Banky W reacts to Chimamanda’s comment on men holding the door for women

While on the “The Daily Show” with Trevor Noah on Wednesday, Nigerian celebrity author Chimamanda Adichie sparked new controversies following her comment about men holding the door for women and Nigerian superstar, Banky W has also reacted to it.

Banky W reacts to Chimamanda Adichie’s comment on men holding the door for women lailasnews

Recall that we reported that she said that there are people who need that gesture/protection more protection, because there are lots of women who are stronger than men.

She said;

“I think holding the door shouldn’t be gender, it’s a lovely thing to hold the door, but we should hold the dorr for everyone. I hold the door for men and women.

I think the idea of holding the door for a woman because she is a woman, I have trouble with it. i am quite happy with people holding the door for me, but i hope they are not doing it because of this sort of idea of chivalry, because chivalry is the idea that women are somehow weak and need protecting, but we know that there are many women that are stronger than many men”

Speaking of women being thought of as weak and given preferential treatment in crisis situations, the writer said:

So really, what I think is that the people we should protect are people who need protecting, whether men or women. Which is also why I sort of have trouble with the idea of women and children. When women are classified in the same… I mean, when there’s a tragedy and we say, women and children should leave first. I think, actually, it’s the people who are weak, unwell, young… who should leave first.

However reacting to the claim, Nigerian singer, Banky W who found it rather ridiculous stated that chivalry is done, not because some men see women as weaker sex but because they want to be gentlemanly and romantic. Banky W also disclosed that he never agreed with her argument about Hillary Clinton putting ‘wife’ first on her Twitter bio.

Banky W reacts to Chimamanda Adichie’s comment on men holding the door for women lailasnews 1


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