Babajide Sanwo-Olu spotted fixing a lady’s hair in a saloon (photos/video)

Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos APC Governorship candidate was spotted in photos shared today fixing a lady’s hair in a saloon in the state.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu spotted fixing a lady's hair in a saloon lailasnews

The Twitter user who shared photos and videos of Babajide Sanwo-Olu fixing a lady’s hair, warned “Nigerians to hide their girlfriends and wives” from the Lagos APC Governorship candidate. He wrote;

Hide your wives and girlfriends, Sanwoolu can also fix weave-on and set their hair. By the time it’s Election Day, Sanwoolu will be serving amala at Iya Eba

Babajide Sanwo-Olu spotted fixing a lady's hair in a saloon lailasnews 1

This is coming after the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress in Lagos State, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, promised to appoint a woman as the Secretary to the State Government if elected in the March 2 governorship election.


  1. Once it’s election period, party candidates will be serving the masses with eye service put them into power they will not look over to electorates again.
    He is fixing weavon today, Tomorrow he will cleaning gutters……

  2. It’s no longer buying akara from akara sellers. Only in Nigeria a candidate contesting for election stoops to the level of common man

  3. Don’t mind apcs propaganda, they are looking for vote now so they can do anything, don’t sell your vote and your conscience, we know them very well when you give them your vote now, they will forget you tomorrow

  4. This is very funny, just because of election he started fixing hair in salon, when will he start barbing guys hair

  5. I believe this is one of his campaign strategy… And aside that let’s give it to him… The man is skilled

  6. Political campaigns. He might even turn to a dragon that hates women if elected. These politicians should be aware that we have wised up.

  7. Well people have they own way to get people on they side during election. What people can do to for election period

  8. When it is time for election they become sociable but once election is over they become inaccessible

  9. Lolz. This is awesome but we hope he doesn;t distant himself from the masses after winning election

  10. That one na his partner of campaigning,,we will all know them and their real character once election is over

  11. Abeg how does his ability to fix hair translate to the manifesto he is bringing lagosians? Funny Nigerian politicians.

  12. He is trying to show his human kind gesture by doing that, anyway it’s also a campaign strategy to win his forth coming elections, nice one sir

  13. what are all this nonsense for,i call this service of a month and enslavery for 4yrs
    let him enter that seat then u will see his true colour.

  14. Hmm! Interesting, what kind of awareness program is this one. Mr governor aspirant, kindly inform us of what benefit is this your talent with hairdressing going to do for the state? Will there be free hair make over for the women during your era?

  15. Politics! How I wish this acts were known of him before this time. Let Nigerians open their eyes particularly this season of electioneering.

  16. Anything and everything is possible in Nigeria. Lets wait after election and see if he’ll still fix hairs

  17. All na wash. Just a plot to get votes. They try been human and good when seeking votes but when they get to office they charge

  18. Okay oh. Election has come, this is the kind of things you will find them doing, Another campaign strategy. Lol.

  19. Politicians will do what ever it takes to win the election, this is just another form of political strategy

  20. Campaign strategy. And if he eventually wins, you won’t see him do any of these crazy stuffs again.

  21. All Dis drama u people re playing is because up coming election,hope he will still continue after d election

  22. Fake…. All this politicians can showcase for the world. Keep setting hair. We spotted you like you wanted us to. Well-done

  23. Hahaha… That’s my governor to be. So he even know how to fix hair. Well he will then know what is good for people.

  24. Election and political strategies… My surprise is that some people in this current age still fall for those tricks

  25. Just because of election, he is been spotted here and there, after election now he will start throwing dust at people

  26. Lagos always have best candidate especially with Bola Ahmed Tinubu choosing for them. Lagosians will vote you ok

  27. They are desciving themselves, girls and women should be very careful this time, because they are the target.

  28. That’s a very good campaign strategy to win the heart of ladies. But guys are angry because they are afraid may be he will take their women away from them

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