#BBNaija: Nigerians protest evicted housemates’ return to Big Brother House

Nigerians on Twitter have launched a protest against Big Brother Naija 2018 after it was announced that Big Brother will be bringing back to the house two evicted housemates.

BBNaija 2018 host, Ebuka Obi Uchendu, during the eviction show tonight announced that Big Brother will bring back to the house two out of the eleven evicted housemates.

#BBNaija Nigerians protest evicted housemates' return to Big Brother House lailasnews

Viewers were told they will be voting to bring back two ex BBNaija housemates out of Khloe, K-brule, Dee one, Vandora, Bitto, princess, Angel, Ahneeka, Leo, ifu and Anto.

The two Housemates with the highest scores will be coming back to the House.

However, some Nigerians are bothered that bringing back evicted Housemates will negatively affect the chances of their favourite housemate winning. So they took to the social media platform to vent their disapproval to Big Brother’s twist of the game.

Read some comments below. Even Don Jazzy is against Big Brother bringing back two evicted housemates to the Big Brother Naija house.

Turns out though that this won’t be the first time evicted housemates are asked to return to the Big Brother house.

What do you think? Do you stand with Big Brother Naija that two evicted housemates be returned to the show?


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  1. Bros B you are bigger than this please let who loose be a looser that my own oo why do u want to bring them back that will not work oo Bross B

  2. I think big brother understood the fact that the pairing made some people who were not supposed to have left the house as individual to leave, maybe because of their partner’s weakness. So he wants to give them a fair chance by permitting then to come back.

  3. If someone out of the evicted bbn housemate can come back that person will definitely be khloe, we need some drama & craziness in the house abeg.House u can choose the other housemate.I rest my case & for those who still want khloe pls like & vote 4 her.May you be blessed as you do so.Amen

  4. You can protect for BBN but can’t protest for your right as a Nigerian citizen, imagine rubbish, you concentrate on rubbish while ppl are being slaughtered like animals, old men are ruling, senators children are living well while you’re protesting for BBN, it’s a shame

    • So what has BBN done for you so far???? As long as youths keep concentrating on cyber crimes, baby mamas, bbn, etc the old men will continue to rule and steal, who is the brain begins BBN??? nobody knows, Sponsors pulled out from who wants to be a millionaire to sponsor this rubbish smh, even God is ashamed of some people in Nigeria and how gullible they can be

  5. This is a silly idea.. more like going out from exam hall during exam to read on d question and coming in again to join other candidates that hv been cracking brains to answer questions!!!! Pure cheating

  6. it has happened before so am not surprise but I would not vote them in, because I gat no fav out there exception of Cee C and Tobi

  7. Na watin una Sabi be this, other important BS is walking through our yards everyday and we don’t have a problem with it. No wonder they agreed y’all are happy

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