Babcock University expels student in viral video, Nigerians react

Nigerians have taken to their social media pages to react to the decision taken by Babcock University to expel the student in the viral video.

Babcock University expels student in viral sex video, Nigerians react

Recall that a video involving a student of Babcock University went viral online after it was leaked in the early hours of Wednesday which resulted in the girl being expelled.

Nigerians are now reacting to the decision taken by the school even after it has been confirmed that the incident didn’t happen in the school premises. See some reactions below.

The University board has every right to expel her for jeopardising their moral code. Yes it wasn’t on the school premises and she is free to have wherever she desires. But the fact that the tape was released makes her morally unfit to remain part of Babcock uni. – @19chikaejie

The act was consensual. The video was also consensual. Releasing the video is entirely wrong & expelling the student is just too far, considering their level & fees paid. Nudity is art. Nudity is African. We must cherish it & appreciate it. My heart goes out to the #babcook lady – @YoungOtutu

Seeing her act tape everywhere is enough torture for this girl.. but the school expelling her again..haaa..this girl fit off herself oo..#babcok – @lexzy_d

My question is, if to say no be private Uni and it’s 1 of dis govt skool, will they expel her? All dis over-righteousness private universities dey do is so tiresome. As long as she didn’t do it on campus,they had no right to expel her & na since April e happen – @Bock_d_WildCard

That Babcock girl should sue the school for expelling her without just cause. She should also sue the persons that uploaded the video for evading her privacy. Let us look beyond morality she has a right. – @AbiyeBelema

This is total madness as the Management don’t have the right to expel the girl from the university.. As a matter of fact she is an adult and have the right to have act anytime and anyhow she wants it the expelling of the girl from the school is unacceptable – @FidelisLyon

SHAME ON THE ENTIRE MANAGEMENT OF BABCOCK UNIVERSITY!! Still trying to understand why they expelled that girl. Because she had act with her boyfriend? Outside the school for that matter ooo. Everybody is forming holy holy. – @viral_milez

Can somebody who is a lawyer please volunteer to stand in for this lady and get her justice. It did not happen in school, they were on vacation, it was consensual, they are both adults, her privacy has been violated. How difficult is this to understand? – @caramelskin5

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