Banky W disapproves nude maternity shoot

Nigerian singer, Banky W, who makes up the current Nigerians’ favourite celebrity couple with his wife Adesua Etomi, in a comment disclosed that he disapproves nude maternity shoot.

Banky W disapproves nude maternity shoot lailasnews

Banky W, who reacted to a photo shared on ‘The Ngee Show’s’ official Instagram handle, wrote;

‘Never understood why maternity shoots must mean oya time to naked ya sef. Is it that we cannot see the belly inside the clothes? Ki lo de’

Banky W disapproves nude maternity shoot lailasnews 1


However the comment which split his fans, got some on his side while some recounted that he always renege on his statements, reminding him of a comment he made on preferring small and discreet weddings to big and lavish ones.

Recall that a mild drama is unfolding just few hours after Banky W’s traditional weddding to Adesua Etomi, following their lavish traditional weddimg that held last year.

Nigerians did an epic throwback to Banky w’s post about last year, where he promised that he would keep the identity of his partner hidden till the wedding day.

Banky was quoted as saying:-

“Until I walk down the aisle with somebody, I’m never going to talk about somebody that I’ve been with. I don’t think it’s fair to the person because you open that person up.

Me, I can take the criticism and the comments on the internet and all of that stuff but somebody else that isn’t in that limelight doesn’t necessarily ask for that kind of criticism and backlash and slander and all of that and it’s tough to take for somebody that is not used to it so I don’t think it’s fair.”

Then in August 2016, Banky W wrote on Snapchat that he’d never have a big wedding, as small weddings are the best.. Instead, he’d just invite his closest friends and family to grace the event.

“Small weddings are the bessst. Just family and closest friends.”, he wrote on His snapchat.

He continued:

“If/when I DO get married, no way I am doing that huge Lagos wedding move, NEVER…secret location somewhere that needs like 2 visas to get to.

Whole life has been a show, not making my wedding one too, no way!. Yall not gonna Naija. Blog me, LOL..i’d rather Jay-Beyonce it, coded to max—world gonna find out after it’s already said and done”.



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