#BBNaija: Tobi is plain stupid – Cee-C sister, Vanessa says

Big Brother Naija housemate Cee-C became one of the most controversial housemates on the show just for the way she treated Tobi during the first few weeks of the show. Cee-C’s elder sister said Tobi is plain stupid on social media which has made many followers of the show to wonder why she would make that kind of comment.

#BBNaija Tobi is plain stupid - Cee-C sister Vanessa says Lailasnews

Cee-C always have one reason or the other to trend but now it’s her suster that is trending cos of her comment.

Last week Cee-C’s elder sister who has been doing a great job handling Cee-C’s page said she’s tired of the insults and hate dms all over Cee-C’s inbox and she has finally decided to speak up.

According to her, she loves her sister even if she has done somethings in the Big Brother Naija house which she is not proud of, but she still loves her sister regardless.

See made a lengthy post on Instagram about Cee-C. Read below:

Now I have to write as Cee-C’s sister.
When my sister called me on phone that she was going for BBN, I was super excited. I thought to myself, finally someone in my family will become famous. Not that I was surprised, Cee-C has always been a go getter.
But I didn’t know the journey was going to be this rough. Like seriously rough!

The first week was horrible. I cried so many times. I screamed to my TV, “Cee-C please come home I can’t deal with this”. I was scared everyday for my sister. She’ll be torn apart by the hate speech when she comes home.
Someone even came to my DM once to tell me how he/she hates me, my sister, my family, my unborn children and Cee-C’s unborn children. No joke.

Some days I’m scared to even open any social media anymore. I even had to block a few people whose hate speech I couldn’t take anymore.
Then I spoke to a few persons. I thank God for that wisdom. Everything they told me gave me the strength to carry on.

It didn’t make the work easier but it sure brought in some fresh strength and thicker skin.
I’m sure if Cee-C stays there long enough, my skin would look that of a crocodile cos of how thick it’s getting.😂😂😂😂😂 I love my sister, even though she has done things I wouldn’t approve of. But I love her still and she’s the one of the sweetest persons I know… Asides my hubby of course! Lol😁😁😁😄😄😍😍😍 I’m proud of myself. If I was ever told I could take all the drama in, and not be in a Psychiatric Home I’d laugh you off like Elizabeth did to the Angel.

But here we are today. A lot of PROGRESS made. I still see more work to be done ahead.
My family, my business and even my daughter has seen less of me because I had to stand with my sister at this crucial point.

Please remind me next time to go and block the airport the next time my family member says she’s going for Big Brother…lol. Just kidding jor! 😁😁😁😁 Have a great day!


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