Bisi Alimi mocks straight men who claim gay men are coming after them

Bisi Alimi in a new Instagram post, mocked straight men who claim gay men are coming after them.

Bisi Alimi mocks straight men who claim gay men are coming after them lailasnews

Bisi Alimi who mocked these straight men who according to him don’t shower and can only boast of metallic tasting dick, told them to stick to their straight women who love their smelly underwear. He wrote;

I find it funny that straight men that don’t shower & can only boast of metallic tasting dick are claiming gay men who spent & time looking good are coming after them. You should count yourself lucky if we do. Pls stay with ur straight women who love you & your smelly underwear

Bisi Alimi mocks straight men claiming gay men are coming after them lailasnews


  1. Nawa. This is sodomy and he is happy being gay. God is on the throne watching though. Judgement would come soon

  2. How can you proud of yourself that you are gay,well I think will still arrest you for being proud of yourself that you are gay

  3. This Bisi of a guy is now taking this his gay stuff to another level.He doesn’t have shame at all.Always seeking relevance through social media.He should stick to his type then.He should pray they don’t catch him one day and beat the hell out of him

  4. See him celebrating his gayism. Living life of Sodom and Gomorrah. Dont worry hand will catch him very soon

  5. So Alimi is a gay, that’s so strange and he’s boasting about it. I pray he comes back to his sense to some day.

  6. Every one should mind his own business, yeah straight men should mind straight women, no gay is behind or following you, be careful.

  7. Hymmm gay in Nigeria, what a shameful act. And Alimi is proud about it. I don’t know what you guys gain there

  8. His even proud saying its
    Wow gud of u
    May God deliver u
    I don’t even n0 wat they find interesting there

  9. Stupidity of the highest order have taken over him. Hope he repents from his way of life and follow the normal procedures.

  10. actually not a shame of yourself. You proud of being a gay and you happy posting it.God help you

  11. This is unatural
    Do things the way God created it, or you want to tell God he made mistake in his creation.
    But then again, you probably don’t know God, if not you won’t say this

  12. Crazy man who will b giving birth to the children you people will use to carry out your gay practice

  13. That was too bad does gay people’s dont even ashame of saying such kind of things out, infact we are in the last system of things

  14. I can’t imagine the scenario of a man having sex with one another. Does he has a family at all? He’s even boastful of saying he’s a gay…. Huh

  15. What is he saying, don’t seems to understand him. Him happy to be a clean and neat gay this is absurd.

  16. ….lol.. Metallic tasting … Really got me. Oga bisi biko mind your business and face your gay life, if they r bn chased is not your business. I pray for deliverance upon your life

  17. I think GAYs should be banned in all the country, I thank God for Nigeria that our had already been banned

  18. See human being ooo, he is even proud of been a gay. So men that are not gay are smelling because you gays bath like women. LOL

  19. He is really bold And stupid for coming out to indirectly say he is a gay,,, but good advice though,,,

  20. Gay my foot, there’s no way I can like gay person in my life, its very shameful for somebody to say he’s gay

  21. What nonsense?? Why will somebody be boasting with something that is morally and legally wrong !! I think Nigeria law says “Anyone involve in such act is tantamount to 14years jail…why go public with this ?? Not minding the law ??

  22. what is so special in being a gay, so he is happy and not ashamed of being gay, so people are totally shameless

  23. Fact this is correct most guys are deceiving themselves all because of money…better get your life straight and see where Gods favor in your life will come from

  24. I still wonder how a man can be gay when just the presence of a lady is heavenly. Not to talk of the succulence and tenderness of a woman’s touch

  25. Yeah…it’s better to stay with a straight woman with your smelly underwear than being gay

  26. How can you proud of yourself that you are gay,well I think will still arrest you for being proud of yourself that you are gay

  27. God who made us made us man and woman and not man and man. How can you be so blinded that you don’t know that the devil is playing with your soul.

  28. God is judgement will soon Judge them by the time destruction come upon them.Gay should be prohibited in Nigeria by law.There should be provision of constitution against gay and lesbianism in Nigeria

  29. This gay of a thing is against the bible,and he should be dealt with, those people should diseased from such act.

  30. He is wallowing in his gay life, it is good for him, don’t go and hid yourself instead of promoting gay.

  31. Why can some one be happy been a gay. And he is happy to say so in public. This is to say that God made a mistake in the beginning to make a woman for a man

  32. Now some people are no longer ashamed to admit that they are gay, irritating, and abominable in the eyes of God and mankind.

  33. No problem we the straight women love our straight men like, we leave you to the hands of adult diapers later in your lifes, nonsense

  34. This man is even proud to be a gay,wonders shall never end.In this Nigeria?.Are you sure you are in your right senses, You better repent

  35. God have mercy, boasting with evil, nemesis will soon caught with you. See you see gay. It’s a pity. Lost soul

  36. Influence of western world in Nigeria is our greatest problem.We disnt value our cultural heritage anymore.Gay should be a punishable offence in Nigeria

  37. Hahahaha.. Stay with your straight woman and your smelly under wear…this is crazy.. I love this post

  38. So being a Gay is now something you can brag about in Nigeria ❓
    Your suffering is reserved waiting for you.

  39. Is there an award for being gay, instead of him praying for deliverance he’s busy talking out of point

  40. Who be this? I truly want to believe you just want to be popular by claiming you are gay, if not, you no get shame at all? How can an over grown man like this probably in his sixties be uttering such nonsense. Pls make him neighbours be careful before he initiate all the small boys wey dey area.

  41. So what is he trying to prove. That gay is good or what. Nemesis will catch up with you one day if you don’t change and become a normal man

  42. So even in Nigeria we have this type of shameless men look at that old man big enough to be a grand father calling himself a gay and he is happy about it, don’t worry very soon nemesis will catch up with you.bisi you better give your life to Christ

  43. God have mercy this guy and gay campaign is better he change his way before it is too late this Africa

  44. What is cool about being gay that you shouldn’t be ashamed of? I hope Nigeria put a law against gayism and the like

  45. Funny oo Nigeria too as been getting too much of gay but why where people doing this you see a woman on street you don’t like that you now practicing gay God help us

  46. Some people is not ment to be in this our generation see what someone is proud of full grown up man

  47. He is proud of it. Don’t worry, very soon God himself will eradicate all these people that are going against his wish

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