#BBNaija: ‘You are are cheap cheating olosho’ – Collins, Nina’s boyfriend reacts to her new video

Few hours ago, we reported that Big Brother Naija housemate, Nina, gave her reasons of choosing not to go back to her boyfriend, Collins, who she said she has been dating for over a year in an interview on Beats FM yesterday.

'You are are cheap cheating olosho' - Collins, Nina's boyfriend reacts to her new video lailasnews

We reported that Nina who debunked rumours of being a gold digger, said she is now focused on making her dreams become reality and not being in a relationship. According to the reality show star, she doesn’t think her boyfriend, Collins will take her back after all she did.

However reacting to Nina’s Instalive video, Collins who called her a cheat also told her to tell her people to stop calling him. He also recounted how he treated Nina as a Queen and supported her dreams financially, emotionally & in prayers, but got nothing.

His tweets reads;

Most Nigerian women are Scummmmmm! See their role model Nina come & take your shit away from my place, I have packed it already or better still how do I send it to you! Cheap cheating Olosho! Where are those your stupid fans! Miracle will soon dump your ass too.

We don’t need to talk! You are a cheat! Period Tell your people to stop calling me! If your fans support your cheating ways, my prayer is they experience what I did in their relationships, marriages, IJN! Bloody double standards

I gave you everything. I sacrificed everything. Treated you like a Queen. Supported your dreams financially, emotionally & in prayers. You cheated before, I forgave you. You then went on National TV to repeat the same thing you cried you wouldn’t do again.

'You are are cheap cheating olosho' - Collins, Nina's boyfriend reacts to her new video lailasnews 1'You are are cheap cheating olosho' - Collins, Nina's boyfriend reacts to her new video lailasnews 2


In the interview at Beats FM, Nina said she was attracted to eventual winner, Miracle, because things happened naturally between them.

“When I got into the house, Miracle and I bonded very well. Everything happened naturally,” she said.

When Nina revealed that she had dated Collins for a year, Toolz asked if she had reached out to him.

“I don’t think I want to do that. I don’t want any negative vibes around me right me,” she replied.


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    • You wouldn’t understand the pain he’s going through since you were not in his shoes. To spend your all on a girl to succeed only for her to treat you like that. Did you watch the video Nina did yesterday?

    • I watched it
      Tho it painful but it’s not right if nina goes back to Collins bcoz Collins won’t respect her as he use to so it’s better she’s with miracle

  1. Ohhh nooo Collins, you shouldn’t have replied her, nothing kills a woman who is in a romantic relationship than silence. You have kept your cool, why letting it out now?

  2. D truth d guy is tired of hearing his name here Nd there Nd he said any1 who supports wat Nina did will experience d same in their marriage so Nina he said u should come Nd pack ur stuff u shouldn’t have done wat u did u already had a guy who sacrificed Nd prayed for u huni miracle is a celeb Nd u might loose him love u Nina dear bt Collins is so hurt

  3. Hey Collins,you calling her names won’t change anything, it’s only a sign of immaturity.Whether she leaves or return to you life goes on dude.A lady who truly loves you,will never put you in such position.

  4. Hnmmm this is serious ooh. I guess if it was him who acted such way the lady won’t find it hard to forgive him. Their business anyway.

  5. I heard Collins bought bbn form for her and also gave her money for passport and other stuff….to nina…. this is the apex and zenith of wickedness…. seriously some gals won’t make heaven!

  6. Am not surprised. Birds of a feather ; immature Nina cannot be dating a matured guy because two must agree in I. Q to be able to flow well together. Collins look for another and allow Nina put her house of fame together. U are too in a haste to conclude on issues after all people still marry x-prostitutes. So don’t be too quick to nail her

  7. So some ladies are supporting her actions abi? But if it is a guy that did that now, you will qualify him with different grammars. Cheat,golddigger,heartbreaker etc but reversed is the case now and you are supporting her. Make una no worry, I’m sure some other ladies will pay for Nina’s actions. I’m sure some guys are out there to ensure that.

  8. Nina self,most u be talking talking..replying fans that doesn’t even mean well for u….learn how to keep things anonymous pls

  9. It have be ooooooo
    But some guys shld knw dat love is not by force na
    If she said she doesn’t want him again,,, it doesn’t make her Olosho abeg Collins should go get a life and free her, shez nt a baby she can make decisions for herself

  10. He is so hurt. Nina even tagged him a negative vibe, too bad of her. How can she forget someone that has been there for u from day one all for fame. Nina this is so wrong, the truth must be told.

    • How did you know he was not faithful? Did you read where the boy said he treated Nina like a queen and Nina had cheated before and she cried to him that she would not do it again? Did you not hear the way Nina used to praise the boy when they were in big brother house? Nina never thought miracle would win the show that was why she tried to cut miracle off in the final week of the show. The same Nina that said Collins was the one that told her to go to BBN and was always saying the guy has been there for her in life and she would never leave him, only for miracle to win the show and her story changed.

  11. All these stupid ladies supporting Nina of her actions are the ones that will or can kill there husbands cos of property, the guy is so hurt,after Nina doing all sort of bad thing, now he’s a negative vibe, d same guy that paid for ur audition, don’t worry we shall see ur end with miracle remember na Nigeria we dey nothing is hidden

  12. So sorry dear…. Nina it’s not fair at all,if u were to b in his shoe how will u feel…..am so sad to hear dis it’s really painful Collins just tk hrt d right one will cum

  13. Ebonniet Williams you see why I was saying we should not judge Collins that day without knowing their story? Read this article. The boy said : Nina once cheated on him in the relationship but he forgave her and supported her dreams and supported her financially and in prayer. She allegedly once cried for Collins begging that she wouldn’t cheat again but she actually cheated on International Television. That girl is broken and she needs a lot of work to do on herself by herself.

  14. This day.. I think it is better you help your fellow guys than helping a woman to get to a position she never dream of getting in. bcos once she get there. Her lifestyle will totally change. You don’t have any right to talk to her inspite of telling her what to do.. preferrable; go for whom had already gone there.

  15. Collins,my dear you’re an angry man, if am Nina I will never date you again,you talk like woman,is too bad that Nina cheat on you,but as a man enough you control your anger,blasting her on social media this way show how local you are dear

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