Biggest thief in world history was Sani Abacha – Omokri replies El-Rufai

Reno Omokri, while responding to Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai statement on Southerners being the most corrupt set of people in Nigeria, has said the late dictator General Sanni Abacha, a Northerner, was the biggest thief in the history of mankind.

El-Rufai in his statement had condemned the Southerners while absolving northerners of every wrong, stating that the bulk of the vices in the country are being perpetuated in the south.

Biggest thief in world history is Sani Abacha - Omokri replies El-Rufai lailasnews
Biggest thief in world history is Sani Abacha – Omokri replies El-Rufai

Reno Omokri however reminded him that the major scams in the history of Nigeria were carried out by people from the North.

He wrote:

Dear Elrufai

Before you label Southerners fraudsters, note that the biggest thief in world history is Sani Abacha. 21 years after, his loot is still being recovered, though @MBuhari said ‘Abacha never stole’. There are good and bad Nigerians in North and South!

21 years after death, Abacha still sends credit alert to Nigeria. The biggest thief in civil service history is Maina, whom Gen @MBuhari secretly recalled and double promoted. Yet, you label Southerners as fraudulent people! What have we done to you? #RenosDarts

Before you label Southerners as corrupt and fraudulent people, note that YOU and @MBuharicampaigned for the re-election of a man shown on video stuffing bribes in his babanriga. YOU, not Southerners, deserve that label of dishonesty

I hope those Southern boys that @Elrufai used and uses to tarnish his enemies have read the comments El-Rufai made against Southerners this Saturday? Satan uses people to destroy other people, but that doesn’t mean he loves those he uses. You are just disposable pawns

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