Before you choose a school and course for free education in Europe, read this!

Before you choose a school and course for free education in Europe, read this!

You need to read this tips and practical experience before you choose a school or course for free education in Europe.

A Nigerian in Europe, DiKachii has given practical advice to everyone intending to take a free or cheap education in any school in Europe.

According to him, Europe is not only racist but also classist so the class of school you graduated from, the course you studied, the neighbourhood you grew up,your social circle are the major determinant to getting a good job there.

He wrote;

I see alot people now advertising university education in Europe enticing people with free education in certain countries or very low fees.

There’s so much we can say on Al Gore’s Internet but my advice; if u have the choice or except u get a scholarship go to Canada or the US

Europe is way more classist (let’s forget racism) than the Nigeria you are coming from. The chances of you using a degree from a free or low cost university to get anything relatively profitable is very low.

The US has the american dream; the nothing to something narrative. They love it. Canada too loves this immigrants can build a good life here too narrative. In Europe, they generally look at your social background, you can’t just jump social classes.

When you go to offices, you will realise they are coming from the same places. Just a very few, are comfortable in trying out diversity. It’s so few to gamble with.

Even people from continental Europe complain about discrimination in nordic countries how much you coming from Africa.

In my experience, most job interviews here are 70% a discussion on social fit. One recruiter said to me one time, now that I have met you and see you fit I will propose some other jobs in the industry to you. I

I understood the fit he was talking about because he was not competent enough to assess my competency so it was definitely not that.

I went for another interview and 20mins of the 1hour discussion with the CEO, a director, and the HR was about my french gf and trying to guage foreign I was (basically how french I was).

Infact we had another 10mins discussion about the neighborhood I lived in because the director lived there too sometime in her life. I was only asked one question in my field.

They sometimes look at your postal code and fling your CV away. Chances are quite high you will not live in those postal codes as a student coming from Africa. How much more where you went to school?

As a foreigner choose your school carefully. Education is better ehn its true I’m not disagreeing but not all schools get the same recognition…especially those free ones or the ones you pay 700€ for.

I always advise people before you choose a school and course in Europe go on linkedin and search for the people who did the course in the same school and analyse their progression and placement. Pay attention to the foreigners.

The worse thing is in Europe it’s extremely hard to switch fields and your work permit eventually depends on getting a job in the field you had your education.

For example What Im saying is in Europe you hardly see anybody who didn’t study banking&finance or business working in finance

If you didn’t study procurement or negotiation in school you will hardly get a job as a procurement officer. If you didnt study supply chain management you will hardly get a job in supply chain management. They don’t “cross hire” so be very intentional about your decisions.

Because changing fields will set you back 10-40k€ in a good school. Unlike in the UK or US, they hire people who have any university degree as long as you can do the job.

In Europe they simply don’t take that risk because it is extremely hard to fire people, unlike the UK and North American countries.

I know we all want to jakpa but it’s better to jakpa well. The game is entirely different outside Nigeria.

In my own observation and interactions, people with very good jobs in this Europe are mostly coming from rich or upper middle class Nigerian families. It appears that the European classism is able to differentiate our own classism. Very few with nothing to something backstories.

Personally I haven’t met one in Europe. Meanwhile in the US, I can’t count the number of people coming from poor or lower middle class nigerian families earning 6 figures in top companies.

Before you choose a school and course for free education in Europe, read this!

Although this may not be the general experience of everyone, it is something to consider and look out for when working towards making such move.

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