#BBNaijaFinale: MI shades Vector Tha Viper on stage (Video)

MI who performed for during the BBNaija Finale show dissed Vector Tha Viper on the show.

MI who recently released a diss track titled, The Viper as a response to The Purge by Vector takes it one step further.

#BBNaijaFinale: MI shades Vector Tha Viper on stage (Video)

The hip hop industry came back alive after MI and Vector decided to beef each other with VEC taking the lead with his song The Purge. It took a while for MI to respond but when he did, he played the fatherly role, advising on how to be successful and treat others in the industry.

Nigerians are yet to get over the schooling, now he went on stage to call VEC an ex felony saying this year, children will be separated from the game.

Cubana Chief Priest set to charge N10K for BBNaija connection

Watch his performance below.


See reactions below.

Someone said @MI_Abaga used a show as big as #BBNaija to kill the diss while Vector will only reply at his Unilag concert next week. Somebody hold me 😭😭😭 – @perolaashu

Can we now all agree that MI, not only ended Vector’s career but also murdered him?? 🤔 – @Q_Splendor

Please, we are pleading on behalf of vector’s fans MI shouldn’t end vector the viper’s career 😭😭#NoSnakes #theviper – @Nerjeb

MI even dragged Vector on live tv!!! This is why you shouldn’t abuse a short man 😭😭😭 – @The_Nenye

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