Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos

APC Lagos Gubernatorial Candidate, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, in a series of television interviews and special events unveiled “THEME”, the 5 Pillars of Development agenda for a greater Lagos, while calling on his opponents to make the campaign season about issues that affect the people.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos lailasnews

The 3-time Lagos Commissioner, who is a graduate of University of Lagos and an alumnus of Harvard Kennedy School of Government, was the brain behind many reforms that birthed key transformational initiatives in Lagos such as the private sector-led Lagos State Security Trust Fund, Lagos State Pension Commission, Lagos Bus Management (LAGBUS) among others.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos lailasnews 1

As an Advisor to the Bureau of Public Enterprise (BPE) on privatization, concession and commercialization of a number of public assets under the Federal Government privatization programme, Sanwo-Olu had the privilege of working on some landmark deals that resulted in the optimization of public assets including the Aluminum Smelter Company (ALSCON), National Arts Theatre, Lagos International Trade Fair Complex, Ikoyi Hotels Limited. Sanwo-Olu also worked on the Federal Government Debt Conversion Programme.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos lailasnews 2

Sanwo-Olu was at Television Continental, Channels Television, Lagos Television, Nigeria info FM, Wazobia FM and the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria in a very busy week of agenda setting and stakeholders engagement.

Sanwo-Olu unveiled the acronym, ‘THEME’’ for his policy initiatives, which he detailed as follows:

Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos lailasnews 3

T- Traffic Management & Transportation.

“Our plan is to integrate road, rail and water transportation in Lagos to solve the problem of commuting within the metropolis. We will fix all bad roads and expand our road infrastructure. We will complete existing road projects and fix inner city roads.  We will improve navigation on our waterways to facilitate water transportation and promote private investment. Part of our plan is to complete the ongoing Blue Line rail project from Okokomaiko-Marina and kick-start the Red line from Agbado to Marina.

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On traffic management, we have identified over 60 gridlock points as the major causes of traffic around Lagos. We are going to work with the federal government to complete the Lagos-Apapa road, build a 5000-capacity trailer park and also work with the Nigerian Port Authority for a strict on-call system that notifies trailers when to pick-up containers to avoid the indefinite waiting period. This is a very important part of our plan.  We have a comprehensive strategy for achieving set goals”. We are particularly committed to reducing travel time within Lagos.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos lailasnews 4

H- Health & Environment

“Our healthcare plan will be anchored on comprehensive health insurance scheme for Lagosians to improve access and affordability. We will improve primary and complete many secondary health facilities. We will work with private investors as well to ensure that Lagos is the health care destination for Nigerians. I am meeting with different health care stakeholders, and was a guest at the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria end of the year event, where we discussed ways to improve health care delivery in Lagos.

To keep our environment clean and healthy, we will rejig the waste management system by getting LAWMA to deliver better on its mandate as the regulator, while the PSP model will be made to respond better in collection of waste in Lagos. On the advocacy, we have plan to turn waste to wealth. This we will do by incentivizing waste sorting by our people. We must begin to separate organic waste from other household waste and put them in separate waste bags for recycling companies that will turning waste to primary and secondary raw materials. Those who properly sort their waste can make money.

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Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) Unveils “THEME”, His 5 Pillars of Development #ForAGreaterLagos lailasnews 5

E- Education & Technology.

“Our plan is to increase access to public education in Lagos, especially public primary and secondary schools. We will immediately embark on renovation of our schools and make them conducive for learning. Teachers will be trained for capacity enhancement in modern teaching methodology. We want to make teaching a more lucrative field of interest and attract the best of teachers to Lagos schools. We want to work with our educational institutions to improve curriculum and include entrepreneurial studies in our educational programmes.

We also want to create a smart economy on the back of technology. We will create incubation hubs in Lagos for technology startups to flourish, while also ensuring that we introduce coding into our public school curriculum.

I understand the transformative power of Technology. Technology will improve the rule of law, education, ease of doing business and government processes. Technology will reduce approval process circle in public-private sector dealings. It will improve government efficiency. Giving Entrepreneurs and SMEs the opportunity to thrive will lead to more jobs and more public-private sector partnerships”.

M- Making Lagos a 21st century economy

“We will support the private sector by creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. We will simplify access to government services to make the private sector blossom. We are going to work with the Power Distribution and Power Generating companies to solve the problem of power in Lagos. By this, we will have enough power in Lagos to drive the economy and improve the lives of the citizens. We provide more infrastructure and improve the existing ones to support private businesses and increase productivity of Lagosians. Lagos should be a 24-hour economy.  Security will be very key item on our policy agenda. We will strengthen security agencies in Lagos and equip them to do better.

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E- Entertainment & Tourism

“Lagos is the centre of culture and entertainment capital of Africa. We will boost our creative economy with tourism, culture and entertainment. We will develop all our tourism assets in Lagos and create tourism calendar around our important events, like the Eyo festival –  such that it will attract local and international tourists. We will work with the music, film and fashion industries to make Lagos an international tourist destination.

Again, security and infrastructure are key to tourism and entertainment economy because people must feel safe to go out anytime of the day and visit tourist centres.

According to Sanwo-Olu, specific details of the THEME initiatives will be unveiled to the public

Supporting the 5 main pillars, he has also listed the following as areas of focus;

  • Infrastructure

  • Housing

  • Ease of doing business

  • Land reform

  • Power

Every Sunday on a twitter chat, Babajide Sanwo-Olu(@JideSanwoolu) engages with the electorate, directly answering questions about his plans for a greater Lagos.


  1. I am particularly interested in the health plan and education plan… Please anyone coming into Lagos seat of governance should make it work…

  2. May the Lord empower you for such a great gesture,and for the hope you are giving the upcoming generation,more grace to Yhur elbow sir.

  3. well, i hope this is not a political propaganda, because we are already losing faith in this political parties.

  4. Please anyone coming into Lagos seat of governance should make it work. I have this believe that Sanwo Olu will do better…

  5. I pray let it not be empty promises as the case of some political actors. However, I have some reservations in his so called “THEME” He did not stress on EMPLOYMENT and JOB CREATION which is very pertinent in this dispensation. I wish him well

  6. He has a nice plan, my only prayer is for him to be able to implement them if he gets into power.

  7. That’s a great plan that when executed and implemented will make Lagos a great state and will also uplift Nigeria as a whole. The man has vision and goals.. May he fulfill what he has planned.

  8. When we are talking about Lagos
    Any government that is power do work
    Fasola worked
    Ambode is working
    And I believe any other will work.
    So Lagos is different to any other state in Nigeria

  9. The 5pillars are very important
    If u can actualize it, Lagosian and its inhabitants will be proud of u
    Believe me u won’t need to campaign for second term

  10. The 5 pillars development plan is not a bad idea. There’s always room for improvement. I guess Lagos is in better hands with Sanyaolu

  11. Good initiative how I wish our top leaders can reason like you everything would have been just too perfect and fine for Nigeria… More greese to ur elbow

  12. Great propspet and Vision I will say, but let’s call a spade a spade, I don’t see Sanwo Olu emerging as Governor of Logos State.

  13. Superb plan. We’ve always had fantastic plans in Nigeria the problem has always been implementation.

  14. That’s how you say.
    Is easier said than done when you get there you find it hard to do the task..
    Only God’s Kingdom can solve mankind problems.

  15. You have done a lot and have the experience to take Lagos to greater height, You have won Insha Allau

  16. I think the sectors that captures most people’s mind are the educational, Heath and infrastructure sectors . The THEME . Is a good one to start with . Sanwo Olu has the best intentions for Lagos state

  17. Experience is the best teacher, I know he really has experience,he can even do something more better than that

  18. I think from your manifesto, it will really put Lagos in a greater height and development. Hope is not one of those political talk to make people vote for you and when you enter office, you push them aside. The problem with Nigeria politicians is that they can talk more but never work. Wish you well anyway.

  19. Since is the APC candidate in Lagos I strongly believed in them and I know sanwoolu also believed in continuity and I know he will perform when he get there

  20. Sir,I know u have good plans for Lagos but please the one that mostly concern now is security and Employment opportunity should be created for all youths

  21. i hope this is not a political propaganda, because we are no longer believe in any political parties.he should fufil all the promise

  22. May God help you out, when you believe you can do anything, so please believe in urself and everything we go the way you want it

  23. I just hope and pray you do better more than your predecessor your manifesto is inspiring all the best Sanwo Olu

  24. Great, but all will need is talk and do, i pray for more grace for him to function and carryout all he has said

  25. well, i hope this is not a political propaganda, because we are already losing faith in this political parties.

  26. We are expecting the best from you if you eventually emerge the winner in the next Lagos State gubernatorial election

  27. Good, it normal, every politician have their agenda boldly spoken out during campaign but the problem is carrying them out.

  28. Every politician always give a great promises, but fulfilling the promise is another thing. People are looking up to you, don’t fail.

  29. It is easier said than done…. My prayer is just that may God help him to achieve all this goals. Lagos state must go forward.

  30. Nice plans, most importantly education and health, so that the poor in the state can have access to them, raid on,

  31. Let’s wait till then, it is easier say than done, politician are not to be trusted especially Nigerian ones.

  32. I pray that God will help you to fulfill this if you get into power…For me,the greatest priority is Education..Our youth needs to be informed and get out slavery

  33. That is how it is always better said than done. The theme is quite good but the truth is,it can’t be realistic.

  34. this is just a concept. we received promises that are more than what you have. and the end there archives nothing

  35. Why do I feel lime this is rwpitition of what they all say during campaign. May God help you to fulfill it

  36. I hope all your plans will be fulfilled by you not month after being voted for, you will be speaking another language because that’s what politician do

  37. Oh ye Lagos behold this man and his administration
    Because these his agenda is what Lagos mostly needs now

  38. Any way das good, I we just advice him to fulfil his promise that made to people’s when he rich dat post

  39. Sanwo olu is lagos governor as will all knew it

    If there’s Tinubu no one can take the lagos state from APC

  40. Their plan is to increase access to public education in Lagos, especially public primary and secondary schools. Which is very important.

  41. I hope you will fufill all this plans you listed here and not do like other politicians that loves to make promises that they won’t be able to fulfill

  42. Nice plan but not that when u voted in plan change ooo I also want him to look into the education sector cos it really need improvement

  43. Woww. This is very interesting. I really hope he can carry out all these works and implement such policies.

  44. No doubt Sanwo-Olu is vast and experienced and even has a laudable plan for Lagos state but let us wait until he is elected. Action they say speaks louder than words.

  45. May the Lord empower you for such a great gesture,and for the hope you are giving the upcoming generation,more grace to Yhur elbow sir.This is very interesting and challenging.

  46. If u can do all this, that means Lagos will be a better place.. God help you in your political career.

  47. They should not just make empty promise for Lagos , if at all they didn’t fulfil the rest but education and health should be the first to implement

  48. Great leader with good ambitions, may Almighty God given you strength and fear of God in mind to do so.

  49. Good campaign strategy, hope you do exactly as you have said if you emerge the winner of Lagos state in 2019 election

  50. Wow impressive I wish you the best and pray you fulfill your plans when you become the governor come 2019 I sha hope is not just campaign talks o

  51. Nice plan for Lagos state… The lord will give you the strength to do as you have said….Sanwo olu for Lagos.

  52. I just hope all these are not mere campaign promises coz I know these politicians can do so many things to deceive the masses

  53. Eh be like say them want to tell another story again iyoo. APC members with there lie. Please Lagosians don’t believe him oh

  54. Sanwo-Olu unveiled the acronym, ‘THEME’’ for his policy initiatives, which he detailed as follows:We are particularly committed to reducing travel time within Lagos.

  55. All these things dey said I hope dey won’t change and start making statement like wen.did.say.such things.plsss I jopeballbdis.will be.put in place especially the education and power supply

  56. We are in with any political leader who will deliver, who will change the state of the country for the better. I just hope he is the man for Lagos.

  57. For real campaign season about issues that affect the people.A top burner on that list of great interest is Transport/ traffic management. Please do not just fix roads let’s have alternatives like working rails a cheaper ferry

  58. I hope that at the end of the day, these won’t just be empty promises as most politicians have been doing year in and out

  59. I wish some other states can also take this initiative as Lagos State has been doing for a greater development

  60. This is very interesting but hope all this statements for a new development will come to pass in lagos state

  61. From all Sanwo-Olu promises, its all sound beautiful but praying wehevare praying for God almighty to touch his heart when he become the Lagos State Governor

  62. All these are good plans, I just hope you will execute them when the time comes.Wish you best of luck.

  63. This man his very intelligent considering the several projects he has pioneered in Lagos state.He is a great figure for Nigeria.

  64. You have a very good plans towards Nigeria but let it not be one of those political promises…..may God help you achieve them all because one thing is to say and another thing is to do it…….wish you all the very best

  65. There is a positive belief that he’s gonna make things let’s follow the lead Nd forget about those that had affected us

  66. Sanwo’s reputation precedes him
    The 5 pillars are true needs of lagosians
    We hope to see you make them happen

  67. Good one I just pray he is able to do all what he has said especially the area of Education, Health and recycling of waste

  68. It looks like he really has a good plan for the people of Lagos. Hope all this will be said and done. Good one sir.

  69. His 5 pillars THEME has captured the core angles of development needed in the state. I pray he is able to work on it all.

  70. I just pray it as it is easy said its should be done easily too… Although Lagos as gone far on development among other states

  71. May the Lord empower you for such a great gesture,and for the hope you are giving the upcoming generation,more grace to your elbow sir.

  72. Action speaks louder that words, let’s see you do the work, don’t talk much about it. Show full work.

  73. I wish him all the best. Actions speak louder than voice. Let’s wait and see if you’ll truly live up to expectations.

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