#BBNaija: Cee-C is not a virgin, she lied – Alleged ex-boyfriend reacts

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Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate, Cee-C in a chat on Saturday with Teddy A had mentioned that she is a virgin and she has never had sex all her life.

Teddy, who didn’t look so surprised in the video, was captured savouring the moment and probably thinking if he should swallow what she was saying to him.

#BBNaija Cee-C is not a virgin, she lied - Alleged ex-boyfriend reacts lailasnews 2

The twenty five year old said:

”I have never had sex in my whole life. The reason you never hear me talk about sex in the house is because I haven’t done it before.”

Watch the video below:

This statement of hers actually sparked so much reactions among viewers and a lot of people wondered how she could have the audacity to say that.

One of the people that reacted to her statement was an alleged ex-boyfriend of Cee-C.

In a leaked chat, the ex-boyfriend could be seen having a conversation with a friend who saw the video and immediately brought the attention of the ex-boyfriend to it.

According to the chat, Cee-C is not a virgin and she had always been visiting her then boyfriend to have regular sex. The alleged boyfriend then went ahead to call her a Drama Queen and claims she only wanted to pretend as a holy person on TV, whereas she isn’t, according to what they must have shared.


See the leaked chat below:

Remember that Cee-C had also mentioned yesterday on the Big Brother Naija show that she doesn’t see well anytime she doesn’t have her eye-lashes on. This statement not only got people reacted, a lot of viewers berated her for making such a stupid statement, which they believe even a child would not say.

Some people wondered whether Cee-C is already living in the future where eye lashes are already being used as contact lenses..

It will also interest you to know that she is back with her estranged partner in the house, Tobi after almost a week of holding grudges with each other


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  1. What is wrong with Nigerians, so someone can not lie in peace,
    Meanwhile I’m now the chief Committee of virgin’s World Wide (CCVWW) plz come and register now with #500 for low virgin
    #1500 for high virgin’s

  2. Any one can type and upload any rubbish on social media .. it is all for attention..
    If the 2 people involved in the chat are so Sure,they should publish it in a newspaper.. ..then i will take them serious.

    If cee_c likes let her claim virginity,its her problem.

    But one boy somewhere craving attention,that i wont take.

  3. Is it your virginity or your lie? Did She beg you to watch her? She is getting popular and making money .and you are here making noise ..amd She cant even Read or see this cos She is Where She ja Eating free food and getting free hype..

    Better wake up. You re usihg data

  4. U people should leave d poor girl alone, she lied that she is a virgin and so,is ur virginity it is her virginity. What do u expect her to say.u don’t know her family is watching her or can any of u walk up to ur father and tell him that u are no longer a virgin… Don’t call her a lair if u also lie

  5. I dnt just understand y u ppl r saying she’s lying. so if I should tell u guys that am a virgin, u ppl wl doubt me abi? no problems atall, I knw my hubby wl tell u ppl that I hv 3 beautiful kids even as a virgin

  6. Her directors asked her to say so… They know the controversy it will cause.

    Remember the show is themed #doublewahala.

    They are giving u just that

  7. I know she is not a virgin. Cos she said she had sex 2years ago in her previous relationship. U people should leave Ceec, with d drama dat happen from 11::5am Ceec is confused.

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