#BBNaija: Nigerian man alleges housemates have sex everyday on the show

A South African based Nigerian man has made a shocking allegation about the housemates on the Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

The man identified as @prodeegy on Twitter, made a series of tweets claiming the housemates on the show have exhausted more than 50 packs of condoms and that they make love to one another on a daily basis on the show.

#BBNaija Nigerian man claims housemates have sex everyday lailasnews

From his tweets and allegation, it looks as if the man is an insider on the Big Brother Naija show and he made some funny revelations about the housemates. He even stated that a particular couple on the show was having intense sex that they broke the bed.

The man also alleged that it is not all the scenes on the show that is being aired by the organisers. He claimed that the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation had warned the organisers not t air the highly x-rated scenes to viewers in the country.

He also stated that even the couple that the viewers have not seen their videos are also having real sex on the show

Check his tweets below,

These big brother housemates f*ck themselves EVERYDAY. I have seen clips that wasn’t aired on TV. I’m not supposed to be saying this

NBC Warned Big brother not to air these sex scenes on TV. These housemate already finished 50 packs of condoms. They f*ck everyday. I’m not even talking about the couples that y’all know. Almost all of them are f*cking each other.

I saw things. I’m shooketh.

All of them they collect.

A couple even broke bed while f*cking. I won’t tell y’all the couple.

Ever since the show started, there are at least 3 couples that have been captured live having sex on the Big Brother Naija show. The most pronounced being the act between Bambam and Teddy A, who were captured having sex in the toilet, with only the curtain shielding them from the viewers.


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