My baby now competes with me for my wife’s boobs – Mc Abbey

Popular Nigerian stand up comedian, Mc Abbey has narrated bitterly on how his new baby no competes with him for breast. He took to Instagram to rant about the action of the new baby, whom he doesn’t seem to be finding funny anymore.

On his Instagram page this afternoon, he wrote

My baby now now competes with me on my wife's boob - Mc Abbey Lailasnews 2

”Chai, my omugwo experience.. Smh.. Can u imagine my baby sucking breast, eyeing me and making noise with it like she’s rubbing it on my face bcos I can’t have the breast for now , even doing tongue out for me ehn, see me see yawa o Shuo, I didn’t say she should not suck but why doing me pepper eye for the matter now, must she make noise with it , if u give her chance now she go even fit use toothpick join sef? Well, I’m abreast that everyday is for the baby and one day for the owner o..???… #omugwocontinues…”.

Comedian MC Abbey and his beautiful wife welcomed a baby girl in the United States of America on the 1st day of this year and the joyful father took to Instagram to thank God for the new gift that was added to his family. In his post then he wrote;

Join me to praise God ooo he is faithful. Finally my daughter arrived to crown my year with joy and start a new year with favour and good news. Praise God mother and baby are FINE.

My baby now now competes with me on my wife's boob - Mc Abbey Lailasnews 3

If you recall, just last year, the popular Mc and his wife celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. The cool father who recounted how far they’ve come wrote a heartfelt message to appreciate his wife for tolerating all his flaws;

“The moment I met you in the line of duty on stage I felt the connection… When I spoke with you 2 weeks after I just knew it… Though I kept building a strong friendship relationship so that you can know me for me, not too long I popped up the almighty intention😁.. and you took me through your test unaware to me but thank God I passed cos we are meant to be…@jummyemi Olajumoke my Temi to sure, my Ebun, my fragrant garden my rare gem.

You have tolerated me with my many flaws, accepted me in my humble state, comforted me in my times of worries.

You’ve made a home for me to come to, a loving heart to warm up to, you are many things to me that truly defines a helpmate…

ol I remember when we quarrel and cry together, when we get touchy and hurt each other, one thing that brings smiles back to us is the fact that we’ve learnt to “love the person and deal with the issue” we resolve not to have a back door option, it is staying together all the way…

10yrs… Wow, I pray God’s hands upon us as we journey through the many years together till He comes.. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU EBUN MI TO LEWA”


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