Better to pay tithe to the needy than the church – John Dumelo

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo has stated that he would rather give his tithe to the needy rather than drop it at the church, Yen Ghana reports.
According to him, his decision is borne out of the fact that the needy “need it more” than the church does. Tithing is one of the most controversial topics among Christians in the 21 Century, as many disagree on how it should be given.
Beter to pay tithe to the needy than the church - John Dumelo lailasnews 3
Better to pay tithe to the needy than the church – John Dumelo

In fact, there are even some churches that do not believe in the process of tithing and insist on not paying their tithes.
Dumelo, though, appears to believe in tithing, but says he often gives his to the needy rather than to the church.
In a Twitter post, which he has since deleted, the star actor said he doesn’t know if his actions are wrong, but believes the needy need such monies more than the church.
“I give my tithe to the needy most of the time. I think they need it more than the ‘church’. I don’t know if it’s wrong,” he wrote.
Rema attributes his success to TITHE payment in church


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  1. What matters is that you pay your tithe. When you meet the needs of the poor, you lend to God, so, you are still fulfilling the scripture. Good one there, Mr John. It’s only God that can justify you, not man. All that matters is that you acknowledge God’s word, and he will butter your bread. Giving to the needy, is still giving back your God.

  2. U can pay tithes in the church u can as well help the needy always.God loves a cheerful giver always help the poor don’t stop your tithes.

  3. I strongly disagree that’s not what the bible said, when its tithe read Malachi you will find the order there you can help the needy but with the 1/10 God said you should take to his house

  4. The church these days is not as it were before almost all pastors get their income from the money the make from their members without caring of the members are okay or not all they care is themselves first

  5. Definitely John Dumelo should be talking from whatsoever he has experienced and well I guess most churches and pastors made him felt that way.

  6. Giving to the poor is fine,but tithe is also giving God ur 10% of income.there are different types of giving.but tithe supersedes all.#myopinion.

  7. I don’t why people simply don’t understand… This tithing issues is too much….. The Bible even make it clear to u pay in your tithes in the church,,, u can also help the needy,,, tithing and helping the less privileged is a different mater entirely so don’t misunderstand the scriptures

  8. I agree , sometimes i go to church i can even decide not to give offering and immediately i leave the church i give the money to the beggars around , same as tithe

  9. Good one there, Mr John. It’s only God that can justify you, not man. All that matters is that you acknowledge God’s word, and he will butter your bread.

  10. Giving to the needy is never tithing, they’re two different things. Tithe is one-tenth of your income or whatever money you got which must be done by all believing Christians and not doing that, the Bible calls them thief. Please, give your tithe separately from giving to the needy. Please understand something that the tithe is never for the church but it’s God’s money..

  11. I strongly believe in blessing the ones in need than putting the money in the church that already has enough…. The Lord Christ will really appreciate it more if you see someone suffering and tender help to the person, than blessing the church that is already blessed

  12. It’s not mandatory to give your tight in church. Hence u r doing the right thing it’s still the work of God by giving it to the needy

  13. Malachi 3: 10 says you should bring the tithe into the store house. Give what you want to give to the poor and needy but not from your tithe. Tithe giving is between you and God not the church.

  14. Well, he knows that there is something called titthe, it should be paid tto the church even though he decided too do otherwise. Giving tithe to needy is wrong, arms offering s different.

  15. I laugh and pity people who give the so called men of God their hard earned money in the name of tithing. They should study their Bible properly to be free of such deciet

  16. Good move..i suport you on this one..most of those men of God nowadays are greedy..they dnt care about the poor Church members around them.

  17. Dumelo you are 100% correct. So called man of God have used the paying of tithes to exploit the wealthy for their selfish benefits.

  18. U are percentage right. Pastors are using tithe money to enrich themselves. Build big houses, buy Private jet etc while the poor masses are dying of hunger.

  19. You are right sir, but their tithe is different.
    In some churches they have separate BOX for the poor, any money realized there is you used to help the poor.

  20. Problem is that most people saying this dont even give anything to the needy. Abeg when last did u give 25k to the needy as your tithe?

  21. John dumelo also is right but it is your decision and it works for you or is the way you want to minister or where God wants you to minister.

  22. I disagree with you John, tithe is always meant for the church only, then if God touches your heart to bless the needy you can as well do that willingly but your tithe to church is a must

  23. pastor John Dumelo that is according to what chapter of the Bible? what i have seen in the Bible is ”bring yet all the tithe to my house” which is the church according to my own understanding.

  24. Only God knows who’s really paying his/her tithe, weather you pay in church which is right, or you give the needy which is also right, it’s left for God. Only him see the heart and knows who actually paid his tithe right.

  25. The book of Malachi settled that,tithe is different from sowing seeds, free gift, he commanded us to bring it to his store house,he told Noah to build the ark with a particular wood… Why didn’t mention another wood.. Following God instructions is good, don’t be concerned with what they are doing with it obey God, and given to needy too is acceptable.

  26. Pls study your Malachi 3:10 properly before you make a wrong decision. Even if the Pastors are rich, they deserve it % cos they are the ones feeding you with God’s word. They are not meant to be poor, remember these are God’s prophets and God’s prophets are not meant to be poor. There are different types of giving, paying your tithe is a responsibility you have with God not man and when you pay your tithe in Church you are paying to God.
    Another type of giving is seeding into the need, like the orphans, widows, homeless etc.. when you give to them you are lending to God who will pay you back. Pls don’t mistake these two. Thank you.

  27. I can’t say which is right or wrong, its just better for one to follow his or her instincts, only God himself knows his true worships, we all are just trying.

  28. Well I think people should be allowed to serve God according to their own understanding, and allow God to decide who is doing it right.

  29. Good one there, Mr John. It’s only God that can justify you, not man. All that matters is that you acknowledge God’s word, and he will bless his hustle

  30. This is the absolute truth because pastors nowadays are looking for ways to survive while they can’t care less about needy members

  31. John you said your mind,but we are serving a God who has rules and regulations, that’s is meant to bring in the church, then elders and deceases of the church will use to meet up for church members that are in need and also the progress of the church, but some some churches today are doing vice vica

  32. I have had this from someone but i didn’t agree with him because i have never come across it in the Bible. To help the needing is very good but i think helping the is an act of generosity and it totally different from tithing.

  33. Tithes are God’s 10% of our earnings and it is used to build the church. Giving to the needy shouldn’t stop you from tithing.

  34. I beg to disagree wit u tithe is paid in d church hence d bible says bring ur tithes into my store house dat their may b food in my house I no dat many pastors av abused dis but dat should not prevent u from obeying Gods decrees

  35. Some people just think they can do what they like and it’s OK. What ever to give to the needy is not tithe but helps. Tithe is a principle backed by God’s word and the principle can’t be broken. What you feel does not matter.

  36. Ghanians has gotten daddy fresh of nigeria. Humans are becoming sick of religious men enriching self at d expense of poor masses

  37. Personal decision and reasoning, the way you John Dumelo sees it is not the way someone else sees it. If your mind and conscience tells you that’s the best to do then do it that way but as for me I strongly believe it is good to pay tithes in the church and also show love to the orphans and widows.

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