#BBNaija: Angel says she doesn’t owe Jackie B anything, and can flirt with Michael

Angel has stated that she doesn’t owe Jackie B any loyalty and can flirt with Michael, Jackie’s love interest.

Jackie had been keeping her distance from Angel since they got involved in a love triangle situation.

She had initially told her friend that she has feeling for Michael, only to later see her flirting with him.

Angel in a conversation with Michael on Tuesday night stated that Jackie B sees her as a threat.

She complained about the rift between her and Jackie and claimed that Jackie had initially given her reasons why she could not be with Michael, and surprised that she’s giving attitude because she (Angel) is close to Michael.

According to her, even though Jackie considers her as her bestfriend in the house she doesn’t owe her any loyalty and can have Michael to herself if she so wishes.

“I just wanted you to know that my flirting with you is not that deep. If I wanted you I would have made my moves. But I know she likes you and she sees me as a threat or competition. If it was to be another girl this wouldn’t be an issue. The truth is, I don’t owe her any loyalty even though she calls me her bestie”, she said.

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