Benue barber arrested over ‘haram’ haircuts in Kano

A barber from Benue state has been arrested in Kano for allegedly giving his customers haircuts which offend the Islamic faith in the Sabongari area of the state.

He was arrested by the Kano State Hisbah Corps.

Elijah, was picked up after two of his customers were seen with hairstyles deemed blasphemous to the Islamic religion

He was arraigned in court on Tuesday, February 2, and later remanded. He had taken to Twitter late last month to reveal details of his arrest. His tweets read;

My name is Elijah, I’m a barber based in kano.

I was being arrested by Matro Area command police authority bank road kano on 15th January 2021.

Reasons for the arrest goes thus :

According to the police officers that shows up in my shop that day in response to the allegation made against me by some members of the Islamic group in kano. They said that they received a report that, I gave two of my clients a haircut style with a design of an image which was

Was said to have some similarities with something in Islamic religious group.
However, they eventually arrested me, took some of my barbing tools.
They also arrested the two of my clients who had the hair style on their heads.
We were being detained in the evening on Friday

Friday 15th till Saturday night 16th.
We were being charged approximately 27000 plus for the alleged offense.
My shop was being shut down for 4 days and it took 4 days as well for me to be able to get my tools back. Attached is the haircut design which they allegedly claimed it

According to the teachings of Islam, any hairstyle that entails shaving some part of the head and leaving the other unshaved is impermissible or at the least disliked and explicitly prohibited by the Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace).

The teachings of Islam states that, “The one who cuts his hair should make it all the same length. The one who cuts his hair on the sides of his head more than the middle comes under the heading of qaza’, which is forbidden.”

However, Elijah is not a Muslim yet this didn’t deter his arrest.

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