Baby left with devil horns after undergoing surgery

A toddler battling a rare brain condition has been left with devil horns after surgery. Clyne Solano, who’s 22-months-old, suffered from hydranencephaly in the womb which stopped his brain from fully developing.

When he was born in January 2017 in the Philippines, his mother quickly noticed small cracks in his skull.

Baby left with devil horns after undergoing surgery lailasnews
Baby left with devil horns after undergoing surgery

Surgeons operated on Clyne in March this year to relieve swelling on his brain and the operation was a success.

But the procedure caused his skull to cave in to the holes in his head where the brain tissue was missing.

Since then, the horn-like ridges have become more and more pronounced as his bones continue to grow.

The youngster now needs reconstructive surgery to attempt to return his head to a normal shape.

But his mother Justine is afraid of putting him through another operation in case he is not strong enough to survive.

Despite the severity of the condition, doctors in Pasig City, Philippines have given Clyne a ”good” prognosis for his expected life.

He recently had a separate operation to change the tube in his airways that allows him to breathe by himself.

Clyne is fed by pouring milk and supplements through a second tube going through his nose and into his oesophagus.

Hydranencephaly is caused by the right and left hemispheres of the brain failing to develop in the womb, and it is incurable.

Most infants born with the severe condition die within a few months, but Clyne is battling on.


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  1. This is strange ,what could have been responsible for this kind of abnormal growth but who are we to question God ,may God heal me for you

  2. This is serious…looking like satan/devil..cant stop laughing, what is This? Is not funny, I feel bad for the mum…ahhhhhh!

  3. That is why pregnant women are encouraged to take fruits and food that is for the proper development of babies. the only option left is to undergo the surgery that will help him come back properly. God is with him

  4. where in this world are we going to wher different things happen, i pray for the child to survive the surgery because its not easy to survive such.

  5. Innocent child, my heart is always sad whenever I see children of this age undergoing such operation that is above their age. The Lord will perfect your healings.

  6. Am so touched by this story… This is too much for a baby to go through, the mother should allow him grow up a little so he’ll be strong for the next surgery.

  7. This is serious matter….the doctor can perform the operation successfully. Going through another operation is difficult for the child. They should allow him grow to a matured age before performing it.

  8. Ehhhh! This is STRANGE. This is beyond the natural. This abnormalities has more to it than just mere brain deficiency. God have mercy.

  9. There is hope. His skull can be constructed into perfect shape with the right doctors and hospital. May God provide the family with what they need to help their baby.

  10. I feel for this kid as he must haven going through many pain right now hope the surgery is successful and he gains his freedom from this chronic sickness

  11. Oh God! What a cute baby going through such difficulties. Pls bring ur kingdom cos it is only ur kingdom that will relief mankind from sickness n death. Baby I feel for u and ur parents.

  12. Meen! Don’t know if to call this a creature or a human being. That boy might not survive, even if he does, seeing how bad he’s condition is knowing that most people will isolate from him might want to commit suicide. Can’t a plastic surgery be done on him?

  13. Oh my God, this is very strange. Let her allow them to do the second surgery so that the child will look good in her hands. May God help them.

  14. This kind of abnormal birth is becoming something very serious to look into it spiritually. The head of this baby is quite scary.

  15. You never can tell how great this child will become in the future. He still battles for survival. I pray the next operation, the mum should finally agree and come successful

  16. Lord have mercy on him. He is too small to go through stuffs like this please Lord look into his case . although its not easy I think the mom should allow the doctors perform the surgery to give his head back it’s normal shape at least his bones are Still soft so that this child won’t suffer inferiority complex as he grows among his peers

  17. The surgery should not be done now, they should wait till the child is about 13 years so that this will notcause death or any thing of it kind, the devil horn like structure is not good but the life of the child too should be considere, please this is a zero
    IOUs matter

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