Bella Ebinum: “Only runs girls do plastic surgery”

Popular Nigerian actress, Bella Ebinum, has taken to social media to slam ladies who undergo plastic surgery to get a perfect body.

The actress tagged the ladies as runs girls, a name for sex workers.

Bella Ebinum_ Only runs girls do plastic surgery

Bella Ebinum took to her social media page to lambaste girls who are in the habit of modifying or enlarging their butts and boobs.

In a video sighted by LailasNews, she said that undergoing such proceedure won’t make a woman get more money from men, as most men like original women with confidence.

She added that Women who do butts and breast enlargement are only trying to prove that they are run girls

Bella Ebinum said;

“All those girls doing butt and breast enlargement, why are you girls doing it ?

Do you think if you do the enlargement, the money you get from the man you are doing it for will be increased.

On the contrary, it is going to reduce because men like original women with confidence.”

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