Bisi Alimi shows solidarity with Bobrisky whose party was disrupted by the police

Nigerian gay rights activist, and public speaker, Bisi Alimi has lent his voice to support Bobrisky.

Bisi Alimi, despite his differences with Bobrisky stated that just like every other Nigerians, Bob has fundamental rights to host his birthday party as he likes.

Bobrisky’s birthday party was disrupted by the Nigerian police yesterday when they shut the venue and scared the guests away.

In an instagram post by Bisi Alimi, he regarded Bob as a female as he posted an update saying:

Solidarity with #Bobrisky! You can threaten her but you can never break her.

Bisi and Alimi had a face off during the rape allegations of Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA when they had different opinions about the issue.

The gay rights ativist who is married to Oyinbo husband attacked Bobrisky that he is always at the wrong side of the history, for supporting the Pastor.

Bob, however lashed back at him, threatened to slap him for calling him out as he is entitled to his own opinion.

Few hours later when Police disrupted Bobrisky’s 28th birthday, Bisi is the first public figure who would come out to support the cross-dresser.

He also wrote:

Nigerian gay rights activist, public speaker,💪🏾🤝💪🏾…. we might not agree on everything but you have a right like every Nigerian to have a happy birthday without harassment from the police and if you don’t see anything wrong with this, you are soulless and heartless and you are sub-human

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