#BBNaija: Nina attacks Miracle for telling other housemates they had sex

Big Brother Naija housemates, Miracle and Nina, had some cozy moments last saturday; they both reportedly had sex on the reality Tv show which some viewers interpreted as Nina’s gift to Miracle whose birthday was on Saturday.

#BBNaija- Nina attacks Miracle for telling other housemates they had sex Lailasnews

However, Miracle and Nina recently engaged in a heated verbal exchange, Nina accused her former strategic partner, Miracle of sharing their sexual encounter with the other housemates.

The pair were caught on camera twice, having sex in the big brother house, to the surprise of many.

On Wednesday, while in the diary room, Nina told Big Brother that she no longer understands Miracle as he was much more calm and a very cool guy when they were together.

She later confronted Miracle for telling other housemates their secret, in her words, she said; “You have change a lot. This is not the person I used to know.”

This angered Miracle who demanded what exactly he had done wrong. In response, Nina said, “I never know you talk too much. Why did you tell them that we had sex on camera.

“Our relationship has depreciated and you no longer care about me. I longer enjoy the relationship the way I used to.”

Miracle, on the other had, showed no remorse whatsoever as he gave reasons that they were no longer as close as before. He even told Nina not to jump to the conclusion that she knew him, asking,

“For how long did you know me? How can you even say you know me before?”

In the video where they both had sex, They were seen kissing initially on the bed before they eventually got down with each other. Miracle then laid right behind Nina while her back was turned on him with her face turned away.

It appeared that Miracle was trying to adjust himself right behind her and was making some kind of funny gestures that indicated someone was trying to have sex and getting emotional about it.

Nina on the other hand, looked relaxed at the onset, but it seemed the more the guy was penetrating from behind, he began to feel unease and was seen in the video trying to take in the pains and emotions of the act.


  1. This wetter are you ok, please get your fact right before posting rubbish.Miracle was only discussing sex positions with house mate he never told them they had sex. Please if you are not stupid can you upload a video yo prove the rubbish you just posted.

  2. That makes him a fuckboy.

    Anybody who can sleep with a lady and say it is a fuckboy, give him a chance and he will sleep with your mom and sisters because that’s all he cares for. Nonsense!.

  3. ladies please learn from this, at the end of the day you have something bigger to loose when you sleep with a guy you just met

  4. Instead of u to focus on the money u went there for, instead u went and start having sex around as if u don’t have boyfriend before going to Bbnija.

  5. what was she thinking when she was laying with a semi stranger. You gave yourself so cheaply forgetting that guys like bragging about cheap girls

  6. Lol, she was sleeping since, she just woke up from her slumber. What was she expecting from him, men will always be men. Sidon (sorry). U enjoyed it while covered with duvet.

  7. You have Lover or Boy Friend b4 this still go there to disgrace Ur family,.. If U want to do blue film good Oyinbo will even pay U that you can become worldwide prostitute.. Ode.

  8. Hmm. The aftermaths of fornication. When will ladies learn to say no to sex B4 marriage? When u give urself cheaply, u get to be treated cheaply and eventually trashed. Ladies, keep ur legs closed. What be most of these guys want is sex.

  9. Why would someone hate Miracle for collecting what was freely given to him. I knew it would come to this. Nina is too cheap for my liking. She thought she could possess Miracle by offering him sex… Sorry girl, it takes more than just sex… Be wise! On the other hand, my Pilot, anybody wey offer you toto, chop am wella. You are there not just for the money but to catch fun. Ride on, joor!

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