Baby mamas deserve respects – Alex Unusual writes

Reality TV star, Alex Unusual has stated that baby mamas deserve respects as most of the probably never planned to be in the condition they find themselves.

According to the actress and the producer-in-training, baby mamas were once in love with whoever got them pregnant and it would be unfair to tag them wayward as they could not control the circumstances that led them to what they are.

Baby mamas deserve respects – Alex Unusual writes

She said

“I hope to get married and have kids. However, I don’t judge baby mamas because many of them didn’t plan for things to be that way. Most of the kids were born out of love. They were, most likely, in love with whichever guy got them pregnant but maybe, things didn’t later work out. I feel we are supposed to give them the respect that they deserve because they have children.”

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