Be careful how you dress your daughters – School proprietor on stopping rape

A school proprietor who dropped her advice on how to stop rape, has told parents to be mindful of how they dress their daughters.

Be careful how you dress your daughters – School proprietor on stopping rape lailasnews

The school proprietor who is said to be the owner of Annawhite Schools, stated that rape is partly caused by expensive clothes and hair do parents buy and make for their daughters. According to her, loose men get attracted to young girls because of attractive appearance.

She wrote;

In as much as we are trying to eradicate rape in our growing children especially the girl child, caution is to be taken on the side of we parents so we don’t be an agent of such.

Be careful the way you dress that girl and her hair do. Most times, the loose men get attracted to them because of their attractive appearance hence the need for us to avoid charming and expensive hair do on the girl child. Let’s be guided

Just an advice

This is coming few months after MURIC also claimed that Nigerian ladies need to avoid dressing in provocative ways, in order to reduce the rate of rape incidents in Nigeria. MURIC was reacting to a protest staged by another group, War Against Rape, in Lagos, demanding an end to rape.

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  1. Good advise about female children…wearing skimpy skirts, bum short and see true tops ..we should watch it…thank you for this piece of advise…

  2. Dressing play a huge role in girls, ladies.
    Dressing provocatively only attracts advances by men who only wants your body.
    Dressing the girl Child decently will help in curbing rape, I agree with her

  3. Interesting and very good advice….avoid rape to the girl child and we pray that this advice is stock in the heads of our parents…

  4. The trending thing this days is dressing young girls sexy all in the name looking beautiful and attractive, and some mothers also dress that way themselves not mind that they are a role model to their daughter,

  5. That’s very good advice to the parents
    They should be mindfull on how the dress their children while going to school to avoid Child Abuse

  6. She said the truth,most women dress their girl child so hoy that when men see them they start having feeling for them thereby looking for opportunity to enter them

  7. Even though you are right with your saying but this rape issue is not about how you dress anymore may God save us and not let us fall victim of rape

  8. Hmmm she could be right and am here wondering what is attracting these stupid men to all these small children they defile.

  9. Though I concur with the advice oh, but how could a little girl dress up that will make a aged man have interest in her. I don’t think that idea could work oh

  10. She is absolutely right and it is really disturbing to see parents dressing their daughters in provocative ways thereby stealing their childhood innocence from them

  11. That’s right,so parent dress for there daughter half naked,some wore short skirt for there daughter and it very bad

  12. Just the right word for parents, some kids are so over dressed to the point you’ll think they’re ladies in kids nature. God help us.

  13. true words, parents need to learn how to dress for there child and monitor there dressing each time to avoid rapping.

  14. True talk, parents now dress their girl child up like adults, wearing makeup and wigs for them and thereby exposing the to opposite sex

  15. She is right , most times the way the female folks dress can lead to rape , so women should dress their daughter’s in a decent way

  16. Very on point advice. Many girls dress sexier than adults self, and the pedophiles who are in themselves not normal just see an helpless lady instead of a child. Let parents take note of this.

  17. That’s for real. Many children are being sexually abused because of their mode of dressing. Parents beware.

  18. Any man who rapes a minor should be castrated.. Whether dressing or not… Kids are suppose to be protected.. Simple

  19. That’s the truth majority of rape cases are caused by the way parent dress their children exposing their sensitive parts in the name of looking sharp and sexy

  20. While dressing daughters down might help, loose men should put themselves in check. Parents should also educate their daughters to be wary of any suspicious moves on the part of any man.

  21. She’s somehow right, but a rapist is a rapist. If you like come out of incinerator they’ll still rape the person. May God help us

  22. Your right shaa, is good to dress well as a lady,, but as for rapping is not always caused by dressing most times na rituals and some na their village people dey follow them

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