Bella Hadid donates $10k for Malibu wildfire recovery efforts

Supermodel, Bella Hadid has donated $10k to the Malibu Disaster Prevention & Relief Fund for Malibu wildfire recovery efforts.

Bella Hadid donates $10k for Malibu wildfire recovery efforts lailasnews

The GoFundMe page is spearheaded by the Point Dume Bomberos (Firefighters) who need the money to pack sandbags, buy pool pumps, generators, respirators, cleanup materials and other tools.

Rain could arrive sometime next week and fire officials have said fast-moving mudslides possibly like the catastrophic one in Montecito earlier this year could be powerful enough to bring down trees and tons of other debris.

This would be devastating for Bella who, on top of losing her Montecito home in January from devastating floods, has seen the area where she went to high school decimated. The Woolsey fire’s killed at least 2 people and burned nearly 100k acres and more than 400 structures.

Bella’s not the only celeb pitching in to help Malibu get back on its feet. Patton Oswalt donated $5k to rebuild a horse ranch that burned down. Jon Favreau kicked in $1k to another Woolsey Fire relief fund and Sean Astin donated $1k to a similar cause.


  1. She’s done so much . such a kind heart you’ve got. That little act of kindness has done so much for her

  2. That’s so kind and thoughtful of her, may God bless her abundantly
    It’s good to feel the pains of others.

  3. these models can be down to earth sometimes though, apart from those who are yet to understand that they are not more special than others. 10k dollars will sure go a long way in catering for those affected that wont find it easy getting back on their feet. no matter how little one contributes, when they add all the little donations together, it will make a difference and save a soul. bella really took a bold step and her donation will be very much appreciated

  4. It touches my heart to hearing such a fellow who understands the masses and was willing to go to the extreme to show this kindly assistant. Well i hope other so called wealthy fellow can draw lesson from this. Great happiness lies at been kind and humanistic, ready and willing to help not only ur family, friends or relatives but also to the needy who u do not know.

  5. This is so kind of her. She has a heart of gold.Service to humanity is service to God may God continue to help you

  6. Good. That’s so good of her. If every other person should contribute their own little quota, it would go a long way to help the fire victims.

  7. Oh my world, that is so nice of her… God bless her. I pray more people like Bella will come out and do more.

  8. Thank God that generous people still do exist. She is a model with a heart of Gold. God bless her. She can’t bear to see where she had her child hood memories in such a bad condition

  9. That wildfire was so disastrous and its soo kind of her for such donation, God wil reward her for the generosity

  10. May God replenish her pocket and other people that have donated towards the Califoria fire outbreak..thank you all.

  11. Just like what she said ‘I’ve had dark times’: Bella Hadid speaks out on the impact Lyme disease has had on her modelling career as she reveals fashion weeks left her ‘exhausted’,despite all these personal issues,she still make time to play her role in society building

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