Bizzyaski buys himself a new car as Christmas gift

Nigerian celebrity tattoo artist, Bizzyaski just bought a brand new car for himself as Christmas gift. It must have been a special year for him.

Bizzyaski buys new car for himself as Christmas gift lailasnews

Bizzyaski took to his Instagram page to share a snap of the new whip as he also narrated how he started his career as a tattoo artist. He revealed that he started under a staircase, and now has over six branches across Nigeria. See what he wrote below;

Seems like yesterday when i finished school and had nothing to do, but my dear mum reminded me of my hobby and passion for body art. She advised me to see if i could take that more seriously as a source of income.

I listened, and even though i had to trek fron Iyana Ipaja, Lagos state to Ikeja to sit under the staircase of a building to crest tattoos for people, i was able to save up a little for a more refined business.

Today, Bizzyaski studios has over 6 branches across Nigeria. I am glad to have so many celebs in my clientelle. I am always glad to represent the image of the dignity in the business of tattoo and body art in Nigeria. This small car is another testament to the gains in the beautiful business of body art.


  1. Wowww!! That’s my man over there!! I remember those days when I came along with some couple of friends for pink lips……it was a great moment for us….love your great handiwork….you so gifted!! Please keep up the good work…’s really fetching ya good money

  2. Congrats Bizzyaski though I am not a fan of tattoos but your hardwork paid off. It’s good to show appreciation.

  3. congratulation man wishing u all the best, such is life been diligent in what u do in life will always pay off.

  4. So even tattoo they pay like this? Nobody should be shouting unemployment anyhow now.. See una mate dey buy car with tattoo money

  5. Great news and congratulations on your achievement. It is always right to give everything a try to see if it will work out fine for you.

  6. Congratulations on you on your new achievements. It is always good to heed to advice of our parent.

  7. At times our mothers know what’s best for us , and also it is good for us to discover what we are good at and take it serious .
    congrats , hardwork pays .

  8. That’s a good one,congratulations to him.We deserve to give ourselves a good treat after all the works.

  9. that is great and nice.Congratulation to Bizzyaski, his Christmas celebration is really going to be splendid

  10. Congratulations, but it seems like social media has taken secret away o. Now anything that happened people will rush to social media.

  11. Behind any successful man there is a woman and that is your mom I wish her long life and Prosperity Congratulations To you Brother

  12. Wow… Happy for you… I guess I should put more effort to achieve mine.. just like he did… more wins to you..

  13. I don’t know if I should congratulate you or not. But when one gets a new car from his sweet he deserve some praise. But I don’t like those boby things

  14. congratulation man wishing u all the best, such is life been diligent in what you do in life will always pay off and blessed.

  15. weldone boy,congrats ,artist in nigeria are living a comfortible live,please get married oh…dont do baby mama

  16. A man once said when you succeed in anything you do, you should reward yourself and that’s clearly what the man did, more success I wish the man and I congratulate him on new vehicle.

  17. Congratulations to Bizzyaski this nice car and Christmas gift you bought for yourself. Am aldo very happy for ypur success story. You started so humble through the advice of your mum, and now you have 6 branches in Nigeria. I wish you well.

  18. Your mum is such a wonderful woman to remind you of your passion
    Congrats dear
    Persistence and hardworking is the key

  19. I feel you man. This is a sign of greater you next year. We should learn to reward ourselves whenever we do better.

  20. You did well by listening to your mother. Good mother are rare and their words and prayers mold us. Congratulations to you and may you continue to grow larger

  21. Persistent and determination usually takes people far congrats on your new accomplishment though am not in support of your kind of business been a born again Christian is against my personal believe

  22. Congratulations man, I am happy for you, this goes to show that one can achieve greatness in whatever that he or she sets her mind to do.. Nice one

  23. Well done bro, I think you’ve earned yourself this gift unlike those lazy bones looking for fast money.

  24. Congratulations to you Bizzyaski.. May God continue to bless your hustle.. Meanwhile this standing on top car very funny..

  25. Money is Good o, you just get yourself a gift without waiting for any body to get you a gift, that’s cool

  26. Congratulations to you, most important thing in life is to have focus, today you have made it, once again congratulations

  27. Congratulations more wins to you. This is an inspiration to others… Invest in your talent and make use of it rather than killing it

  28. Congratulations my dear…your hustle will keep paying…thank God you discovered your dreams…God bless your heart…

  29. I respect you boss. I would like to be like you when I grow up. A car as Christmas gift, menh the year has been good to you.

  30. Too much money congrats to you but make sure your money counts for you by impacting into the life of those around you…..

  31. Congratulations. He has seen that to work hard pays and thank God he lostened to his mother’s advice. I hope he’s taking care of his mother too?

  32. This is a proof that hard work pays. Better to work hard than being a fraudster/a scammer. Congratulations.

  33. You are a hard working man and you are so gifted!! Please keep up the good work…’s really fetching ya good money

  34. Congratulations on your new car, it truly a Christmas gift to you, enjoy the season, JESUS LOVES YOU

  35. It’s really a beautiful car and a nice gift but also help the neeedy who needs help CU’s that’s what count’s most.

  36. This shows with hard work, determination and persistent, you can achieve your dream. Is all about patient and believe in yourself. Today he’s a testament of such believe and hard work. Thank the mother for pushing him to follow his dreams and wish him more grace and success all the way. Congratulations man!!!

  37. I congratulate Bizzyaski for is good Christmas gift you bought for yourself. You really worked hard for it. Thanks for your mum’s advice. Am happy for you.

  38. Congrats on your new ride, this means that a lot of Nigerians love tattoos, and thanks to your mom who encouraged and pushed on.

  39. congrats Bizzyaski. and special thanks to your mum that encouraged you and helpedyou recognised the talent in you. I hope other children will learn from this hardworking lad

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