#BBNaija: Cee-C’s bad character affected and disgraced her – Susan Peters

Nollywood actress, Susan Peters has taken a swipe at controversial Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-C, who is one of the most topics across social media platforms.

Cee-C’s bad character affected and disgraced her – Susan Peters lailasnews

According to Susan Peters who listed things some of the top 5 housemates of the 2018 edition of the reality show won, Cee-c’s alleged bad character got her disgraced to the point that those whom she felt she was better than went home with lots of prizes, while she failed to win anything despite coming second in the competition.

Her post read;

”Food for thought, if you disagree just jejely don’t be toxic cos I will block you. Alex won something (550k close challenge, dano milk challenge) including her mother’s kitchen refurbished despite being called an animal and not her level.

“Nina won Head of House and also a trip to Russia for the World Cup and one Pepsi event in Dubai despite being called a dustbin with water in her brain.

“Tobi won 1m, won Heritage Bank package, Head of house and 2nd runner up even though he was insulted infinity.

“Ifunnada didn’t make it to the finals but won 2.5m, a vintage Pepsi branded fridge and a year supply of Pepsi and aquafina water.

“Leo didn’t make it to the finals but won 2.5m, a vintage Pepsi branded fridge and a year supply of Pepsi and aquafina water.

“This life NEVER look down on anyone because people’s grace differ.

“Cee-c won nothing, even the head of house didn’t last. She won nothing. Getting to the finals as the last woman standing without anything is nothing! She was disgrace. Well she won Adesua’s earrings so that’s something.

“People she said are not her level went home making their parents proud.

“If you like take your bad character anywhere thinking the universe will clap for you. No one is perfect but every adult is responsible for their actions.

“I said it before andI repeat it again, Virginity will never get you an award as much as good character will give. Being a virgin is self discipline but having a good character will take you places.”


  1. Before u throw stones, pls make sure u are a saint look at pot calling kettle black. Don’t be surprised dat Cee-C will make heaven n u won’t

  2. she was the 1st runner-up, at least.
    I did not like her character either but let’s give her a break from all the criticism. she was very virtuous woman. we all have weakness. so let’s stop judging and rather examine our own lives to be sure we are not guilty of the same thing we condemn.

  3. Immediately I read thru this Susan peters rant (I didn’t know her), I quickly googled Wikipedia only to discover that she is one of the Nollywood, washed up celebrities of Nigeria that can never win an Oscar. I found she didn’t even go to school much, has no real investments to manifest all her years acting Nigerian movies except for a remotely known hair salon.

    Born in 1980 and at 37 years right now, she only got married 2015 to a Dutch national and quickly divorced same year despite her uppity, “self arrogated perfection”. If at 37 all she can boast of is a salon that is little known and which, if put into microscope, may have been funded by a man, then Cee C as a lawyer is miles ahead of her educationally and resource-wise, even as she hasn’t started off. And Susan, you dismissed her ‘possibly’ being a virgin in today’s world, without a mother figure? You garra be kiddin’!

    Granted, Cee C was troublesome in the house but, why do you exclude the fact that Tobi made life miserable for her as a “professional man-gossip? Since you think yourself all perfect Susan, I thought that the best would be to wait for Cee C to speak and tell the world why she couldn’t “suffer fools gladly”, before you judge. You stressing she aint living right is funny, how are you better? Please take a chill pill and fuck the shit, especially as you do not know what she has faced as child without her mom. From here, le me beseech thee to take heed that ‘the Lord is looking at us each time we judge’. Please stop stopping by or getting behind Cee Cs ass, keep it moving okay?

    So to you, Tobi was hip? Get on youtube and watch how gleefully people rejoiced when Tobi was evicted, even all his former house mates were jumping like kangaroos, happy that he was evicted. Despite all Tobi threw at Cee c and despite that he ceaselessly nominated her for eviction, she survived to come 2nd place while Tobi got tossed out, disgracefully. Lol Susan, what you think is a good deal, may well be an ordeal, only because it’s all in your head, learn from Tobi’s flippant and kiss and tell attitude that people do not like men loose-mouthed.

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