Batch A corps member in Ekiti demands respect from new member

A corps member in Ekiti State has gone physical with another corps member just because the latter refused to give her the respect she believes she is due to receive.

According to a video circulating on social media, the Batch A corps member had requested that a Batch C member show her respect just because her batch began serving the nation first.

Batch A corps member in Ekiti demands respect from new member lailasnews 2
Batch A corps member in Ekiti demands respect from new member

The confrontation took place on Monday, January 7, 2018, during the CDS meeting of dance and drama CDS and soon degenerated into a fist fight.

According to reports, batch A and B corps members in the local government have been demanding respect from batch C corps members on the grounds that they are their junior and ought to show them respect.

This demand for respect has reportedly led to various fights in the past but on Monday, it turned physical.



  1. Respect being demanded in service to your father’s land… See what we are degenerating into…

  2. This lady does not behave like someone that has sense,does that respect add to her age or what.She should chill for God’s sake

  3. Hahaha, dear corper respect is reciprocal. Carry yourself the proper way and you’ll be respected

  4. Funny ladies, guess no more drama for that day so they decided to showcase their talents by fighting. Shameless corp members. Send them back to school

  5. Respect in the camp so its respect ubare looking for u are not serious because is you that paid her school fees.

  6. Weather senior or not, it all depends on what brought about the arguments, nobody is paying each other’s bills nd they both came there for same purpose irespective of who was there first

  7. Na wah o, na secondary school them they,besides is just youth service for crying out loud to the extent of fighting what a shame

  8. Is this advance senior school or what, a corper is a corper, after all they are all graduates.who first collect call up letter reach camp is not senior, it’s luck

  9. When I saw the headline of the news something just told me it must be a female matter and I was not wrong after I clicked in to read. Can you imagine what our ladies are turning to.. You are demanding respect from your fellow camp mate just because your batch arrived in camp before she did.. You are a clown.. Better go and borrow sense if you have lost yours

  10. Nonsensical, batch C that may later be your boss in the office. You better reconcile before is too late for you guys.

  11. nobody is paying each other’s bills nd they both came there for same purpose irespective of who was there first

  12. This people are all graduants from different tertiary institution and why should they demand respect from other colleagues just because of different batches. It is nonsense and it is not done and should not be done

  13. Madam batch A are you high on expired drugs? You want to add the respect to your CV? Nonsense and respect!

  14. Need they be told that higher institution is a leveler of all individuals. If they want respect,they should earn it not demand for it…maybe the NYSC should send them all back to secondary school where they can demand for the respect…smh

  15. Unbelievable, why would they be demanding for respect corper is corper because they are fortunate to be the first batch, they should remember that there are so many corper before them. They should stop demanding from stupid respect.

  16. It doesn’t matter which batch was deployed first. They are all graduates and have survived the rigours of ASUU strike. Respect is reciprocal

  17. Which respect again? You go school I go school, u pay school fees I pay school fees, you be graduate I be graduate which kind yeye respect. Both of them no get work.

  18. Stupid ladies with no common sense, spreading their dirty linen in public. The one demanding respect is more stupid and the other is also stupid for engaging in a fight.

  19. This is outrageous. Are they in a boarding school or what? This is an outright show of immaturity. Am ashamed of those ladies.

  20. Respect is reciprocal…… You don’t demand for it….. You respect people for people to respect you.

  21. All these corpers are we sure they went to universities at all because if you asked me they are not behaving like one. How can you be demanding respect from your fellow youth corper it doesn’t make sense all of you are there to serve your fathers land whether Batch A, B or C there’s no senior. So please stop this childish behavior and behaved like a matured adult.





  23. They should go to their ancestors to demand respect.. Mtcheeew, what are they even feeling like..

  24. Respect Is meant to be shown from both batches there is nothing like seniority during your service to your father land

  25. Respect for what, you are all graduates and in terms of age we will surely have people in batch C who are probably older than those in other batches. Respect is not want you take once you are an adult, you earn it

  26. What has NYSC turned to❓ you don’t demand for respect you earn it, that you are posted earlier than others does not anyway make you a senior.

  27. Two big fool graduated from school exhibiting their foolishness. Must you fight? what has respect to do with batch. some graduate earlier but missed joining their mate for service does that mean the person is younger by graduation? please this seniority thing is uncalled for. they should be thinking of how to impact to the society or how to secure a job after service.

  28. On a serious note ladies are very funny so in corps now we have senior and junior instead u guys to go do what u are ought to do

  29. Hahaha so funny…. I’m a Corp member in uyo
    I won’t take it if someone should demand respect from me…. U came first doesn’t make u senior to me

  30. That is too bad for her, what she did to that new coper is not good atall, and she must tender her apology for doing such things

  31. Hahahahah this is funny respect for serving your fathers land or what pls,I said we are heading for the doom day,they should better be up and doing

  32. Why would one demand respect from the other just because her batch came first, they are both Corp member and will eventually collect thesame NYSC discharge certificate, they should grow up

  33. What nonsense respect be dat one?
    All of them both A B and C batch are all serving their mrs carry that your respect go your house

  34. Batch A,B or C is still the same crops,what level of respects are they referring to,there is no senior in nysc services.

  35. Are they not the same Corp members and equal just that some started service before the other.

  36. Childish character,respect for what na,you people are all graduate,I see no reason for this fight

  37. To me both batch A and batch C graduated the same year, is even possible that a person from batch C graduated before some batch A corps members, so I think everyone deserve some respect

  38. Give her respect because she earned the foreign job now don’t know when they will forever have sense some sha

  39. Where would this take them to? You are batch A, B, or C, don’t count in nysc. You all are equal, and given you respect or not cannot add anything to your monthly allowance. Respect yourself and others will respect you that’s simple.

  40. Nonsense fight…
    only in Nigeria a ladies corp will fights for not given respect…
    it’s a shame on them,

  41. When you are demanding for respect now as an ordinary corper..when u get to labour market nko…nawa for you people o.

  42. As long as bag A is senior to bag B the deserve respect but what I suggested is that they shouldn’t fight, they should settle it amicably.

  43. For you to serve your father land you demanding respect from your NYSC mate just because they dispatched you first. Are you the one paying the allawee

  44. Respect kill you there, as if your own graduate is better than theirs. So because you entered camp before them, they should bow to you. Kitikpa lachaa GI anya there. Nonsense people. The DG should decide a very good punishment for them.

  45. You don’t asked for respect but you work for it the junior should also give respect to their senior one

  46. You will have to respect yourself and other before others will do so cos respect is reciprocal

  47. This is madness, if you can’t demand for respect when you were undergraduate in your various institutions why in service? Most of them don’t know what to do after the one year service o, you are fighting for respect, make money and people will respect you without you requesting. You guys should better grow up.

  48. Respect ke, Una never get job oh, ordinary service u dey find who go respect you. You better respect yourself first

  49. Respect is not demanded by force but gotten respecting yourself first and having a heart of true service for others.

  50. Them dey collect salary for the respect I beg go your father house go look for respect idiots.the ones wa finish, dem dey house dey fine work you Na respect be your problem you see say your own Don finish.

  51. Nonsense what has seniority in NYSC got to do with new Corp members make them no go think of what to do after services

  52. Respect is reciprocal, honor is given the to whom honor is due to,if they respect themselves they will be respected

  53. nobody is paying each other’s bills nd they both came there for same purpose irespective of who was there first

  54. RESPECT! RESPECT!! RESPECT!!! Everyone wants to be respected but we find it difficult to respect others. If Batch A and B Corpers demands respect from Batch C Corpers, they should give them. But if Batch C refuses to, then Batch A and B should ignore them to avoid conflict.

  55. This is where it all start from… I call this one pride. What has respect from your fellow Corp member got to do in the course of serving your nation ? What exactly do you really want or need lady?? Naija with wahala

  56. This is very funny to me. Once a graduate you are a graduate and let’s not claim seniority why serving our father’s land because their is no cadre neither designation that distinguish respect among corp members except for Batch with different letters indicating the early and the late serving corp members. Please let’s respect and humble ourselves in any where we find ourselves.

  57. I think they are both serving the nation. Besides respect is reciprocal. You give respect to get respect.

  58. What type of respect is she looking for, are they not both copers. Either batch A or B they’re both same copers.
    And respect they say is a reciprocal

  59. You are claiming seniority while on service, wish you a successful joining of the Labour market after service.

  60. This does not make sense, it doesn’t matter which batch one is in or who came first, everyone deserves respect which is reciprocal.

  61. I don’t think this people are graduates …… there are way to sort things out, fighting is not part of it, you can’t force someone to respect you

  62. you don’t fight for respect ma’am ,respect yourself first then people don’t have choice than to respect you

  63. you don’t fight for respect ma’am ,respect yourself first then people don’t have choice than to respect you

  64. Which one is respect in nysc? Let her not be surprised that the other person she wants respect from graduated before her but due to delay in nysc she was lucky to be mobilise first

  65. The thing tire me respect again in camp what is all this nonsense again all of them are graduate now

  66. Those Corp member who claim to be senior are irresponsible and are not worth to be called a copper. How can u tell me that because you are mobilized before me makes you my senior. They are not serious at all.

  67. That is absolutely rubbish, whats the difference between Batch A and C that she is demanding for respect..

  68. Hmmm… I think these children need to go back to secondary school. They are not fit to be graduate

  69. What type of respect is that you are both corpers now, go and be telling your younger ones at home to respect you now shewwww.

  70. Respect is reciprocal, I think the lady demanding for respect should have show respect first to show she’d really more experienced than the other.

  71. Really, people respect is earned not demanded. By the way how did they know they are the senior of the batch C it could be circumstance that brought them at the time it did.

  72. Hahahahah, is just funny. Respect is reciprocal. I don’t even understand why she should open that mouth to demand for respect. This is what the future generations are fighting for… Respect lolzzz. Na waooo.

  73. Are they not graduate just like you. Do you know what delay her from serving before now.I think the nysc officials should look into this before it generate to something else

  74. which respect u both are serving your country so how are u higher than each other , some people will not just respect they self

  75. So hilarious, that you started serving before her does not mean you are more supreme than her.
    You people should respect yourself in this 2019.

  76. Lol, Nigeria of today has been engulf by something like, propaganda everywhere, lies everywhere, stew everywhere now new addition is respect everywhere.

  77. Are those in batch a and b mad?
    Funny enough some spitting this rubbish graduated after some in batch c.
    This is outrageous and mad
    The A and C are very stupid graduates for such demand

  78. Respect indeed,some people dont understand that respect is an act of love.
    But how can two adults fight because of respect.

  79. Why would one demand respect from another, is it because her batch came first, they are both Corp member and will eventually collect the same NYSC discharge certificate, they should behaved themselves.

  80. Na wao!! This ones self fey demand respect.. When did the campground turn to a secondary school ground.. This is a childish attitude. You can’t behave like this and expect me to respect you before you are a batchbA corper.. Batch A or C, na just alphabet. It doesn’t have any meaning the government isnt concern about your batch, its about how well and faithful you have served Your Country either asva corper or not. Its this same people that will complain about being beaten by a soldier when as a corper they are doing worse than the soldier on the street.. This is corper brutality..

  81. Which respect?you are all graduates it simply means they are not different from the illiterates selling perper in the market

  82. I believe respect is earn not to be demanded. I think the batch A & B have to respect themselves first before someone can give you.

  83. Wonders shall never end, the lady asking for respect must be insane, she needs medical attention.

  84. Lolzzzz.. I can’t stop laughing. You people should take it easy. Very soon you will be done and you come out and should respect in the Labour market

  85. Respect ke… Is it not d same uniform dey are wearing or is it not d same country dey are saving… Na WA oo

  86. What respect please ? You are the same. A corper is a corper. A bird is not taller than a fellow bird except the one that climbs a ridge.

  87. Before demanding respect from others….you might have done some thing that will make people respect you …you can’t just ask people to respect you when you don’t respect others or respect yourself….

  88. Women world, the always want to be respected but they don’t show respect to their elderly ones

  89. Respect indeed, they should stop embarrassing themselves, they are going to the labour market together.

  90. Young ladies will always want levels. Just carry yourself the right way and you will be respected, besides its service not your father’s house

  91. this should be stopped before it will turn to something else if it continues you may hear that someone has gave up the ghost.

  92. Respect under my foot….they should 4get about respect n serve their father land very well

  93. Common respect yourself …You never Can tell if the new members are your mate in school..Mrs respect.

  94. Can you imagine that, batch A fighting Batch C. Let her stay there and be fighting for respect. When her mate are fighting for husbands.

  95. This rubbish has to stop. These are just young folks and the thirst for power is already there they should try to co.exist, do what brought them and go back to their states.

  96. This is display of immaturity, which kind of respect is that? Corp member is corp member. They should stop this show of shame

  97. people and Respect. You both are graduates and corpers already serving your fatherland and just because you’re Batch A, you’re looking for respect up and down.They will soon meet their match one day

  98. Lol look at these one
    which yeye respect
    You think nysc is secondary school abi
    You are very funny o

  99. Ladies and show of respect sha, nawa ooo. must she respect being a long serving corper….abeg corper is corper..settle your rift amicably and move on

  100. That’s so disgusting is it byforce that’s totally rubbish well I don’t think she is seriously okay.

  101. Service na secondary school.. The batch A corper doesn’t know what is wrong with her. How I wish she was beaten.

  102. Respect….. respect…… respect…this doesn’t need to caused argument, both of them don’t even have RESPECT for the uniforms they are wearing .

  103. Coper na coper if you need respect you give respect besides age is but a number joor let them stop fighting there o

  104. Funny though….
    In as much as some came first, every corp member deserves respect but it doesn’t have to be a thing of quarrel.
    Respect is to be earned and it is reciprocal…… That batch A or B corp member has forgotten that there are some batch C corp members who are much older than them and even graduated long before they did.

  105. Outrageous!!
    It’s all part of the service to the nation
    Only a child will be fighting for respect like this
    Very funny though

  106. This people are funny, fighting for respect at this age, may be they thought they are still in school.
    God will help them

  107. Adage says respect is reciprocal but I don’t think it as anything to do with NYSC because you are collecting thesame amount of money now which is 19800

  108. There is nothing we won’t hear. Which one is seniority amongst corpers. Are they in secondary school. The authorities should nip this at the bud now before it excavated to something else

  109. Respect is reciprocal. Maybe she didn’t respect the newer Corp member in the first place

  110. What nonsense so some people is still doing so some people still finding respect here and there better look for money when you get money respect come to you…

  111. Nonsense. Is it respect he came to eat in the service. If he like let him not face the service he came to do and be looking for respect

  112. When did that start, the corp member demanding respect is she sure she graduated before her, nonsense

  113. That is funny how will you demand for respect after that you are all graduate hmm just because you come first to the camp wonderful

  114. What is this m reading..i think the lady lack people who respect her so this is her opportunity….infact she must be sanctioned n start is service again

  115. This batch A Corp member is a confused nation on her own, with the way u are acting, it shows u don’t even have respect for ursef let alone another person. I cud remember wen I was serving, my best friend in d service was a far junior colleague, n not even a fly knows until d day I passed out of service. See for your own, start respecting people, be it senior or junior cos that’s the only way u can earn it from others.

  116. please both of them are really otondo in did and they need to be punish. no one is superior than other because both are equal

  117. Na wa oo this is not secondary school and when you learn how to respect yourself and other people then they will respect you

  118. what a shame, is this the kind of graduate we are churning out of our higher institutions, graduate with mentality of a secondary school mentality.

  119. Anyways she may not have little ones at home that was the reason for she to come see small baby way she go bully. please ooo l don’t want to hear say one is stabbed

  120. Those demanding respect don’t even know the reason why they were there.
    I think they need reorientation

  121. Arrant nonsense. I would have given her a dirty slap. She thinks she’s still in secondary school.

  122. This guys are stupid, did they realize that some batch c corps members could be their elders at home. And also, respect is reciprocal

  123. Are they really graduates becos the last time I checked respect is reciprocal. So this is not a case.

  124. Shame on you, you are requesting a respect from your colleague whom you are serving the nation together at the same time, tell me what you would do if your father happens to be buhari

  125. You’re both fellow Nigerians nothing more or less then the other Leadership starts from there

  126. Are they not ashamed of themselves,fighting while in embarrassing and uncalled.Graduates for that matter

  127. Hahaaaa!
    Service don become Boarding school for 9ja.. Boarding school we did in those days our seniors cum dey handle us like this… Find job do abeg!

  128. This lady does not behave like someone that has sense,does that respect add to her age or what.She should chill for God’s sake

  129. This is craze, rather than serving your father land faithfully, you are seeking for respect am sure you did not give your predecessors

  130. Instead of her to think of how she will come out and start looking for job she is there fighting for seniority…….oya come take respect from me i even dash u everything

  131. But it’s normal
    You have to respect those in higher position than you
    Trust me you will become successful

  132. These batch A corps member are very stupid….. demanding respect from your fellow Corp member because he or she is batch b is height of undiscipline. If she want respect she should go and stand on the road and be receiving greetings idiotic fellow.

  133. Men this is serious what kind of respect did they want and who dash monkey banana you are there first does not make you the Senior..

  134. weather you are batch A or B it doesn’t matter. Is the same government you are working for.. She didn’t do it right by saying she is batch C o r whatever

  135. What kind of respect do they want?Is there seniority in nysc?Nawa for this Naija oo,who seniority helps?

  136. Wow never knew that the national youth service Corp has now turned into a secondary school to the extent they even fighting over it what a shame so now what shows that you are now a graduate

  137. What is normal… Their is no respect in NYSC if they mobilize u on time u are lucky not that you graduate before some juniors

  138. This one is high oooo
    What kind of a request is that, is she the way paying the 19800 allowance
    She is out of place with such

  139. This is very funny…..respect in your father’s land while serving…is it secondary school…when you don’t even know if the person graduated before you the girl should be punished…

  140. Demanding for respect in the NYSC camp, sounds so hilarious. May i ask how she manage to graduate from school when she’s demanding for this in camp. Madam, please grow old in the camp o

  141. Lol. Respect for what now are there promotion and allawee increases isn’t same 19800naira?

  142. Chaii this coper don’t have work, respect is reciprocal and is given to those who deserves it.
    Why fight over respect?


  144. Respect is to be earned not gained through fights the moment you get that into your skull the better for you

  145. Batch A or batch C are all the same people serving Nigeria with the same rank l don’t think any of them is superior so l don’t know where the suppiriproty came about

  146. Stupidity on the highest pinnacle. Some Nigerian graduates have not forgone their secondary school mentality as concerns hierarchy. Fighting amongst youth corp members is preposterous.

  147. I don’t understand this, is there senior in the camp or why does she deserve respect when you are under the same roof

  148. You never finish NYSC you are behaving like this if you can get company unkor.. E mean say your staffs go learn your shoes

  149. You never finish NYSC you are behaving like this if you can get company unkor.. E mean say your staffs go learn your shoes na

  150. They are all exposing their myopic exposure level in the public.. What has seniority got to do with serving your father land. Mtcheew.

  151. HHaha what nonsense is this who does that, respect should be earned i think, so what’s the meaning of this

  152. I thought that this senior palava ended in secondary School…. Let these corpers grow up… This is what happens when small children are made to go for service.

  153. This one’s went to school o, batch A batch C is it not the same NYSC.. Just disgracing your fatherland and that uniform

  154. This is surprising.. respect in service. If care is not taken the batch c gal may even graudate before the batch A gal.

  155. You don’t demand for respect or impose earn it by being respectful. She’s not even obeying the Clarion’s call. That’s pride, not humility.

  156. Can one imagine, Asking for respect!! When respect is earned!! It is not secondary school. Not even gives a problem about respect

  157. Which respect please,abeg go sit down joor and do what you are calling to do as a Corp member not demanding respect

  158. Respect is earned not given. She’s really stupid for fighting and disgracing herself in public.

  159. U are serving your father’s land and u are asking for respect when u haven’t achieved your goals

  160. Wonders sjLl never cease to end in Nigeria is there seniority in corper what is the probability that Batch B don’t senior batch A

  161. So the respect you got from secondary school isn’t enough. Nigerians shaa ooo, which one is respect from a junior corpse again

  162. I wonder where pride will take you to in life. Staying demanding for respect when you mates have already make it in life. Some need to learn to think beyond where they are.

  163. If am to say, I think batch C member should respect them because they are there already before them.

  164. Which kain yeye respect be that. Nonsense. Did they also respect their seniors. Otondo like them looking for respect

  165. Can just stop laughing, which respect is she demanding for. Well is only ladies that can do such abnormal thing

  166. Imagine if u make this one demanding respect a minister. U are just a corps member and u are demanding this kind of respect

  167. Ladies really have problem. Why will they be fighting over inconsequential matters. They should just learn to tolerate each other and serve their nation.

  168. This is funny. Well it is female palaver. I know men will not involve in such show of disgrace

  169. Madam, don’t just go there. You guys are equal. Who you are demanding respect from may even be your senior

  170. Let this woman know that respect is not by force. Respect while serving in your fathers land. They would beaten the hell out of the idiot

  171. If she didn’t respect you, that one thus not mean you should fight her. And if can’t take it, then go back to your father house

  172. What rubbish. Why would a Corp member behave like that. They are no more in a secondary school where respect are demanded. If they need to be respected they should earn it

  173. No good manner of approach. They should be a better way to sort things out instead of disgracing yourself.

  174. This is serious o, being respectful is not bad at all, respect is reciprocal. But in this they took it too far because they are all graduates whether batch A or batch C. They are all serving one nation. They should all respect each other irrespective of the Batch or Age.

  175. Fighting over little little things at the camp or during CDS is unacceptable and shouldn’t be condoned. The authorities should look into this matter.

  176. What’s the use of the respect, when after one year you will drop uniform and face life… Who knows, the one you are demanding respect from might be higher than you in the future

  177. What kind of respect is that, you are all graduate s, the fact that you got to service before her doesn’t mean that you are older

  178. Hmmmmmmmm, it’s a lie.
    For Nysc again?
    Respect kee, Wait for respect bcox na your Papa get Nysc… Rubbish

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