Benue House of Assembly suspends six Local Government Chairmen

The Benue House of Assembly has suspended six Local Government Chairmen, over an alleged misappropriation of public funds and gross misconduct.

Benue House of Assembly suspends six Local Government Chairmen lailasnews

The local government chairmen who were suspended for 3 months after a plenary on Monday, were said to be chairmen of Oju LGA, Mr Augustine Okwoche, Makurdi LGA, Mrs Justina Akange Audu, Kwande LGA, Mr Terdoo Kenti and his vice, Mr Aondowaser Andrew, Agatu LGA, Mrs Comfort Echoda and her vice, Mr Joseph Ngbede, Okpokwu LGA, Mr Francis Oguche and Gboko LGA, Mrs Becky Orpin.

The Benue House of Assembly initiated the process of suspending the six local government chairmen after it received a correspondence from the State Governor, Samuel Ortom, who accused the suspended chairmen of misappropriating local government funds, gross misconduct and abuse of office.

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The suspended local government chairman are all members of the All Progressives Congress, and according to the publicity Secretary, of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, Mr James Ornguga, it is politically motivated.

”If you say, their suspension is due to financial impropriety, how about that of Buruku local government council Chairman, who is related to the governor.

There are more damaging allegations against her but the governor has chosen to sweep them under cover. The Chairman of Apa local government had the same issues against him, but as soon as he decamped from the APC to the PDP, all allegations were dropped.

The governor is just being vindictive and punitive just because the Chairmen refused to decamp to the PDP with him; the man is just revealing his true colors, but not to worry, he has but a short time to leave office,” he said.


  1. Miss-using of state funds or embezzlement of money mearnt for development is a no no no for Nigerian politicians and any such case should be treated strictly….if possible sentenced to some jail…

  2. While do all our politicians makes politics so unbearable for others. Nawa o. Dont they have their own voice again.

  3. Politicians just love getting at each other. So their PDP counterparts are not guilty of these crimes?

  4. Politics in play, how is it that only APC chairman mismanage funds, the stooge called house of assembly that can not investigate governor who has been accused of diversion of bail out funds severally can not be investigated, its APC LG chairmen that can be suspended, what is good for the goose should be good for Uganda

  5. This issue of misconduct is getting out of hand. But I believe they are only doing that to show off

  6. Politics in Nigeria is all about been free and forgiven once u are in the party in power whereby punishing only those in the opposition. And that’s why our politicians will steal and decamp to the party in power and be free.

  7. their suspension is overdue…apc house members in benue state feels they are above the law simply because george akume is giving them false hope. but they will be disappointed if buhari fail to win the february 16th election.

  8. The way we play politics in Nigeria is wrong. I won’t believe that only Chairmen in the opposition party are misappropriating public fund. Besides, I think, it is high time the state legislature realised that they have equal power as the the Executive and as such shouldn’t be used to do their biddings.

  9. That’s a good desciplinary action. At least to serve as a warning to other persons who might want to do anyhow because they have the power politically.

  10. I don’t leave in Benue so I don’t know what is happing there, I just hoped the did the right thing

  11. there’s a high rate of corruption in this country, penalising leaders like this might help to check it as others would learn from it

  12. Why they were suspended it’s because they are APC members. It’s not fair they should do the right thing and stop using their political interest against others

  13. That is good, but proper investigation needs to be carried out to proof whether they are guilty or not

  14. Thats Nigerian politics for you. There is always nepotism and frivolities… The laws are like cobwebs, too strong to hold the weak but too weak to hold the strong…

  15. Politics as usual. I strongly believe the allegations might be false and there’s obviously so much bias involved. I hope Governor Etom enjoys his position as Governor while it last till February.

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