Big Ramy vs Jeremy Buendia: Mr Olympia 2018 physique photos, scores

Big Ramy vs Jeremy Buendia: See physique photos of the stars before Mr Olympia 2018 happening today in Las Vegas.

Big Ramy Jeremy Buendia mr olympia 2018 lailasnews

Photo below shows Jeremy Buendia, who’s about to compete for his 5th straight Title of Men’s Physique.

Jeremy Buendia Olympia 2018:

Jeremy was 19 on the left, competing in the teen bodybuilding division. Now on the right, competing at the highest level, the Olympia.

Jeremy Buendia- Photos before Olympia 2018 lailasnews

Jeremy Buendia- Photos before Olympia 2018 lailasnews 2

SEE JEREMY BUENDIA – 2018 Vs 2017 – Mr Olympia Physiques:

Big Ramy Olympia 2018:

Big Ramy is coming into the Olympia 2018 at 310 lbs of lean muscle. However, people are concerned about the shape of Big Ramy’s physique.

Big Ramy Olympia 2018 lailasnews 2

Big Ramy Olympia 2018 lailasnews

See Big Ramy posing routine at Mr Olympia 2018:

Ramy has a mission for Mr Olympia 2018. And it is to step between Phil Heath and history at the 2018 Mr. Olympia unlike last year where he took the runner-up position as Phil took home the Sandow. With victory on his mind, Ramy looks bigger than ever at 310lbs.

big ramy mr olympia 2018 lailasnews

Speaking on the 2018 Mr. Olympia, he said:

“I am not coming to play games. I am coming to win”.

See Call out photos, videos HERE.

What Do You Guys think Jeremy Buendia, Big Ramy upgraded, downgraded or the same compared to 2017?

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