Between Seyi Edun and a troll who thinks she is dating an Indomie ambassador

Seyi Edun had an exchange with an unrepentant troll who thinks she is dating an Indomie ambassador and further described her as a husband snatcher.

Between Seyi Edun and a troll who thinks she is dating an Indomie ambassador  lailasnews

Seyi Edun who called out the troll earlier, had accused her of not minding her business and further asked her followers to tag her family.

Between Seyi Edun and a troll who thinks she is dating an Indomie ambassador  lailasnews 1

However reacting to this, the Instagram user @adambasey wrote;

Only you cheap whore

Only you with tangle weavon

Only you carry big handbag to red carpet

Only you husband snatcher

Only you dey spend on a man who still beat you constantly blue and black

Only you still fake it for the gram people so they will not mock you

Only you dey date indomie ambassador

I think you are facing a lot of depression already, I don’t want to add salt to injury of someone who is depressed and suffering and smiling till date



  1. We all have our lives to leave. So whatever anyone does with his or her own, shouldn’t be your headache. Zip your mouth….

  2. Interesting but its bad, troll is nt supposed to use someone shortcomings against the person DAT very bad

  3. Ladies respect yourselves not any little misunderstanding you bring yourself in social media to receive insult. As you make your bed so you lie on it.

  4. And what’s the adambassey business she get served what she deserved I don’t know why people won’t mind their business always poke nosinf,good stunt you pulled there seyi edun

  5. Some people are just fully f jealousy , what is her business if shes doing all those thing that she mentioned ,is it her body ?

  6. Wetin you girls dey fight upon self anybody can date whoever she likes is a freeworld people should just mind there business.

  7. Some troll won’t stop invading into people’s privacy. Whoever she dates ain’t your f**king business. Learn to mind your business or is your life any better than hers?!

  8. I really don’t know why we find it easy to pock nose into peoples lives isn’t it her life abi I’d it your body shes using abeg spare us

  9. Nigerian’s with their bad mouth.
    How does he know what happens in her life,is there any prove that she is dating the indomie ambassador, beside is it not her life?

  10. Comment* Why must she talk everything,
    is it her business in who she’s dating.
    is like she is jobless that is why she is saying everything

  11. Whose husband did she snatched who told you she is depress,is good to wear smile even in difficult it shows your brave

  12. the news says “who thinks” no sure…so why attacking her.
    well single ladies stay away from married men.

  13. Some troll won’t stop invading into people’s privacy. Whoever she dates ain’t your f**king business. Learn to mind your business or is your life any better than hers?!

  14. Learn to mind your business now,even if what you are saying is true,it doesn’t concern u it’s her life

  15. Why is she taking g paracetamol over another’s headache, shes really jealous and it shows in the way she talks, people that are not up to your standard try their best to lower yours.

  16. The guy has said muchhaba! he should might his own business and I’m very sure he tried and she refused him .

  17. non of the above instead its me period. remember that a man is dating you does not me the man will marry you o take not.

  18. If this is true that means that she is evil. I know this celebrities are fun of snatching people’s husbands.

  19. Madam Edun you went too far telling your follower to tag her family. Troll why don’t you mind your business

  20. So interesting, imagine, two of them are fighting for a man. That life of some girls of nowadays. I can asure that the guy can even change his mind and told the two of them that his not doing again.

  21. Democracy gives you freedom. You date who u want, its a free world… Don’t kill yourself on top another person matter or one wey no go get u anywhere

  22. This is exactly what I read every time, this actress or actor or musician and a troll, why can’t people stop noticing them and mind their business

  23. That’s was rather harsh. Even if she is depressed, build her up with positive words instead of tearing her down.

  24. That girl is a fool for such words i will advice both of you to accept Peace and stop saying bad thing to each other

  25. Since you both have decided to bring your dirty linen’s in the public and disgrace each other, go on. Please why not save yourselves this public embarrassment and shame. Settle your differences or better keep quiet. You are women for Christ sake.

  26. Ladies and their problem with each other over someone else’s husband. You better sit down and think of having your home where you need to be responsible rather than insulting each other on sicial media. What a shame?

  27. If she’s dating someone else husband is her business and not yours, or are you the wife of the indomie ambassador

  28. She snatch your husband because you are slack that is why she is being able to penetrate so mend your cloth where it torns.

  29. Why is it, that ladies of this day always come to social media to disgrace themselves that’s not matured atall. Only you…only you must years u say everything.

  30. People should learn to stop causing unneccesary troubles and insults to themselves, minding their own business will help them avoid all these rains of abuses

  31. Ewo…..the troll really got a bad mouth….I think she knows her too well…but if all these were true….she’s just a whore…. “!”

  32. Nawaao that’s hot and tongue slatching,but why won’t somebori learn to mind his or her own business instead of pork nosing

  33. Madam I don’t think it’s your business whatever she does with her life shouldn’t be your problems… mind your business and let her be.. after all she didn’t come to beg you for food

  34. The way ladies take over social media to fight is becoming something else. Who is dating who shouldn’t be used as a weapon of fight.

  35. The way ladies fight over man issue is so bad, let them learn how to mind their business.

  36. Girls should be mindful of what they post on social media. It will be used against them in the future.

  37. Why doing this to her. Even though you may be right but many are going through this not only celebrities. This troll should leave her alone.

  38. Both of them should be ashamed of their selves for fighting over a guy, they should allow the guy to choose who he likes

  39. Na wa o ,all those compose na for one married man for overside.women be wise of the things you do cause e dey back fire for future

  40. Women with their priblem. What is her business with Seyi Edun dating indomine ambassador, spending her money on guys who beat her blue and black. Is it her beating abi money??
    Seyi Edun, just continue with your life, just ignore her problem

  41. Some persons are fond talking and calling people names, even spoiling their names, tomorrow maybe turn to be called names, even if she wants to date the president is non of your business. Who knows if you are not dating him behind closed doors.

  42. A stop should be put to all this before it goes worse. And they should at least respect the fact DAT they are ladies….

  43. Sincerely seyi u don’t need to answer this amoeba… She looks frustrated already, don’t let her mind her business

  44. What is the troll’s business? Leave Seun and mind your own business stop disturbing someone else

  45. Some persons instead of facing their business they choose to codermn others especially celebrities by ternishing their image.

  46. It’s her life and her choice who to date and whethere to buy stuffs for her man….mind your own business

  47. Why defame her? It’s better to build up with words than pull down. It’s her life (Seyi edun), face yours.

  48. Maturity is seen in the way we handle issues. Seyi Edun needs not exchange words with him. It’s not worth it

  49. This particular issue is very rampant nowadays, especially among our ladies. God will have mercy on the duo, and give them a reconciliatory hearts

  50. I don’t know why some will not just mind their business. Seyi Edun has the right to do whatever she likes with her life. The troll should stop poke nosing into Seyi Edun’s life affairs

  51. I don’t know why some people can’t mind their so called business…. She has the right to whatever she is doing.

  52. Why is the Troll after Seyi Edun’s life and accussing her of dating an indomie ambassador? Is the Troll also interested in the indomie ambassador too? Why can’t people just mind their business in order to avoid trouble and conflict?

  53. As you make your bed so you lie on it. This is too much they should just settle this stupid issue amicably.

  54. Social media these days is dangerous, like marriages can come to an end on social media. Please you guys are acting childish.

  55. really…who is this girl sef…that is just a disgrace to womanhood….she should be beaten black and blue in the public

  56. This one weak me oh, of all the things you said to this lady, what do you stand to gain my dear?

  57. Whoever she might be dating is nobody business
    She is a mature and know what is right to do ,and solely responsible for her actions

  58. The ambassador is not even helping. His write up is even adding more salt to the wound. Very funny really

  59. You should learn how to bring your man home and stop embarrassing yourself here please.stop calling someone names.

  60. She have her life to live so people who don’t mind their business will die putting mouth in others affairs

  61. She is matured to choose her choice because it is a free world we all have the right to choose there should be no explanation for her let close the chapter

  62. It’s really common now, really don’t know why we find it easy to pock nose into peoples lives isn’t it her life I’d it your body she is using plead spare us

  63. When we know that what people say doesn’t determine who we are, then I think we are on the first step to maturity

  64. Nawaho for some people oo why are u swallowing paracetamol in another man’s headache, because I see u are taking it personal, we’re in the free world abeg free person pikin mbok.

  65. That’s her personal life I don’t think anyone should interferes and aside that’s social media

  66. People should just learn how to mind their business,this life that we are living not everything you see you say

  67. I don’t understand why people don’t mind their business oh. Who she is dating, the type of hair she carries, d way she dresses to red carpet. Is not her problem. I’m sure this person has a lot of demons to deal with self

  68. Why snatched other people husband, you don’t needs fight man real love you, just find your own. Who she is dating is nobody business…. She is an adult and solely responsible for ha actions

  69. That is her life,she has her life to live since she didn’t complain to you.mind your own business I beg

  70. Both Seyi Edun and the troll should take chill pills. Nothing beats maturity and minding one’s business.

  71. I believe she is of age and people;s personal lives should not be decided on a social media. She can as well decide who to date and who not to date.

  72. Men
    Did seyi turn the guy down or did something bad to him at one time
    Cos the combo insult’s just too much

  73. I don’t at all support the idea of talking bad about people’s private lives
    Fine u might but definitely not in a bad way at least in a respectful manner

  74. This social media things can kill person ooo all una happiness and sadness na social media dey help una load am

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