-covered pot and sells an eye-watering $250 per jar, which is estimated to be about N90,000.

Following Chyna’s post, fans took to social media to voice their criticism on the product.

See reactions below:



  1. 90,000 for what , something that will spoil your skin. And get you frustrated for ever wishing to use it

  2. This is serious…watch and see how people will rush it ….business woman…it is well oh.

  3. Well people will definitely buy the cream because most blacks are not proud of their skin color especially in this cpub try of ours!

  4. That’s why we need to always appreciate God,because he give us what Will not destroy us and a skin that Will not fate away. If you feel that that is best for you why not get it .

  5. Rubbish cream. You will use and then you will now look brighter than your future, that is if you even have one.

  6. why did she choose Nigeria out of all the countries in the world. Some of us will still spend money on the cream that doesn’t worth it

  7. Too costly with this our economy, I don’t think the poor can afford it, when they re still trying to get what to eat, it is well

  8. Are people still buying bleaching cream not considering the after effects? I think inferiority complex is the reason for this.

  9. Her target market is African countries most especially Nigeria cos they are copycats. Some Nigerian ladies will still buy it to compete with their rivals

  10. Sound crazy why would I waste #90000 because I want to change my completion, when I can start good business with it, does bleaching add value to my life, this is total rubbish.

  11. Sound crazy, why would I waste #90000 because I want change my complexion, does it add any value to my life , with #90000 I can start a small business, this totally rubbish

  12. God o thank you for giving me a beautiful dark skin free of charge. To those who plan to buy the cream best of Luck

  13. Those things are based on capacity there are also the ones that you can get at 1 million issue is that do you have the money to get it.

  14. Is only 90,000. Of all places to launch your bleaching cream is Nigeria . But trust Nigerians, they will still buy it . People haven’t realized the fact that black is beautiful , you don’t need to change your colour for anything

  15. That’s how some people will spend N90,000 to bleach away their God-given protective melanin. Sad part is that most people will rush it

  16. 90,0000k cream!!!!, ehn for what,how will I go on and buy that infact I don’t use cream as much so buying that to me is wasting of money

  17. No matter what some people say concerning blac chaya cream,those that wil buy it wil stil buy,no matter d amount.

  18. It’s a choice,she have nt forced anyone to buy,so it’s up to nigerians ladies to know if they re in need of it

  19. 90k to bleach hmmmmn,, please what’s the advantage of bleaching,,, all this ladies sef,,, well done people here sef will even start looking for you and your cream

  20. well, it’s business and business should always go where it sells and in africa anything sells even bullshits

  21. God won’t forgive those who for the sake of I want to be OYIBO change their natural color, it doesn’t even show sense of maturity for one to go for bleaching cream,
    When you have a better cream to make your body look good.

  22. This is another way of turning a black person in to a White person, someone will just take the sum of 90K all in the name of buying a bleaching cream this is stupidity.

  23. Like seriously a lot of Nigerian girls are Happy and bet it they will storm venue not for the cream but for the celebrity

  24. I don’t think Nigerians are taking this one easy at all ,a cream for 90,000 that’s too outrageous what else will the do for the person?

  25. Now I know Nigeria is turning to another thing entirely….. How can a bleeding cream be sold for 90,000,00

  26. So everything you people manufacture overseas you target Nigerians?? I don’t blame you people rather I blame our people because they spend too much money on irrelevant things and that has made other countries to make Nigeria their their target. How can someone use #900,000 to purchase something that will destroy her skin in future?? Our people should be using their brains.

  27. Blac Cyna should not be blamed for this. Those who patronizing her should be blamed for this. She introduced her products to the country where people don’t appreciate their color.

  28. There are many who will patronize her cream but why waste that kind of money for just a jar of cream. Black is beautiful.

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