BBC honours Nigerian police officer ‘who has never collected bribe’

For achieving a rare feat of never taking bribe, not because he has never been offered such but because it is “needless” for him, BBC is celebrating a Nigerian Police Officer identified as Julius Adedeji.

BBC honours Nigerian police officer 'who has never collected bribe' lailasnews 1

Julius Adedeji who is being celebrated as Nigeria’s ‘most dedicated police officer’, in a broadcast service interview said that he was surprised receiving the award because he did not know he was being watched.

“I thank God that it’s recognised and I feel like putting my best more and more,” he said.

“A copy of the letter (from the BBC) was delivered to my office for my information, when I read through it, I was wondering could it be true? I read through the letter and I saw that it said, they wanted an institution where they can name and shame those that are not doing well and encourage the people that are doing well within the Nigerian police force, I felt so great.”

Asked if he has ever been offered money in the form of bribe, he said: “Absolutely. And even today a person offered to give me some money and I said ‘no,no,no,no why would you do that, I’m just doing my work’.”

The Nigerian Police officer who admitted that he he has been tempted to take bribes, also had an advice for his colleagues who see bribe as another source of living.

“There’s no way one would not once in a while be tempted,” he said, adding: “But I just want to do what is right.”

“I know in my little space where I work, I’ve seen people who are going the wrong way. We’ve talked to them and told them you don’t have to do this and God will find a way to bless you when you’re doing what is right,” he said.


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  1. I’ll just accept this one with a scratch of sugar ni.

    BBC and their nonsense awards. Make they look well into #Brexit not Nigeria PF

  2. Let the officer swear with his family that he hasn’t collected bribe before I bet you grand go open swallow his family. Mchuuuu

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